Arizona Window Washers : We’re Hiring!

Arizona Window Washers have been servicing many towns and cities in Arizona for many years now. There are a lot of services we now offer to these areas, for commercial and residential clients alike. Let’s tell you about them then we dive into those priceless window cleaning tips you’re here for.

Commercial Window Washing: Phoenix and Chandler

For all of our lovely customers utilizing our commercial window washing services, now may be a good time to hire us to clean your windows before changing out floor sets for Fall merchandise or before changing up your menu to include Pumpkin-spiced everything, or before you start having to think about Christmas bonuses, holiday pay, and other office-worries. Clean windows at the start of the season can help bring in positive vibes while we say good to summer.

Residential Window Washing: Phoenix and Chandler

Arizona Window Washers offers more services than just window cleaning! All of our services can be very useful at season changes!

1. Window Washing

Our window cleaning equipment and materials allow for a cleaning lasting up to 6 months. Our additives to our cleaners help propel dirt, keeping your windows clean and streak-free for months. So, if you didn’t get them clean for summer, it might be wise to schedule that appointment soon.

2. Gutter Cleaning

Depending on your foliage levels near your home, your gutters may become full of debris at the end of Autumn, so why not start off with clear and empty gutters? Hiring us to clear your gutters means you don’t have to mess with gloves, disposal of debris, ladders, and the other aspects of gutter cleaning everyone hates.


From cookouts to average wear and tear, many of your outside surfaces may need a deep . Limestone and other rock, stone, or pavement areas are prone to plant, algae, and mildew growth, and some of those growths can affect the structural integrity of your surfaces. Homes with brick, vinyl, or other sidings are at a similar risk. Keeping them clean using our services will prolong the life of these beautiful surfaces and keep down allergens and other respiratory risks.

Do it now, so you don’t have to worry about it later: before you know it, the holidays will be here and your budget may not allow for professional window cleaning before you host Christmas or Halloween party guests.

Window Washing

Windows need cleaning from time to timeProfessional Window Cleaning Tips You Can Use Right Now with Household Items

It is not news: your windows need to be washed, cleaned, and polished from time to time. It’s either you clean them, or you sit and watch as their condition deteriorates and becomes a big blot on the appearance of your house.

It gets to a point where living in that house begins to irritate you. Dirty windows make the house look miserable, block out sunlight, and aren’t good for your health. You want to get rid of the dirt before the dirt gets rid of you. You have to wash your windows, even if you don’t like to. However, we can help you make the chore easy and make your effort more productive.

Following these hints to wash and clean your windows will guarantee your windows live longer. You’re going to need a bucket, a sponge, a dry broom, squeegee, microfiber cloth, old, cleaning solution, or detergent.


First, you want to do is to sweep off cobwebs that have been spun close to, on, or around the window. Afterward, you can rid the glass of the layer of dust coating it with a rag, this will make subsequent steps a lot easier.


Wash the microfiber cloth and sponge detergent. This makes sure that the dirt on the fabric and sponge doesn’t contaminate and saturate the cleaning solution you’re going to be using in washing the windows. Makes it less challenging than it’s supposed to be.


In a fresh solution of water and detergent soak in the sponge and use it to wash your window. Try to make sure that there are little quantities of soapsuds on the glass while washing. Use cold water for the best results. Warm or hot water evaporates quickly, leaving streaks of dirt in its wake.


After you’re done the washing, if available, use a clean squeegee from the top of your window, working your way down in vertical strokes, wipe the window, repeating the motion after cleaning it with a clean old rag. If you don’t have a squeegee available, a microfiber cloth will be useful — a clean one you’d already washed prior to washing the window.


Wipe off water or soap that may have dropped on the window frame when you were washing the windows to make your work complete.


Stand back and appreciate how clean your windows are and the amount of bright sunlight you’re inviting into your home.

Extra bits of window cleaning advice

Dust won’t let your window remain the way it is. Wiping your window with clean towels or microfiber cloth on weekends is a fantastic way to keep your windows clean.

Wash your windows on cloudy and humid days. If humidity is low, water, even cold water evaporates quickly, and you may find yourself surprised and annoyed at the result. Water evaporates slowly when humidity is much. Wash your windows at least four times a year for the best and most satisfactory results.

Window Washing Services in Arizona

At Arizona Window Washers, our vision is to be the premier window cleaning services company that you will be happy to refer to your friends, family, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers.

Located in Phoenix, AZ, we are veteran-owned and locally operated.  We take pride in our work and our experienced, highly trained, and friendly staff is ready year-round to serve your every property washing need.

We offer the best customer service coupled with the lowest rates we can manage. Call us today at 480-335-7373. Go with the best, ignore the rest. Check out the testimonials on our website, and call us about prices and package deals so you can get the best service at a fantastic price.