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Having a clean window requires a little skill and knowledge to get the result you desire.

If you want your window cleaning to look professional at the least, you have to read this to know how it’s done.

These window have been tried and tested by our cleaning crew and certified to give excellent results.

Following these hints to wash and clean your windows will guarantee your windows live longer.

You’re going to need a bucket, a sponge, a dry broom, squeegee, microfiber cloth, an old cleaning solution, or detergent.

  • First, you want to do is to sweep off cobwebs that have been spun on close to, on, or around the window. Afterward, you can rid the glass of the layer of dust coating it with a rag. This will make subsequent steps a lot easier.
  • Wash the microfiber cloth and sponge This makes sure that the dirt on the cloth and sponge doesn’t contaminate and saturate the cleaning solution you’re going to be used in washing the windows. Makes it less hard than it’s supposed to be.
  • In a fresh solution of water and detergent soak in the sponge and use it to wash your window. Try to make sure that there are little quantities of soapsuds on the glass while washing. Use cold water for the best results. Warm or hot water evaporates quickly, leaving streaks of dirt on the window.
  • After you’re done the washing, if available, use a clean squeegee. From the top of your window, working your way down in vertical strokes, wipe the window, repeating the motion after cleaning it with a clean old rag. If you don’t have a squeegee available, a microfiber cloth will be useful. A clean one you’d already washed prior to washing the window.
  • Wipe off water or soap that may have dropped on the window frame when you were washing the windows to make your work complete.
  • Stand back and appreciate how clean your windows are and the amount of bright sunlight you’re inviting into your .

window cleaning advice

Extra bits of window cleaning advice

  1. Dust won’t let your window remain the way they are. Wiping your window with clean towels or microfiber cloth on weekends is a great way to keep your windows clean.
  2. Wash your windows on cloudy and humid days. If humidity is low, water, even cold water evaporates quickly and you may find yourself surprised and annoyed at the result because water evaporates slowly when humidity is much.
  3. Wash your windows at least four times a year for the best and most satisfactory results.

Window Washing Services in Arizona

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window cleaning advice
Clean window by Arizona Window Washers

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Professional Window Cleaning Service

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window cleaning advice
Clean window by Arizona Window Washers

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