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Window Washing Multi-Story for Commercial Buildings!

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Window Washing Multi-Story for Commercial Buildings!

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Window WashingWindow Washing Multi-Story

Window Cleaning sometimes falls to the back-burner when you have to worry about finances, payroll, audits, and indoor cleaning for the office. Clean windows can improve morale, promote good feelings, increase natural light, and make your building look exponentially better. Arizona Window Washers can help you out with that, indoor and out! Let’s get those windows back in shape and increase production, attitudes, and aesthetics!

When you’ve got dirty windows from desert winds and dust or indoor smudges from daily life, call us and we can get them clean, we do windows up to the 4th floor! One-floor doctor’s buildings or two-story office buildings, three-story office complexes, four story buildings renting and leasing office space, and everything in between!

After we’ve got the outside windows shining like diamonds, we’ll do the indoor windows, keeping the beautiful Arizona sunshine lighting up every corner of that office floor! Bring in natural light and fresh air by opening those blinds and windows and reduce allergens, mold, and mildew for better employee health alongside the great physical improvement.

window cleaning services CommercialBring in new tenants to rent out office space or impress clients when they come to conduct business with a building that shines like your ambition, enthusiasm, and success! They say eyes are the windows to the soul, but we’d say that windows are the eyes of a successful business! So keep those eyes clean and clear. Take pride in your business in all respects, not just

Warehouses and factories will need less artificial light, business parks will be seen from miles away, corner offices will command more respect and envy and will become as comfortable as your own home when you can see the city below clearly! Stop relying on fluorescent lights and hiding dirty windows with blinds or curtains and get those windows cleaned at highly affordable prices! We clean all sizes and shapes of windows to please all ranges of clients!

Commercial Window CleaningNo more skimping on window washing or pinching pennies to afford a company that doesn’t do a great job, but they were cheap. Our services are affordable and competitive, and we surpass the competition in skill, equipment, and cleaning supplies! Windows cleaned by us repel dirt for months so that’s one more thing you can check off your list! So when you’re shopping around for commercial window cleaners, comparing prices of different window washing companies remember that Arizona Window Washers is the best around! You’ll never go wrong with us!

For your commercial window washing needs as well as home window cleaning, we’re more than happy to work with you and we’ll treat your windows as if they were our own! Call today to make an appointment and ask about our specials and deals to get you the best prices in town!

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Window Screens Spring Cleaning

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Window Screens Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming, and if you’ve got screen doors and windows in your home it’s time to open those up and let in sunshine, fresh air, and the warm spring breezes we all love! When you wash your windows you may not think about screen cleaning! So pull out those duster cloths, vacuums or some hardcore cleaning supplies to bring in spring right! Let’s talk about how to clean window screens.

Window ScreensHow to Clean Window Screens

Once a week you should do a light cleaning for your screens to keep the, clear of dirt, dust, and bugs. Using a cloth or duster is a simple way to remove large amounts of debris. You can also use a vacuum, avoiding applying pressure so as to avoid warping the screen—if possible, lower suction to reduce pull on the screen and apply the softest brush possible.

When removing the screens before cleaning it can be helpful to place all hardware as to room, window, inside/outside, or other identifying features in labels bags or other container to make reinstalling the screens easier.

Once the screen(s) are removed, place them on a drop cloth or tarp on a smooth piece of ground and soak the screen with a garden hose; warm water when possible. Take a cleaning solution (such as explained here, or something purchased specifically for screens) and spray both sides of the screen, allowing it to soak to reduce effort on your part by allowing the cleaner to work. Take a tooth brush or other soft bristle brush and scrum whatever dirt and buildup is still on the screens, using light pressure to avoid damaging the mesh. Some screens are much softer and need light pressure while stronger screens can handle more pressure. Wipe off all residue with a sponge and rinse both sides of the screen thoroughly with a hose. The soaking or scrubbing steps may need to be repeated for stubborn buildup.

Once the screens are clean and all soap and cleaner is removed, prop the screens against a wall or place them on a clean drop cloth to dry. While they dry, clean out the grooves and sills of the windows, using a brush and vacuum or paper towels. Check for forms of mold and mildew, especially in areas of the home that do not get direct sunlight often.

If you cannot remove your screens, it is possible to clean them in place, though it can get messy. Use a vacuum as previously mentioned, and then use a soft cloth and a bucket of water and cleaner. Always make sure the cleaner or soap is fully rinsed to keep additional buildup from collecting.

If you need your window screens cleaned, ask us at Arizona Window Washers and we may be able to include this service next time you need our window cleaning services. . Weekly basic cleaning is suggested, but annual deep cleaning can help keep your screens functioning and fresh air flowing through your home.

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Power Washers Buying and Renting Vs. Hiring Professionals

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Power WashersPower Washers

Sometimes you need to power wash your deck, patio, roof, siding, or limestone. There are a lot of options for purchasing or renting a power washers or hiring professionals, like those found at Arizona Window Washers, to do the job for you at a reasonable price. Currently, our window cleaning plus power washing is being offered for $99 for a three hour session. This is by far cheaper than purchasing a pressure washing unit and is safer than operating one on your own.

Purchasing a power washers can look like an attractive option, especially when potential buyers see that some machines cost as little as $90 at places like Walmart and $130 at Home Depot. These are for basic machines, not the high quality and high performance options found at Arizona Window Washers. You then must factor in electricity use or other power sources for these machines and the cost of cleaning solutions, additional equipment, as well as the repair and maintenance of the machines. Purchasing a power washers of your own can eventually save money, but it could take years to see a difference and it would spend much of the year collecting dust in the garage and you’ll have neighbors wanting to borrow it (risking them getting hurt or messing up the machine or never returning it).

Machines can be rented, but price checking can be difficult due to requests for credit cards or the need to create accounts for companies. Pressure Washers Direct offers consumer machines as low as $90 but ranging up past $1,000 per renal. Professional grade options start at $700. Prices may change based on area, models, and additional supplies needed. Cheaper rentals are not the same quality as our machines and higher end models cost so much due to insurance or the companies attempting to profit from the assumptions that people think it’s cheaper to use the machine on their own.

Our special for a three hour session at $99 not only includes power washing for your roofs, patios, driveways, and more but also window washing. Get more done for less money without risking your safety and energy. Our professional cleaning services will keep you from climbing on ladders, mixing solutions, and learning to operate the equipment. It seems like a lot to spend for one cleaning, but it’s definitely cheaper than renting and it’s much simpler than purchasing your own unit. Avoid the research, credit transactions, payment plans, and stress of learning how to use the machine and have Arizona Window Washers wash your roofs, walls, and outdoor flooring. We clean wood, stone, vinyl siding, shingles, and more. Call today and ask about our special: $99 for three hours of window cleaning and power washing.

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Window Cleaning Business Edition: Get Ready for Spring

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Window CleaningWindow Cleaning

Whether you run a restaurant, retail establishment, or an office building it may be coming down to the time for Spring Cleaning. You’ll be cleaning your home from top to bottom soon, so why not get some help for your business related cleaning? Even the most successful business cam benefit from some extra TLC for their windows, parking lots, and other surfaces.

For you restaurant owners, why not have our professional crews power wash your outdoor patio seating after we wash your windows to a mirror-like perfection? For those restaurants with exposed brick or large sections of window-less walls, our power washing will restore those surfaces to like-new conditions. Impress your regulars with a little sprucing up and bring in new customers when they think your location has been remodeled. Impress health inspectors with patios so clean you could eat off them.

We’ve all seen the office buildings with hundreds of windows and most of us cringe at the thought of having to clean even a handful of them. Don’t worry about who will clean the windows and how it will get done, our technicians will make them look like they were just installed, allowing your workers to enjoy the near-year-round sunshine the Phoenix area is so well known for. Increase morale with clean windows and impress outsiders with a building so clean it can be seen and admired from miles away. Impress those new investors with clean windows and power washed walls.

Keep your store looking clean and inviting with clean windows, parking spaces, and more. If your parking lot suffers from oil stains from customer vehicles and delivery trucks, why not get a little help making that parking lot look brand new? Let the clean parking lot reduce the risk of guests tracking in dirt, grime, mud, and oil and the pristine windows draw customers in from the outside.

IMG_0184Allow the natural light to shine at its best to highlight your merchandise without being forced to use man-made lighting and harsh spotlights. Let nature be your spotlight.

No matter what your business, Arizona Window Washers can improve the look and feel of your location, even if it’s just with some window cleaning. Once you see how great your windows can look you’ll be begging for more services like gutter cleaning, power washing, and more. Tell your friends, neighbors, and maybe even competitors about our services. Your business will look so good you’ll want your home to mirror your work.

Book now before everyone else gets the idea of starting Spring Cleaning early! It’s never too early in the year to get to cleaning! A clean workplace is a happy work place so act now and ask about our specials including beating competitor prices and deals for new customers.

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Spring Cleaning Preparation with Arizona Window Washers

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window cleaning Gutter Cleaning Window Washing House WashingSpring Cleaning Preparation

Spring is about a month out, so let’s start preparing now! The weather outside isn’t frightful because it’s beautiful in Arizona. While other parts of the country are still dealing with low temperatures, black ice, and snow we’re in the sun, thinking about the coming of Spring. Arizona Window Washers can help you get a head start with a pre spring cleaning so all you have to worry about is cleaning out your closet, dusting, and cleaning the floors. Don’t worry about windows, patios, gutters, pathways, and roofs.

While you’re deciding how to organize spices or where to putyour sweaters and scarves until Fall returns relax knowing our technicians will treat you like family and leave you with a cleaner home. Use Pinterest to organize every room in your house this spring instead of researching what chemicals and machines can clean the grease from your garage. Bring out the label maker instead of the ladder to get those pesky gutters and hard-to-reach spots of the windows. Store your Christmas presents and sweaters instead of bringing out the long-handled window cleaning squeegee and worrying about cleaning up Windex from your floors and walls.

Gutter cleaning is important for season changes and should be done 1-2 times per year. Ensure your gutters are clear and clog free to avoid damages to your foundation, walls, roof, and the gutters themselves. End the winter and start the summer with lowering your risk of leaks and water damage.

Spring CleaningHire us to clean those multi story windows or that window in the attic so you don’t have to brave the ladders and still end up with streaks in your windows. Forget going back in a few weeks to clean those pesky windows again—our window cleaning solutions will keep your windows clean for up to 6 months.

If you plan on holding an Easter party this year you may want to consider a power washing session for your siding and your deck or patio to impress friends and family and make them think you had some major work done to your home when it was affordable, fast, and amazing cleaning services.

Winter is coming to a close and Valentine’s Day just passed and Mardi Gras is right around the corner. Those of you participating in Lent, give up dirty windows and gross gutters to cleanse your mind and your life of things you no longer need in your life.

Spring is a time for new life, renewal, and warmth. So get a head start with a  pre spring cleaning so you can focus on doing you instead of doing the house cleaning chores and spend some time with your family now that the big holidays are mostly over. Spend this Mardi Gras with friends or family, at home or at big parties, and don’t worry about how you’ll get a cleaner home—just plan your pre spring cleaning and  hire Arizona Window Washers and let your worries fly away.

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Window Cleaning Is A Great Gift To Surprise Loved Ones

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Window Cleaning

Quality Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning on Valentine’s Day

No one said Valentine’s Day is only for couples! It’s the perfect time of year for us to show everyone we care about how much we love and appreciate them. Yes, you can buy your mom a card and send your grandmother flowers, but why not give them a gift they can continue to appreciate and that shows how much you care about their health?

Chocolate is great, flowers are beautiful, cards are touching, and jewelry is standard fare for Valentine’s Day gifts, but think outside the box and give a lower pressure gift this year (that way, if the gift giving isn’t reciprocated there’s no awkwardness).

Here at Arizona Window Washers we’ve stressed how our services can improve health as well as reduce the risk of cleaning-related-injuries. We don’t need Grandma climbing on a ladder to clean the gutter, so if you don’t want to volunteer your services, contact us to pre-pay for services straight up offer to pay for a power washing session for your Grandparents.

Pay back your mother for all of the years of fingerprints and grimy smudges on her Windex-and-newspaper-cleaned windows by paying for a professional cleaning. With the time she saves on window cleaning over the next 6 months means she might feel inclined to bake your favorite cookies or take you out to lunch.

Help out your dad and make up for the years of throwing mud around the back yard with our power washing for patios, limestone, and more. Don’t let him lift a finger to clean up the mess from his grandkids tracking dirt around his porch.

Get together with the other grandchildren and pay for multiple house washing and window cleaning services for your grandparents to thank them for taking your side, calming your mother down, and bringing the best gifts at Christmas.

Window-cleaning-Washers-Window-CleaningEven if you are in a relationship, you can surprise your partner with a clean home for them to return to. Husbands will love not being asked to rent another power washer and they’ll wish they thought of hiring us to clean out gutters sooner—and wives and girlfriends will be glad they don’t need to worry about their men on ladders cleaning gutters and roof shingles. It may not be a romantic gift, but it sure is nice to have such tasks done for us by professionals—even if this is the only time you ever hire us (but trust us, you’ll come back when you see our results). Tread lightly with this idea, some women will treat this like receiving a vacuum for Valentine’s Day—so keep that chocolate handy to avoid months of quiet anger.

Check out our Specials page for deals to help maximize your clean for your buck!

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Window Cleaning Proper Increases Home Value

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 Window Cleaning

The housing market has vastly improved over the last few years, so some of you may be considering selling your home to upgrade, downsize, or you’re looking for a change of scenery. Regardless of age and shape of the home, our services can improve the curb appeal of your home and vastly improve how walk-throughs go with potential buyers. You take care of cat hair or children smudges and we’ll take care of roofs, gutters, windows, solar panels, and outer walls. You work on the inside; we’ll spruce up the outside. Our services can even expose issues previously unseen that may need to be addressed before your house gets sold, saving you a little on inspectors.

window cleaningClean Windows: If you’re selling your home, clean windows can do a lot! They will immediately improve the curb appeal because the home looks newer, renovated, and lived in. Dirty windows can make a place look abandoned or uncared for. Potential buyers can also catch a small glimpse of the inside of the house from the curb, be it a dining set, renovated kitchen, or cozy living room. Lighting is also important. On a clear day (nearly any day in Arizona) clean windows can let in gorgeous light, improving moods all around. The best part? After our initial clean, the washing on your part is all but unnecessary since our fantastic cleaning solution repels dirt and grime for up to 6 months—perfect to go through at least one house selling season!

Power Washing: The sides of your home have probably collected a decent amount of dirt, grime, and even mold over the years if you haven’t been having it cleaned regularly. Even if you don’t have harmful mildew or unsightly moss, a simple professional power washing can make it seem as if you have replaced the vinyl siding or resurfaced the stone/brick. Regular washing can prevent the buildup of harmful plants or bacteria and quickly improve the visual appeal of the home. The first thing people see is the outside of your home, so give them something to lure them in.

Pressure Washing and Power Washing afterPatios, Sidewalks, and Driveways: Stone, pavement, wood, and concrete surfaces often get neglected. Besides oil and grime on driveways and in garages, most outside ground surfaces will slowly build up a layer of grime and go unnoticed. Renew your limestone and prevent growth of moss, mildew, and more without special treatments. Don’t repave your walkways or driveway when our professionals will power wash it to a new glory! Don’t let an oil stain or grimy limestone lower your property value. The money you save by avoiding repaving can be used on other services in and around your home or placed directly into your pocket where it belongs.

Gutters and Roofs: Gutter cleaning is vital for all homes, not just those going on the market, but roof cleaning often goes undone for far too long. Let us remove built up grime that is increasing the weight load on your entire roof. Let us clear out your gutters for maximum efficiency. Have solar panels? Not only is that an amazing selling point for a home, but they will also perform better after a good cleaning. Draw attention to a like-new roof or solar panels guests will swear are brand new with the help of our cleaners.

Call Arizona Window Washers today and we’ll clean more than just windows! Get your home ready to sell with a home that will look years newer.

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Gutter Cleaning and Window Cleaning Are Very Important

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Gutter Cleaning before

Gutter Cleaning

The exact time of year to clean your gutters may vary depending on the amount of surrounding foliage and what type of guards or screens you may have installed.

Homes with tall trees or near homes or other properties with plants (especially in windier areas) are very susceptible to excessive gutter clutter. While the Phoenix area isn’t prone to high levels of rain or freezing temperatures, there is still a risk of wet plant matter and dust weighing down on the gutters and causing breakage and slipping. Rare times of below-freezing temperatures can also cause damage if there is any dampness in the gutters. Frozen water expands, which can cause cracks in seams or expand existing cracks in the gutters or cause damage to the roof itself, leading to roof leaks as well as a need to replace the gutters.

Those gutter systems with screens or guards still need regular cleaning because despite how helpful those systems are, certain debris can still get through or clog the guards and screens.

In the event a gutter gets clogged, the next rain you get could lead to runoff which can damage paint or get into the foundation due to the water pooling.

If your gutters are clogged or you have gutters in need of repair, you may notice overflowing water during the next rain session. While this doesn’t look dangerous, it’s likely to cause issues. While this area doesn’t get a lot of rain, if it remains cool for a day or two after a heavy rain, the pooled water will continue to wreak havoc until it evaporates—meaning the next rain will bring deeper damage.

Gutter Cleaning after


Even if you don’t have plants near you (or you and your neighbors do not have trees) it’s wise to clean your gutters once or twice a year. Our desert climate doesn’t mean winds can’t pick up various plant and dirt debris and carry it right into your gutters. Many plants can thrive in this area, so don’t be afraid of trees and don’t trick yourself into thinking your gutters are fine for another six months.

No one likes this task so hire Arizona Window Washers to clean them out for you and if you start with two sessions per year and we realize you’re not accumulating enough debris to be problematic, we can adjust the schedule to help save you money!

We’ll clean your gutters and we can wash the windows which may have been affected by the runoff and we can power wash the sides of your home and inspect for damage caused by clogged gutters. We can even wash your roof and check for damaged spots to prevent you from having a disastrous surprise next time it rains. Arizona Window Washers will help keep your home clean and therefore safer year round! Get a head start on Spring Cleaning this year and have your home look years newer before the spring season even starts.

Just call Arizona Window Washers for all your window cleaning and gutter cleaning services needs.

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Power Washing For Your Dirty Patio and Siding

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Power Washing

Power Washing5 Things Making Your Patio and Siding Dirty

  1. Overall dirt: A lot of customers will assume the culprit of dirty walls, patios, and stone features is simple dirt. It can be—especially in areas with high winds and dry air. This can be a “catch-all” term if you’re not aware of what else is causing the discoloration of your surfaces. Dirt can be deposited to walls and patios in a number of ways, including normal wear-and-tear and general use. This doesn’t take much effort to remove. The biggest concern when dirt is found on surfaces is aesthetic appeal. Power washing is a simple solution for this.
  2. Moss: Moss doesn’t always cause damage to surfaces, but it can be quite unsightly and on surfaces like patios, it can be a safety hazard since it can become slick. Moss tends to grow in moist environments, so if you have a side of the house which doesn’t see much sunlight (including under patios and around gutters) then moss can grow rampant. Moss tends to be easy to remove and isn’t am immediate threat.
  3. Algae: Algae can easily grow on and around roof shingles. It consumes the calcium carbonate and powdered limestone often found in roof shingles. This creates black streaks on roofs, which many people find unpleasant. Like moss, this isn’t usually a risk to the structural integrity of your home, but removing it can be very simple and can vastly improve the look of your home.
  4. Weeds and plants: No one likes seeing dandelions or other plants peeking through the driveway or bricks. There are many ways to fix these problems, ranging from remedies made from things around the house or commercial weed killer. Thorough cleaning using a power washer can also be useful once the plants are dead. Without proper treatment, the plants can spread and it could increase the number of cracks in brick and concrete.
  5. Mold and Mildew: Mold can cause many health issues as some people have severe allergies to certain types of mold. Black mold can be especially harmful to humans and animals. Chlorine solutions in a power washer can often keep mold from regrowing on concrete and other stone. Mold and mildew can also leave gross stains, leading to different stain treatments to return the surface to its original luster. This is where a professional will come in the handiest. Both mold and mildew love vinyl siding. Power washing can usually remove these gross growers from surfaces with a few simple chemicals. Both mold and mildew can cause the most problems out of the other culprits we have discussed.
    If you suspect you have a mold or mildew problem, contact us immediately as mildew can cause respiratory problems as well as damage to nearby plants and mold can cause a lot of different problems ranging from allergies and respiratory problems all the day to joint pain, migraines, and mental changes. Read here for more.

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Arizona Window Washers : A Clean Home is a Happy Home: Tempe, Arizona

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Arizona Window Washers

Our journey through the areas of service of Arizona Window Washers is almost at a close! We hope this information has been helpful and interesting. We wish to help you keep a clean home as well as figure out things to do in your awesome cities and towns. Free up some time to explore your neighborhood or the cities around you by hiring our excellent technicians to clean your windows, wash your walls, and spray down your patios.

We’ve finally made it to you guys, Tempe! With our population of over 168,000, you’re one of the larger areas we service and definitely one of the major urban areas surrounding Phoenix. Nearly a quarter of the homes here contain children and nearly 40% have married couples. Summer temperatures can reach over 100 degrees and winter temperatures can get below 40, but can reach 70 or higher!

There’s always something to do here! From various performing arts centers to hot tourist spots to both the Sun Devil Stadium and the Tempe Diablo Stadiums this city could be considered somewhat of a college town! Especially since Arizona State and the Maricopa Community College District employ the most people in the city. Visitors and residents can also enjoy the lovely Tempe Town Lake to experience some cooling water and beautiful nature. If nature isn’t your thing, consider some shopping at the Arizona Mills mall or the Tempe Marketplace. Spend the money you would have spent on expensive rental equipment to power wash your home since you’ll be calling Arizona Window Washers for all of your exterior home cleaning and window washing needs!

Arizona Window WashersIf you need some ideas on what to do with all this free time we’ve given you through our services, check out Tempe’s official web page. Here you can find information about city events as well as jobs, registration for classes, and tips for things to do with visitors.

No matter where you live in the wonderfully beautiful Phoenix area, Arizona Window Washers are here to help. Our technicians will do everything we can to not only perform the cleaning tasks scheduled but also do our best to not disturb your everyday life. We work quickly and efficiently and anything we move, we will ensure is back where it belongs before we leave. We will inspect areas we are cleaning (roofs, patios, etc) for damage and inform you of anything which you may need to get looked at—because cleaning can expose damage or cracks otherwise unseen. Not only do you get superb cleaning from our company, but you can get warnings to things which may lead to bigger problems is left unchecked. So let’s work together to get your home cleaner, safer, and looking years (if not decades) newer!

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Alex Mikhaylo
Alex Mikhaylo
01:12 09 Jun 17
how can anyone give anything but a 5 stars, these guys rock year after year.
Sheila P
Sheila P
15:02 26 May 16
Mario and his son Landon did the BEST job on our dirty windows! Mario was prompt, courteous, kind and went above and beyond to make sure all the windows on our home looked great. Truly, the very best service we could have gotten and the price was more than reasonable. We saved money immediately by using their on-line booking feature, which was a painless, simple way to schedule service. After just one visit from Mario, our home looks so much better and we highly recommend Arizona Window Washers!
Dean Thomson
Dean Thomson
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You wont go wrong with these pros!
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Izar Umer
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The Best week after week!
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Quick, easy, and best of all great value, two stories no problem. Great to be able to see out these windows again.
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Joeseph Eaton
Joeseph Eaton
20:13 24 Mar 17
Wow the response I get from my renters each year after year is Arizona Window Washers are the best, great workers, great work!!! The online ordering makes it so easy to book the work. Big time saver...
Izar Umer
Izar Umer
00:22 24 Aug 17
The review is, just the best window cleaning service month after month.
Katy Heth
Katy Heth
17:47 19 Jul 16
Fantastic service! Online booking was a breeze and they followed up by phone the same day to confirm details. The owner, Craig, arrived on time and my windows were sparkling within hours. Did a wonderful and professional job. It was a pleasure working with knowledgeable and courteous staff. I couldn't be happier and I'll definitely use Arizona Window Washers again!
Kelly Parent
Kelly Parent
21:18 31 Jul 16
We had a wonderful experience with AZ Window Washers. Mario and Landen were on time, courteous, and friendly. Their work was excellent and speedy. The price was as quoted, and we will definitely be using them the next time we need our windows washed. We have referred them to friends as well! Thanks, guys!
Dean Thomson
Dean Thomson
22:59 17 Jul 17
These Guys clean the windows like real pros.
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