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Window cleaning has only one goal: spotlessly clean windows. But how do you wash the windows without leaving a single trace?

It is not easy to obtain an impeccable result, this household chore has given rise to many tips. Newspapers, coffee filters, nylon stockings: grandmother’s tips for a perfect result are for some in stiff competition with the most modern solutions.

But what are the techniques and tools for cleaning windows quickly and perfectly? And which ones turn out to be in fact counterproductive? Below you’ll find out how to wash windows quickly and efficiently.

Everyone has their own method of achieving streak-free glass. But which product is the most effective? And how do you prepare your own window cleaner?

streak free window cleaning

Myth 1: Never clean your windows when the sun is shining

True: Bad weather is a great time to clean windows. When the glass is exposed to the hot rays of the sun, they cause the water to evaporate more quickly on the glass.

The result: unwelcome streaks. It’s best to clean indoors when the sun is shining – or skip the household chores altogether and enjoy the good weather.

Those who don’t want to wait can hire a professional window cleaner. A professional will do a perfect window cleaning job and won’t leave a mark even when the sun is shining.

Myth 2: Nothing is better than a newspaper for cleaning windows

Not necessarily. While newsprint absorbs excess water very well, printer ink on the paper could stain window frames. Using newsprint can even cause you to overwork.

Other tips, like using coffee filters or nylon stockings, are safer, but they don’t remove dirt reliably. For those who wish to have absolutely streak-free windows, it is better to use a microfiber cloth.

Myth 3: Window cleaning is faster with hot water

That is not exactly correct.

How to wash windows with hot water: The water should only be lukewarm to the touch so that the cleaning agents do not evaporate and can develop their full effect in the cleaning water.

Adding a few drops of dish soap in combination with a dash of vinegar or methylated spirits is the secret weapon. These two additives effectively dissolve scale residues on glass surfaces. However, those who have a sensitive nose or want to clean their windows in a sustainable way can use an environmentally friendly cleaner.

Myth 4: Fight streaks with window cleaner

Many window contain additives such as perfumes that settle on windows like a thin film and even promote the formation of streaks. Black tea is often recommended against stubborn traces. This grandma’s trick can work wonders on window glass, but if used too regularly, it can quickly color window frames.

The safest way to get streak-free glass is by not using any additional products, and by carefully removing any remaining liquid on the glass surface. Thus, there are no substances that dry on the glass.

Myth 5: At least three stages of labor are inevitable

Not necessarily if you’re using a window cleaner. Washing, removing watermarks, and polishing the glass – this mechanic is old-fashioned now when you use a high-performance device that cleans the glass or mirror in one step.

Vacuuming windows makes cleaning faster and more enjoyable.

If you don’t want to get down and dirty yourself on this boring chore, it’s best to hire professional window who service both residential and buildings. Your home and workplace can look so much better with super clean streak-free window cleaning that stays that way for many months.

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