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Commercial Window Cleaning Benefits

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Commercial Window Cleaning Benefits

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Commercial Window CleaningCommercial Window Cleaning

We’ve talked here about some perks of hiring an exterior window cleaner for your home so today we’ll take that concept to the next level and talk about why you should hire us for your commercial window cleaning needs!

The Obvious: Everyone loves clean windows! They let in more light, they look nice, and it can reduce allergens in the air (especially when the windows are open). Help your commercial building look 100 times better with just one window washing! Add on some pressure washing services and your building and parking lot will look brand new in no time! Boost morale, get noticed, and enjoy the results!

Time: You spend 40 hours a week or more in your commercial building (office, store, restaurant) so it would be foolish not to treat it with the same respect as your home! You spend nearly half of your waking hours at work so your building is a reflection of yourself and vice versa; so let’s get those windows shining so you can see the reflection of an amazing businessman or businesswoman!

image3Cost and Convenience: Sure, you could save a few bucks and have your janitorial staff or other employees clean the interior windows of your business but if you have more than one floor of exterior windows to clean it could get messy! Non-professionals are more likely to leave streaks or miss areas! Save money on insurance claims and cleaning equipment by hiring professionals! We have all of the safety and cleaning gear we need to wash exterior windows up to 4 stories high! You’ll save time and money! Your staff can focus on other tasks while our professionals wash your windows with ease and precision. We do both interior and exterior windows for your convenience.

Quality: We guarantee a streak-free shine every time! And with our wax additives you can reduce the number of cleaning visits dramatically! The right professionals can also help prevent costly damage to your windows (often caused by weather or using the wrong chemicals on a window or surrounding surfaces).

Safety: Unless you wish to purchase the ladders and other equipment to wash multi-story windows you’re risking the safety of your employees or yourself by cleaning your exterior windows! Even tall first-story windows can be difficult. Our employees are fully insured (as is your property while we’re working on it) so you have nothing to worry about; not that they’ll need the insurance since every technician is fully trained in the task and safety procedures!

Frequency: Some taller buildings gather a lot more dirt and dust than others, and some areas of Arizona just have more wind and dust floating around—hitting your windows and making them dingy. So if you need your windows washed every month or only once or twice a year we have you covered! Ask about how to get discounts on regular visits or multiple services!

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Exterior Window Cleaner

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exterior window cleaner Exterior Window Cleaner

Some people neglect their outside windows because they figure “they’ll just get dirty minutes after I have them washed.” Just as our wax-additive solutions repel dirt and moisture on indoor windows, our professionals will help keep your windows clean (and easy to touch up) for up to 6 months. Today we’ll talk about some of the other perks of hiring an exterior window cleaner.

  1. Window Screens! These are not fun to clean and they can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Many exterior window cleaner will clean screens as well—and the better companies will use a type of cleaning agent instead of just water and a rag. This can keep allergens down and regular washing of screens will keep them working efficiently, keeping down the unappealing dirt-and-dust scent you sometimes get when screens are left dirty for a while.

  2. image (3)Ladders!
    Cleaning exterior windows can be a pain, especially if you have to bring out ladders or step ladders. Keep your ladders stored away because you won’t need it. Our technicians will bring their ladders and their safety knowledge to perform this task with ease safely and efficiently. Don’t worry about tall windows or second story widows anymore.
  3. Knowledge! Stop watching videos online showing you how to clean your outside windows “like a pro,” and just have the pros do it. Save time “researching,” and trying out different cleaners and gadgets. Skip all of the trial and error and have it done right. Our technicians have years of experience and have done hundreds of jobs like this—they know what works and what doesn’t and it’s all second nature by now. You’re guaranteed a streak-free clean you could eat off of!

  4. Chemicals and Tools!
    Keeping buckets, squeegees, towels, cleaner, and other tools needed to clean windows (especially exterior ones) can be bulky and end up costly in the end. You could save money in the long term by buying your own equipment but the trial and error could leave your wallet empty or your mind and body tired of trying. We use high quality cleaners and equipment that we know works and we don’t charge extra for our wax additives. Certain home-made (or some store-bought) cleaners can also cause damage to your windows! Treated glass can be ruined, the glass can get cloudy, or the window frames can experience issues when using certain homemade cleaners—especially if you’ve measured the chemicals incorrectly! Knowing what your frames, caulking, and paint around the windows are made of and how to clean them each correctly will help keep damage to a minimum. But our professionals will always use the right tools and cleaning solutions for even the oddest of windows!
  5. Bundles! Ask about special deals for multiple services! Pair windows and gutters, windows and house power washing, or throw in some patio, garage, or deck power washing. Do the whole shebang and ask about price matching, discounts, and more. Write us a review and get 20% off of your next visit!

Arizona Window Washers can handle your exterior window cleaner needs! Make us a part of your life and start scheduling your bi-annual window cleaning for clean windows year-round.

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Arizona Window Washers Services Make a Great Mother’s Day Gift!

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Arizona Window Washers

Scratching your head to figure out what to get your mom for Mother’s Day tomorrow? Look no further! Pay for a window washing, gutter cleaning, power washing, or roof cleaning for Mother’s Day! Give her the gift or rest. You could also go over and clean out the gutters yourself, like you’ve probably told her you’d do for ages now. Pay for some services from Arizona Window Washers so your mother can rest and you can take her out to lunch or dinner with the energy you and her saved by having the professionals perform these tasks for you. Our prices are low, our specials are amazing, and our results are better than anything you could do cleaning wise for your mother. I’m sure she’d love to see someone clean out the gutters or wash the windows without groaning or bribery (like you as a child or her husband).

Mother’s can be picky, so if she refuses to allow a “stranger” to enter her home or clean her windows or deck, remind her that we treat all of our customers like family! We tae the utmost care in every task we do with a smile. You will not regret hiring us when you see what we can do.

Arizona Window WashersYour mother may never wash her own windows again! And that won’t mean she’ll have to hire us every couple of months. With our wax additives she could easily go 6 months without washing them, saving time and money compared to other window cleaning methods. This doesn’t mean she’ll expect you to pay for it, but it could make a great Christmas present! Mother’s Day and Christmas are just over 6 months apart and you could be set for years on presents! Your mom will never grow tired of clean windows or gutters!

Ask about vouchers or pre-paying! Buy (or make) your mother a nice card and stick in the voucher or a piece of paper saying you’ve pre-paid, or a simple check with a note saying what services it’s for. Let her sit back and watch as someone else cleans her home for once.

Once the windows, deck, patio, outer house walls, or gutters are clean you and your mother can sit around enjoying how amazing the place looks and she can tell you stories about how hard it was to get you to clean your room or do other chores. This gift will remind her of how difficult it can be to get help around the house but it’ll show her that you care about her and her cleaning needs. After all, she took care of you for years so now it may be time to pamper and take care of her. Happy Mother’s day, everyone. Treat her right and she’ll reward you (hopefully with an amazing home cooked meal)!

Just call Arizona Window Washers for all your window cleaning and washing services needs.

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Window Cleaning Tips for Your Home!

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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is not a fun chore, but with our help and professional window cleaning you can have clean windows year-round! Cleaning your windows yourself can be a decent way to save money but professional cleaning from Arizona Window Washers will give you a long lasting clean at an affordable price so you don’t have to try out a bunch of window cleaning “life hacks” or deal with ladders, gimmicks, or cleaners.

However, if you’d like to try some window cleaning tips for your home we’ll give you some. If you don’t like these you can always have us professionally clean indoor and outdoor windows for a clean that lasts up to 6 months!

window cleaning Gutter Cleaning Window Washing House WashingWindow Cleaning Tips

  • Martha Stewart gives a detailed How-To for cleaning windows involving squeegees, sponges, brushes, lint-free cloths, white vinegar, contaminated cleaner, and more. If you have plenty of time and want a clean that would follow a similar process that a professional cleaner would use, check it out. However, this will not provide the 6-month grime repellant so it may need to be done fairly often. You can also find tips and tutorials claiming professional-quality cleaning. The downside to this is you have to do it all and supply yourself with all the tools.
  • Use whatever method you’re currently using (paper towels, cloths, etc) with a homemade cleaners! Combine 2 tbsp of ammonia or white vinegar and 2 qts of warm water. You can also try ½ cup ammonia with a pint of 70% rubbing alcohol and 1tsp of liquid dish detergent, place in a gallon container and fill with water. Another effective option is 1 tbsp dishwashing liquid and 1 qt water. Another site claims 2 cups of water plus ¼ cup white vinegar and ½ tsp of dish detergent works wonders.
  • Try using an old t-shirt or sock to clean windows. They leave very little lint!
  • “Hard” paper towels do better than soft ones—less lint.
  • Here’s one everyone has heard of: newspaper. Find some packing newspaper (no print) for a streak free shine. This one’s floated around the internet for years!
  • Avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight: direct sunlight can dry the cleaner before you can remove it, causing streaks!
  • Rinse outside windows with clean water before applying cleaner. This leads to less cleaner being used and the cleaner is more effective.
  • Window washing squeegees can reduce streaks more than paper towels, newspaper, or cloth if you get the right one.
  • To repel dirt you can apply floor wax to your windows. This will work in a similar way to our wax additive but the application can be tricky and messy.

Window cleaning and window washingYou can try out these tricks on your own or you can skip all of the trial and error, measuring, and equipment purchasing by having Arizona Window Washers wash your windows for you. Every window washing includes our wax additive to repel dirt and grime for up to 6 months. So save yourself some time and money and hire the professionals a couple times a year instead of trying everything you see on Pinterest or home improvement websites.

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Window Cleaning Quality Matters

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image (13)Window Cleaning

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s time to pull back those curtains and enjoy the sunshine through some wonderfully cleaned windows. Windows of all shapes and sizes will sparkle with our quality cleaning methods!

Our window cleaning process includes hand washing and squeegee drying and our cleaning formula can repel dirt for up to six months due to the wax additives. Wax isn’t just for cars anymore! Skip the other window cleaning companies who may leave streaks or lack the amazing wax additive, perpetuating a cycle of weekly or monthly washing just to make money. Our technicians want you to be able to show off your clean windows for months without another visit.

Cheap Window Cleaner!

If you’re looking for commercial or residential window cleaners you’ve come to the right place. Not only will we beat competitors prices by 10% but we also offer various sales including a package deal of window washing and house washing for $99 (for a three hour session). Save on cleaning chemicals, dust-free cloths, paper towels, and more by hiring the professionals. Save yourself time and money with bi-annual window cleaning—indoor and out!

Quality Window Cleaning

Never settle for mediocre window cleaners when you have our number! We combine high quality and low prices to satisfy all customer needs with great affordability. Get a better clean than you can with any As-Seen-On-TV gadget or with the help from your spouse, children, or neighbor kids. No more purchasing hose attachments for cleaning outside windows and no more Windex streaks and wet paper towns taking up room in your trash cans!

Window cleaning and window washingDon’t experiment with window cleaning chemicals and products only for none of them to work or to suffer with cleaner smells or spills on your floors. Clear out the clutter in your closet by removing all of your wipers with handles and microfiber cloths and leave the cleaning to us. Stop spending money on overpriced window cleaner products that only work on TV and save that space under your sink for other things.

We don’t just do residential window cleaning; we can clean up to four-story windows at your office, store, or other building! Get the results you’d want at home for the place you spend 8 or more hours a day! Make the office look amazing and let in the light to boost morale and decrease energy usage!

Our offices are located in Phoenix and Chandler, AZ and we serve most areas surrounding, so get the cleanest windows possible in the Phoenix area at competitive prices and with technicians who love their jobs and ensure everything will be to your liking. Get great service with a smile at Arizona Window Washers. No more window shopping, you’ve found your window cleaners!

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Power Washing Business – Perks of Hiring

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Power WashingPower Washing

Whether you’re a home owner, home renter, or business owner you may discover a time when hiring a power washing business will be beneficial. You can rent bulky machines or purchase one but maintaining a machine can be time consuming and costly and who wants to find a place to store one of those year-round? And as far as renting goes, it’s not going to save you time and money if you don’t know how to operate it and once you factor in supplies and hourly or daily fees. Today we’re going to talk about why you should hire someone to power wash your walls, patios, decks, and more.

  1. There are professionals for a reason! People do this for a living and have had extensive training for this type of work. They know their equipment and can handle it without damage to you, themselves, your property, or the machines.
  2. Support local businesses! With big-box stores having rental equipment available it may be tempting to “save” some money by doing it yourself. However, Arizona Window Washers offers great prices and you’re helping keep food on a family’s plates. We’re people, too, and we work hard to bring you great services at amazing prices.
  3. It’s not that expensive! Renting or buying a machine may seem like a cheap alternative to hiring professionals once or twice a year, but how often would you actually use the machine to where it would cost you less in the long run? Maintenance, supplies, storage space, and replacing parts ends up costing you time and money you didn’t have to spend. We offer special deals all the time and we’ll be done in a fraction of the time it would take you to perform the task.
  4. Safety matters! These machines are very powerful and without proper knowledge or training it’s not hard to damage nearby plants or hurt yourself operating the machine. Keep you and your home safe by using professional services.
  5. Satisfaction Guaranteed! When you pay for our power washing services we guarantee you’ll love the results. We know the tricks, we know what works with specific surfaces or grime levels and types. You don’t have a guarantee when you power wash on your own time and dime.
  6. window cleaning Gutter Cleaning Window Washing House WashingSave yourself time and energy! Power washing can be exhausting work, so use the time you save to water your plants, read a book, or prepare a meal. You won’t need any recovery time watching our guys power wash your home.
  7. Enjoy the clean! Similar to the last point, not doing this on your own means you can appreciate the clean without being exhausted or frustrated at the time it took. Not having to lift a finger means you can enjoy the clean instead of criticize yourself for missed spots or uneven cleaning (because our professionals don’t make mistakes!)

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Commercial Window Washing: From Mom & Pop to Corporations

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Commercial Window Washing

You may only feel the need to have your windows professionally washed one or two times per year because you can easily touch it up with some window cleaner and a paper towel, but more frequent commercial window washing may be more helpful than you realize!

At Arizona Window Washers we can wash commercial buildings up to four stories tall, inside and out. Some establishments may need cleaning more often than others based on the type of business, location, weather, and employees.

commercial window washingSmall Businesses:

Small stores and restaurants or other commercial establishments may not have many windows to wash, so you may opt for the 1-2 professional cleans per year, as it isn’t too much of a problem for you or your employees to wash the window in-between our visits. You can also opt for more regular cleaning so your employees can focus more on your customers or other, more vital tasks.

Mall Locations:

If you have a larger anchor store in an outlet mall or your business is located in your local mall, your storefront windows need to be clean—sometimes demanded by the mall management. Kids pass by your stores with sticky fingers, teens anxiously poke the windows, pointing at something they want, and even adults sometimes poke, lean, prod, and more. When the light hits just right you may see a nightmare of smudges! You can have your employees hand wash this, stay over every night, come in early, and still miss some spots. Our technicians won’t miss a spot and the clean will be streak free every time. Some stores have us come weekly or monthly while employee’s spot check between our visits.

Commercial-Window-CleaningLarger and Multi-Floor Buildings:

You can have a janitor clean your indoor windows with no problem and decent skill and products but outside windows can be a pain (and you do not want to buy the equipment to allow them to do so). Weekly or monthly commercial window washing for these larger buildings is nearly a must! While you won’t have as much worry about smudges as smaller stores and businesses, weather-related dirt can be a big problem! As we’ve said time and time again, clean windows make people happy! More sunshine comes in, the dirt and grime isn’t seen to dampen a mood, and clean windows show you care! So get those windows clean and let people passing by see you and your employees working away like bees in a hive and bring in more business!

No matter your business, we can help keep your windows clean and sparkling at a reasonable cost. Ask our discounts for multiple services, discounts for first-time customers, and discounts if you’ve written a review of past experiences with us.

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House Washing : Does Your Home Need a Bath?

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House WashingHouse Washing

When you hear about house washing you may just think of power or pressure washing the outer walls or you may think “I don’t need to do that, it doesn’t affect my quality of living.” But both assumptions are incorrect.

Arizona Window Washers are here for more than your window needs! We can give your whole house a thorough washing. We won’t vacuum your carpets or scrub your toilets but we’ll take care of the stuff that requires special equipment, machines, and training. House washing is just one of the services we offer, but a thorough house washing may involve most, if not all, of our services!

House Pressure Washing

The first step may be power washing the outside walls of your home. This can remove a lot of debris, revealing a fresh and like-new wall! We also have solutions that can remove mold, mildew, and other harmful growths from your home. Growth is especially dangerous when it’s on a side of the home that doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight or organisms growing near the foundation of the home.

Removing this grime can improve respiratory issues like allergies or asthma, especially if your walls have begun collecting mold. A good thorough cleaning will remove eyesore spots to improve home value as well as removing things which can be harmful to you or your neighbors.

While we’re at it, we can power wash garage floors, decks, porches, limestone, and more. Many hard surfaces outside can benefit from a deep power wash! You might not need to repaint your deck once it’s had a nice clean (though replacing the sealant may not be a bad idea once it’s clean) and the smell of leaking car fluids will diminish greatly.

azwwWindow Washing

After a good house washing, window washing is the next logical step. Our window cleaning techniques and products keep windows looking amazing for up to 6 months. With your newly cleaned outer walls you’ll want to open up the windows and breathe the fresh air, but with such clean windows you may forget they were closed in the first place.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean out those gutters to keep foundations and roofs and walls from having excess water and grime runoff. Clogged gutters will eventually be much more costly and time consuming than a simple gutter cleaning.

image1 (1)Roof Cleaning

While it’s often thought that this isn’t necessary, it can be a nice addition to a house washing regimen. When we’re washing your roof we may notice loose shingles, potential leaks, and other issues. Growth on a roof can eventually lead to issues, especially if dirt and seeds have been blown onto your shingles. You may be able to hold off a little longer on roof cleaning than the other services, but it won’t hurt your roof when done by professionals.


If you’ve got a service you think we can handle but haven’t discussed or advertised, just ask us. If we can’t provide it we may know someone who can.

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Gutter Cleaning and Pairing Window!

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Gutter Cleaning and Pairing Window!

As we’ve stated on our website and in various blogs, our window cleaning treatments can repel dirt and grime for up to 6 months! This means less work on your end and beautiful results for half a year! It may be wise to pair window cleaning with some hands-on and detailed gutter cleaning. Why, you ask? It’s simple! They can affect one another (well, mainly gutters can affect window cleanliness)!

When your gutters get full, water can flow over the edges, clog the pipes, and just look awful. If you have freshly cleaned windows but ignored the gutters you’ll look as if you completely forgot you had gutters or as if you just don’t care about how your home looks and functions! Clean windows are important but gross gutters can cause structural damage to your roof and foundation—meaning clean windows will be the least of your worries.

If your gutters are clean then there are fewer issues elsewhere in the home. This allows your windows to shine to all of your neighbors and the clean gutters will go unnoticed—but in a good way. Not only do the two services go well together on the aesthetic level, but clear gutters will catch things falling from nearby trees or rolling off of the roof. If it’s full you run the risk of excess water, plant debris, and more getting onto your windows, especially full length windows where the bottom sits close to the foundation or the roof.

Gutter Cleaning


If you’ve scheduled a gutter cleaning, why not add on a window cleaning? When it does rain, you can look out of your crystal clear windows to watch the drops pitter-pattering instead of wondering if the gutters can handle the rain this time around. Our lovely state doesn’t get much rain, but gunked up gutters are still a worry!

Window-Cleaning-washers4So start scheduling your window cleaning and gutter cleaning together! Both should be done 1-2 times per year, especially when the seasons shift.

Our skilled technicians will clean your gutters by hand and will take wonderful care of all of your home windows so you don’t have to perform the 2 most disliked chores in the world. No more fussing at your husband to get on the ladder and clean out the gutters and no more worrying about how to clean the outside windows without causing streaks.

Call Arizona Window Washers for various services—not just windows and gutters! If you don’t believe how useful these two services are when performed at the same time we won’t force it upon you. Schedule whichever you need and you’ll be so amazing at our skill, precision, and customer service skills you’ll come back for more! Let’s not forget those gutters need attention, too! You may end up with damage you can’t see until it’s too late.

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Spring Cleaning: Homes and Offices!

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Spring CleaningSpring Cleaning

Arizona Window Washers offers many cleaning services for commercial and residential needs! We offer window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. Any building you rent or own can use our services to improve the look and feel of your location. So let’s get to Spring cleaning! Let us help get you started! While you worry about dusting and cleaning out your closets we’ll be cleaning patios, windows, and gutters!

Residential Window Washing

It’s officially Spring, so let’s get to cleaning! Let the sunshine in with sparkling clean windows with our professional window cleaning services! Inside and out will look great and be clean for up to 6 months! Get this done now and you’ll be clear until Fall!

Clean windows look great, improve home value, but can also increase the quality of life for those in the home! Remove harmful allergens and improve mood with natural light in your home. Clean windows can improve mental and physical health, so don’t neglect windows during your spring cleaning.

Commercial Window Washing

No matter what your business, it can benefit from some Spring cleaning! We can clean inside and out, up to the 4th floor! So before you start cleaning out keyboards in the office or replacing carpet, get professionally cleaned windows!

Increase morale, reduce the need for artificial light, and see the beautiful city around your office building from every window in the place! Let the beautiful Spring sunshine flow through the whole building.

Power Cleaning Services

Pressure washers can be scary, but they don’t have to be! Our technicians can clean so many things with power washers it’ll knock your socks off! Freshen up parking lots and driveways with amazing power washed results! Make your parking spots look brand new and reduce damage to asphalt from leaky cars.

Spruce up your home or business with the help power washing walls, sidewalks, patios, porches, and more. Remove mold, mildew, plant growth, dirt, weeds, and everything in between. Refresh your patio before adding a new coat of paint or have grime cleared off of your walls to save on repairs. Pressure washing can reveal beautiful limestone and restore vinyl paneling to like-new conditions! Try power washing this spring before moving forward with other repairs that may prove unneeded after our services.

Gutter Cleaning Gutter Cleaning

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean the gutters! Winter is over, and more beautiful sunshine and flower blooming is around the corner, so clear the gross particulates and gunk to keep your gutters clear and reduce damage to roofs and foundation. It’s amazing how clean gutters can affect the rest of your home! Don’t worry about clogged drains for the rest of the year with our by-hand gutter cleaning! Pairs perfectly with roof or window cleaning services!

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Alex Mikhaylo
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how can anyone give anything but a 5 stars, these guys rock year after year.
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Sheila P
15:02 26 May 16
Mario and his son Landon did the BEST job on our dirty windows! Mario was prompt, courteous, kind and went above and beyond to make sure all the windows on our home looked great. Truly, the very best service we could have gotten and the price was more than reasonable. We saved money immediately by using their on-line booking feature, which was a painless, simple way to schedule service. After just one visit from Mario, our home looks so much better and we highly recommend Arizona Window Washers!
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Quick, easy, and best of all great value, two stories no problem. Great to be able to see out these windows again.
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Wow the response I get from my renters each year after year is Arizona Window Washers are the best, great workers, great work!!! The online ordering makes it so easy to book the work. Big time saver...
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The review is, just the best window cleaning service month after month.
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Katy Heth
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Fantastic service! Online booking was a breeze and they followed up by phone the same day to confirm details. The owner, Craig, arrived on time and my windows were sparkling within hours. Did a wonderful and professional job. It was a pleasure working with knowledgeable and courteous staff. I couldn't be happier and I'll definitely use Arizona Window Washers again!
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Kelly Parent
21:18 31 Jul 16
We had a wonderful experience with AZ Window Washers. Mario and Landen were on time, courteous, and friendly. Their work was excellent and speedy. The price was as quoted, and we will definitely be using them the next time we need our windows washed. We have referred them to friends as well! Thanks, guys!
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