Arizona Window Washers : We’re Hiring!

exterior window cleaning servicesSome people neglect their outside windows because they figure “they’ll just get dirty minutes after I have them washed.” Just as our wax-additive solutions repel dirt and moisture on indoor windows, our professionals will help keep your windows (and easy to touch up) for up to 6 months. Today we’ll talk about some other perks of hiring an exterior window cleaner.

Window Screens

These are not fun to clean and they can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Many exterior window cleaners will clean screens as well—and the better companies will use a type of cleaning agent instead of just water and a rag. This can keep allergens down and regular washing of screens will keep them working efficiently, keeping down the unappealing dirt-and-dust scent you sometimes get when screens are left dirty for a while.

exterior window cleaning servicesLadders

Cleaning exterior windows can be a pain, especially if you have to bring out ladders or step ladders. Keep your ladders stored away because you won’t need it. Our technicians will bring their ladders and their safety knowledge to perform this task with ease safely and efficiently. Don’t worry about tall windows or second story windows anymore.


Stop watching videos online showing you how to clean your outside windows “like a pro,” and just have the pros do it. Save time “researching,” and trying out different cleaners and gadgets. Skip all of the trial and error and have it done right. Our technicians have years of experience and have done hundreds of jobs like this—they know what works and what doesn’t and it’s all second nature by now. You’re guaranteed a streak-free clean you could eat off of!

Chemicals and Tools

Keeping buckets, squeegees, towels, cleaner, and other tools needed to clean windows (especially exterior ones) can be bulky and end up costly in the end. You could save money in the long term by buying your own equipment but the trial and error could leave your wallet empty or your mind and body tired of trying.

The wrong chemicals & tools can ruin your windows

We use high-quality cleaners and equipment that we know works and we don’t charge extra for our wax additives. Certain home-made (or some store-bought) cleaners can also cause damage to your windows!

Treated glass can be ruined, the glass can get cloudy, or the window frames can experience issues when using certain homemade cleaners—especially if you’ve measured the chemicals incorrectly!

Knowing what your frames, caulking, and paint around the windows are made of and how to clean them each correctly will help keep damage to a minimum. But our professionals will always use the right tools and cleaning solutions for even the oddest of windows!


Ask about special deals for multiple services! Pair windows and gutters, windows and house power washing, or throw in some patio, garage, or deck power washing. Do the whole shebang and ask about price matching, discounts, and more. Write us a review and get 20% off of your next visit!

Arizona Window Washers can handle your exterior window cleaning needs! Make us a part of your life and start scheduling your bi-annual window cleaning for clean windows year-round.

exterior window cleaning servicesWhy Hire Us for Window Cleaning

We’ve talked about some perks of hiring an exterior window cleaner for your home, so we’ll take that concept to the next level and talk about why you should hire us for your window cleaning needs!

The Obvious

Everyone loves clean windows! They let in more light, they look nice, and it can reduce allergens in the air (especially when the windows are open). Help your commercial building look 100 times better with just one window washing! Add on some pressure washing services and your building and parking lot will look brand new in no time! Boost morale, get noticed, and enjoy the results!


You spend 40 hours a week or more in your commercial building (office, store, restaurant) so it would be foolish not to treat it with the same respect as your home! You spend nearly half of your waking hours at work so your building is a reflection of yourself and vice versa; so let’s get those windows shining so you can see the reflection of an amazing businessman or businesswoman!

exterior window cleaning servicesCost and Convenience

Sure, you could save a few bucks and have your janitorial staff or other employees clean the interior windows of your business but if you have more than one floor of exterior windows to clean it could get messy! Non-professionals are more likely to leave streaks or miss areas! Save money on insurance claims and cleaning equipment by hiring professionals! We have all of the safety and cleaning gear we need to wash exterior windows up to 4 stories high! You’ll save time and money! Your staff can focus on other tasks while our professionals wash your windows with ease and precision. We do both interior and exterior windows for your convenience.


We guarantee a streak-free shine every time! And with our wax additives, you can reduce the number of cleaning visits dramatically! The right professionals can also help prevent costly damage to your windows (often caused by weather or using the wrong chemicals on a window or surrounding surfaces).


Unless you wish to purchase the ladders and other equipment to wash multi-story windows you’re risking the safety of your employees or yourself by cleaning your exterior windows! Even tall first-story windows can be difficult. Our employees are fully insured (as is your property while we’re working on it) so you have nothing to worry about; not that they’ll need the insurance since every technician is fully trained in the task and safety procedures!


Some taller buildings gather a lot more dirt and dust than others, and some areas of Arizona just have more wind and dust floating around—hitting your windows and making them dingy. So if you need your windows washed every month or only once or twice a year we have you covered! Ask about how to get discounts on regular visits or multiple services!