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Window cleaning made easy

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Winter is almost over, guys! We have less than a month left of cold weather, red noses and snow. Once February is over, spring cleaning time will be upon us. For those of you who don’t know, spring is the perfect time to turn your house upside down, clean everything nicely and freshen up the place. However, when it comes to spring cleaning, there are a couple of chores that everyone dreads. Window cleaning is definitely one of those dreadful chores. The good news is that we are here to help you out with a few tips that will hopefully make things a lot easier.

window cleaning

There is a good reason why window cleaning is far from being enjoyable. Well, to be honest, it’s actually more than just one reason. Most people don’t like it because it often resembles a workout – you need to climb up on a ladder or a chair and maintain your balance while struggling to clean the window. That is definitely not something anyone would enjoy and there is also the issue of “doing a good job”. It would be a real bummer to go through all that trouble just to realize that your window cleaning skills are simply terrible. So here are just a few tips to help you out in the future:

  1. Relax

Take a deep breath, put on some music, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and just unwind for a while. Window cleaning is a big deal, so you need to approach it with the right attitude: and that is being relaxed. This window cleaning business will go over much easier if you are in the right state of mind.

  1. Stretch

Like we said before, window cleaning sometimes resembles a workout, so why not stretch a bit? A couple of light exercises and even some light stretching will definitely make window cleaning a lot easier. You can even try some yoga if you feel up for it.

  1. CALL US!

Let’s be honest, you are in over your head and you need professional help. This is exactly why you should give us a call. If you live anywhere near Phoenix, Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, Peoria, Avondale, Buckeye or Cave Creek, we would be more than happy to help you out. When it comes to window cleaning, Arizona Window Washers has years of experience and countless satisfied customers.


Forget everything about balancing acts or workouts you never asked for, because we are here to do the window cleaning for you. We offer highly competitive prices and we guarantee that you will get the best window cleaning services currently available on the market. Call us now for a fast and free quote. Our customer service advisors would be more than happy to offer you a full description of our window cleaning services.

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Window Cleaning Tips for Your Home!

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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is not a fun chore, but with our help and professional window cleaning you can have clean windows year-round! Cleaning your windows yourself can be a decent way to save money but professional cleaning from Arizona Window Washers will give you a long lasting clean at an affordable price so you don’t have to try out a bunch of window cleaning “life hacks” or deal with ladders, gimmicks, or cleaners.

However, if you’d like to try some window cleaning tips for your home we’ll give you some. If you don’t like these you can always have us professionally clean indoor and outdoor windows for a clean that lasts up to 6 months!

window cleaning Gutter Cleaning Window Washing House WashingWindow Cleaning Tips

  • Martha Stewart gives a detailed How-To for cleaning windows involving squeegees, sponges, brushes, lint-free cloths, white vinegar, contaminated cleaner, and more. If you have plenty of time and want a clean that would follow a similar process that a professional cleaner would use, check it out. However, this will not provide the 6-month grime repellant so it may need to be done fairly often. You can also find tips and tutorials claiming professional-quality cleaning. The downside to this is you have to do it all and supply yourself with all the tools.
  • Use whatever method you’re currently using (paper towels, cloths, etc) with a homemade cleaners! Combine 2 tbsp of ammonia or white vinegar and 2 qts of warm water. You can also try ½ cup ammonia with a pint of 70% rubbing alcohol and 1tsp of liquid dish detergent, place in a gallon container and fill with water. Another effective option is 1 tbsp dishwashing liquid and 1 qt water. Another site claims 2 cups of water plus ¼ cup white vinegar and ½ tsp of dish detergent works wonders.
  • Try using an old t-shirt or sock to clean windows. They leave very little lint!
  • “Hard” paper towels do better than soft ones—less lint.
  • Here’s one everyone has heard of: newspaper. Find some packing newspaper (no print) for a streak free shine. This one’s floated around the internet for years!
  • Avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight: direct sunlight can dry the cleaner before you can remove it, causing streaks!
  • Rinse outside windows with clean water before applying cleaner. This leads to less cleaner being used and the cleaner is more effective.
  • Window washing squeegees can reduce streaks more than paper towels, newspaper, or cloth if you get the right one.
  • To repel dirt you can apply floor wax to your windows. This will work in a similar way to our wax additive but the application can be tricky and messy.

Window cleaning and window washingYou can try out these tricks on your own or you can skip all of the trial and error, measuring, and equipment purchasing by having Arizona Window Washers wash your windows for you. Every window washing includes our wax additive to repel dirt and grime for up to 6 months. So save yourself some time and money and hire the professionals a couple times a year instead of trying everything you see on Pinterest or home improvement websites.

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