Arizona Window Washers : We’re Hiring!

Like you, many people find it difficult to clean their windows without leaving streaks on them. It is quite frustrating that a you have cleaned still looks almost like you didn’t clean it. However, with the right cleaning tools, you can achieve streak-free, sparkling windows effortlessly.

The build-up of dirt and grime on the window can prevent sunlight from entering your home. Achieving a window without streaks seems like a tall order. However, it is achievable when you use the right window cleaning and tools.

Here is how to achieve a spotless window cleaning without streaks:

Clean Window At Least Once a Year

Ideally, clean your window twice a year. However, if you do not have the time, ensure to clean it at least once. Cleaning your window frequently makes the cleaning process easier. There will be lesser dirt on the window then. It also means you will spend lesser effort cleaning it.

Dust the Window

Having a streakless window requires that you remove the dirt and dust on the window. Use a broom, brush, and dustpan to remove any dust, dirt, or cobweb on the window. Brush the window and the surrounding sill to remove any particles lurking around it.

Use a sponge or cloth soaked in your cleaning solution. Gently apply it all over the window using gentle pressure. Clean all the corners of the window. Ensure that no part of the window has grime or dirt on it. 

Get a Squeegee

Use a squeegee to wipe the windows. Move from the top downwards as you clean the windows. As you go downward, wipe or clean the squeegee blade. This is so that you don’t reintroduce the dirty water to the window you are cleaning.

Using a squeegee is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to dry your window. You need some practice to use it properly. However, keep the squeegee about 45 degrees on the window.

The squeegee needs to stay in touch with the window as you swipe. Also, it is important to use a sharp one. A sharp squeegee will help you remove all the water from the window. This is the trick to having a clean window without streaks.

The squeegee needs to be clean and dry. A wet one will leave marks on your windows. It is these watermarks that will become streaks when the window dries. Thus, you need to keep wiping the squeegee as you use it.

Pay Attention to Water Used

The water you use is very important if you want window cleaning without streaks. Use only clean water for the cleaning process. Replace the water when it becomes dirty. Using dirty and unclear water on your window leaves grimes, dirt, and particles on it. It is these things that will leave streaks on your window when it dries.

Do not use non-distilled water. Any water that has minerals in it will leave marks on the window. When the water evaporates, the elements in it will remain on the window and become visible streaks on it.

Hard water usually has lots of dissolved minerals in them. It is common to find magnesium and calcium in hard water. When the hard water comes in contact with your cleaning product, it will leave streaks on your windows.

The quality of your tap water might not be the best for window cleaning in Arizona. Rather than mixing your tap water with your cleaning product, use distilled water. Get distilled water from your local store. It is relatively inexpensive to use distilled water, except if you need the water in large quantities.

Don’t Use Too Much Soap

Using too much soap on the window is an invitation to streaks. A little soap is all you need to clean the windows effectively. It is not using too much soap that ensures your window is clean. Also, ensure you clean thoroughly by removing all the soaps on the window. 

Cleaning in the Right Weather

The weather is an important factor when you are cleaning your window. The major cause of streaks on your window is when the cleaning product dries up before you get the chance to wipe it off. Hence, you need to wipe off the cleaning product before it dries.

On a sunny day, the window will dry up so fast. When it dries up faster, you will have little time to wipe off the cleaning product. This increases your chances of having streaks on your window. Also, the sunlight will make it difficult for you to see the dirt on the glass.

Apart from the sun, the wind can also dry up your window faster. Cleaning on a windy day will make the solutions dry up quickly. This will also cause the window to have streaks on them. The wind will also bring more dirt and dust to the window you are cleaning.

Cleaning your window on a rainy day is also not right. Rainwater often contains minerals, dirt, pollutants, etc. When the rainwater dries up, it will leave streaks behind. Thus, you need to avoid window cleaning when it rains.

Thus, the best time to clean a window is on a dry but cloudy day. Clean the windows on a calm day with little wind. This will help you get the best results for your windows. Cleaning in the morning gives you a better chance. You can get it done before the sun comes out.

Use Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth will help keep off the streaks from your window. Use a microfiber cloth rather than a paper towel. Although paper towels work best for cleaning up spills around the window area, do not use them on the window glass. 

Paper towels have paper fibers on them. It leaves residue on the window after cleaning. You wouldn’t want your windows covered in lint after cleaning them. Therefore, you need to use a microfiber cloth.

Invest in Professional Cleaners

Window cleaning in Arizona does not get better than hiring professionals. It is difficult to achieve a streakless window without professional help. Professional window cleaners use tools and methods gained from training and experience on the job. As a regular cleaner, you will not have the best result for your windows because you did not get the training for the task.

Window cleaning is a tedious and dirty job. Allow our team of professionals to take the stress off you. For your professional and efficient window cleaning services in Arizona, reach out to us today.