Do you know that clean windows come with a lot of benefits outside of maintaining the aesthetic look of your home? Many people consider the relevance of clean windows to give the entire home a sparkly view. But it’s way beyond that. Understanding the benefits it comes with gives you a better ground in your determination to keep it clean all year round. Check here to see those benefits.

Keeping it sparkling is a thing, keeping it sparkling all year round is another. Who won’t admire that house in the neighborhood that stands out and always looks new? The secret to that ever-new home is an ever-clean window all year round. 

You too can have yours ever-new just like that. It might be a challenging task, but not only is it worth it, but it’s also a possibility. Our experts have come up with some tips to rightly set you up for the task. Let’s show it to you. 

Case in point:

1. Clean regularly

Many people leave window cleaning on an as-needed basis. But to think of it, when do you need a clean window? All the time. So there’s no time that your window shouldn’t be clean. The primary way to do that is to clean it regularly. Don’t give dirt and grime the time they need to build up. It should be like a shoot-on-sight drill. 

Don’t let those stains stay on your window for a long time or else they will prove stubborn to leave later. You wouldn’t want that. So when’s the best time to clean your window? As immediately as it stains. 

2. Use the right tools to clean 

This is one of the greatest problems you stand to get with window washing. It’s also the greatest cause of why your window doesn’t look like what you pictured in your head. It is because you used the wrong tools. That’s a problem. Because with the wrong tool all your hard work and invested time goes down the drain. The time used to struggle to clean one window with the wrong tool can get more windows sparkling with the right the same or even less time. 

Having window cleaning tools in your house is an important investment. All homeowners should have basic window cleaning tools. One important tool that should be in your garage is a squeeze. This tool is specifically used for perfectly without leaving streaks and grime behind. Also, if you are living on a high floor, then having a ladder is a must. 

3. Wash like a pro

It just makes sense that if you didn’t properly clean your window the last time, it will get dirty as soon as possible. No magic is involved. You need to clean your window like a pro to get the result of the pro. A poorly cleaned window might even get the dirty window even dirtier as you might end up just spreading streaks and painting the window with fingerprints. That will turn out to be a burner. There are laid-out DIY techniques to get your window looking like it was cleaned by experts. Let’s give you some do’s and don’ts to guide you while cleaning your window. 

4. Change your filters

The main reason why it’s very challenging to ensure an all-year-round sparkling window is that the air surrounding your home isn’t exactly neat. Dust, debris, and dirt are always floating in the air and can sit on your window. So, why not try to make the air carry fewer particles? Your best shot is by changing your AC filter more regularly. How regular? During the fall, when there are better chances of having polluted air, change it to 30 days. 

These filters are meant to trap every moving particle in the air and prevent entrance. But when the filter has captured just enough dust, it begins to do exactly the opposite of what it should do. It blows out this dust to the room and it all sits on the window. 

5. Consider hiring the professionals

If you don’t have the time or the equipment to clean your windows yourself, consider hiring a professional window cleaning service. They have the expertise and tools to clean your windows efficiently and effectively. Another benefit they have is that they are properly insured. For situations where your window gets damaged or someone is hurt in the process, insurance will cover it. 

A Word From Arizona

Routine window cleaning does not only keep your home looking exquisite, but it can also help sustain its value for years.

At Arizona window cleaning service, we are known for providing professional services. We have experts who are adequately trained to handle the job while keeping your windows intact. We are also properly insured in case of an accident. For many years we’ve retained our reputation in the window cleaning industry. Feel free to check out our review sessions on our landing page. We also have customer-friendly agents who will gladly answer any window cleaning questions you may have for us. Contact us here.