Arizona Window Washers : We’re Hiring!

The significant benefit of what you can achieve from things that you easily ignore would surprise you. If you get everything right in your house but ignore your windows, you will still experience inconveniences. 

Your window is a significant part of your house. It plays its role in both the comfort and well-being of your family. Research shows that rooms with windows that allow a good amount of light in have reduced amounts of bacteria and pathogens floating inside. You can achieve this by observing window cleaning monthly. 

In this piece, we would reveal to you six reasons why you should clean your windows monthly. 

Let’s get started! 

What to Look Out for When Cleaning Your Window

1. Hard water stain 

This is the most common stain you notice on your window glass. They are white or gray. You see this stain when hard water dries on your window. As the water dries, it will leave mineral components of the hard water. This marks a taint on your screen. 

The best way to avoid this is by wiping off the water with a clean piece of cloth and not letting it dry on the window.

2. Glass Rust

Actually, your glass can’t rust. Rusting occurs only with metals. But, if your glass is near metals that are exposed to moisture, the rusting gutters can drip down onto your glass. This rust drip can remain on your window, leaving a taint. This gives your window an ugly look, and it distorts light from entering your room.

If you observe window cleaning monthly, this taint won’t be a huge hassle. Because you would detect it early. In such cases, heat your towel, get it soaked in vinegar and gently clean your windows with it.

3. Leave the use of chemicals for professionals alone

You might be impatient to get an annoying stain off your window. Don’t let your impatience lead you to self-apply chemicals. That’s a word from Arizona window washers. Doing so might damage your window even further. Window owners themselves do most of the chemical damage on windows.

When your window glass has taken enough of these aggressive chemicals and just can’t handle it anymore, you notice etching and stains. In the worst case, it leads to discoloration. 

Why Should You Clean Your Windows Monthly?

1. More light for you

How clean is your window? That reflects how much light will enter your room. Stained windows limit light entrance. 

Dirty windows can reduce the amount of natural light by around 40%. This would make your room gloomy. The problem here is not just that your room would be limited to UV light. But the effect it would have on your health and psychology.

Poor lighting causes some psychological and health setbacks, such as: 

These setbacks won’t be associated with your windows if you clean your windows monthly.

2. It reduces the chances of allergies

Dirt, dust, pollens, pet dander, etc. all easily accumulate around your window. They are allergens and contribute to sick building syndrome. It also reduces indoor air quality.

These allergens cause a range of allergic reactions, such as: 

The listed allergies speak volumes about why you should keep your windows clean. You would reduce the chances of your family getting sick if you clean your windows monthly. Your kids are more vulnerable to these. 

3. It improves your house’s heat

As the sun emits light to the earth, it emits heat. Also, as light penetrates through your windows, so does heat. Dirty windows have dirt attached to it. This dirt impedes the swift penetration of warmth from the sun. This is because the dirt particles would reflect UV light. 

This external heat would save you some extra cost of heating your room. So, cleaning your windows monthly helps reduce your heating bills.

4. It improves the appearance of your home

Monthly cleaning of your windows gives your home a beautiful appearance when seen from the outside. This sends a welcoming message to visitors and friends. 

Passersby can’t just help but to keep stealing gazes. They can’t place a finger on what distinguishes your home. They would only perceive that something is unique. 

It also gives you the feeling of comfort and pleasure when you picture outside from inside your house. 

You wouldn’t want to be obstructed by fingerprint marks and dirt when enjoying the beautiful sight of nature’s art from your house. 

5. It makes window cleaning easy

The best approach to window stains is the “clean on sight approach”. As quickly as you notice the stain, clean it off. With that, you would slash the chances of experiencing permanent stains. 

But, probably because of your tight schedules or negligence, you wouldn’t always notice the stains as they appear. Practicing window cleaning monthly would bring these stains to your attention on a monthly basis. This would prevent your window from being home to stain and dirt for more than a month. 

With that, cleaning gets easy. And you wouldn’t be tempted to get violent with your window when cleaning it. As that can cause further damage. 

6. Preventive Measures 

You won’t clean your window monthly without clearing the window rail for your sliding window. You would be able to freely use your windows without making weird noises. 

Also, in window cleaning, you don’t just clean your window; you inspect. You would be able to notice changes in your window on a monthly basis. This would let you handle your window issue at its early stage. And prevent escalation. 


Placing consideration to something as little as cleaning your window will save you from a lot of problems. Why not make it a routine? If you consider that as demanding, that’s when we come in. We professionally clean windows at affordable price tags. 

Arizona window washers is a well-established . We know just the right action to take for stubborn stains. We can handle your windows monthly. You will be satisfied, we will be happy. Reach out to us.