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Screen doors and windows gain and lose popularity throughout time, but some homes in this beautiful city of Chandler still have screens in their windows to allow the open air feeling without bugs or debris flying into the home. If you don’t keep those screens clean, the purpose is defeated—the screens can get blocked or dirt can collect which can then transfer into your home! So this weekend we’re going to talk about pairing window and screen cleaning for the best overall clean around!

A while back we discussed the process of cleaning a screen, so if you want to clean your screens yourself, we have that information available to you. If you do not want to do this on your own, Arizona Window can get them to a like-new clean in no time so you can go back to enjoying your bug free breezes and your clean windows.

Screens are made from metal wire mesh, fiberglass, or other synthetic fibers and are used to keep out everything from debris to animals. Keep your home safe from dangerous mosquitoes and fleas as well as pesky flies and other creatures. Many screen windows are found in a combination storm and screen window style, allowing the glass or the screen to be opened.

Most screens on standard windows can be easily removed with a screwdriver, then properly cleaned and replaced. Windows with screens often have to have the screens removed before the exterior window pane can be cleaned, so it’s foolish not to have the screens cleaned before they are placed back. Spraying the window and screen with water from a hose will only do so much—and leave streaks or hard water stains and just spread dirt and dust. If you don’t clean your screens when you clean the windows, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and your home!
Chandler residents, it’s time to schedule your complete window and screen cleaning sessions. Our window washing sessions may be able to include cleaning of window and door screens to give you the clean you deserve so you can focus your attention on friends and family this summer. Hire our team of professionals to give you a cleaner home so you can cross that off of your “Honey-Do” list and get out there and enjoy our beautiful and sunny weather.

Don’t forget to stay cool in this 100 degree and higher weather this summer. Sit down in your home with your windows open for a nice cross breeze. If that’s not your thing, close the windows and turn on the fans and air conditioner and look outside at the beautiful weather without the sweating or the sunburn. Whatever you do this summer, stay safe and don’t forget about our window washing services for the Phoenix and Chandler areas.

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