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Window Screens Cleaning

is coming, and if you’ve got screen doors and windows in your home it’s time to open those up and let in sunshine, fresh air, and the warm spring breezes we all love! When you wash your windows you may not think about screen cleaning! So pull out those duster cloths, vacuums or some hardcore cleaning supplies to bring in spring right! Let’s talk about how to clean window screens.

Window ScreensHow to Clean Window Screens

Once a week you should do a light cleaning for your screens to keep the, clear of dirt, dust, and bugs. Using a cloth or duster is a simple way to remove large amounts of debris. You can also use a vacuum, avoiding applying pressure so as to avoid warping the screen—if possible, lower suction to reduce pull on the screen and apply the softest brush possible.

When removing the screens before cleaning it can be helpful to place all hardware as to room, window, inside/outside, or other identifying features in labels bags or other container to make reinstalling the screens easier.

Once the screen(s) are removed, place them on a drop cloth or tarp on a smooth piece of ground and soak the screen with a garden hose; warm water when possible. Take a cleaning solution (such as explained here, or something purchased specifically for screens) and spray both sides of the screen, allowing it to soak to reduce effort on your part by allowing the cleaner to work. Take a tooth brush or other soft bristle brush and scrum whatever dirt and buildup is still on the screens, using light pressure to avoid damaging the mesh. Some screens are much softer and need light pressure while stronger screens can handle more pressure. Wipe off all residue with a sponge and rinse both sides of the screen thoroughly with a hose. The soaking or scrubbing steps may need to be repeated for stubborn buildup.

Once the screens are clean and all soap and cleaner is removed, prop the screens against a wall or place them on a clean drop cloth to dry. While they dry, clean out the grooves and sills of the windows, using a brush and vacuum or paper towels. Check for forms of mold and mildew, especially in areas of the home that do not get direct sunlight often.

If you cannot remove your screens, it is possible to clean them in place, though it can get messy. Use a vacuum as previously mentioned, and then use a soft cloth and a bucket of water and cleaner. Always make sure the cleaner or soap is fully rinsed to keep additional buildup from collecting.

If you need your window screens cleaned, ask us at and we may be able to include this service next time you need our window cleaning services. . Weekly basic cleaning is suggested, but annual deep cleaning can help keep your screens functioning and fresh air flowing through your home.

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