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How often should you clean your windows? Every week? Twice a month? Every day? Once per season?

It usually varies from area to area for many reasons. For example, the building next to a busy road or not, the weather of the region, type of window, etc. Having that in mind, let’s move on.

I clean my home thoroughly every fortnight. This is my routine on cleaning day; I sweep, dust, mop, and wash. Then I shower, wear a nice dress, get a bottle of wine, and toast to good health. You’d agree that there’s this feeling of contentment that comes with relaxing in a . We all know this.

I’d like to discuss how we can get the most out of house cleaning prices and how frequently you should clean your windows. Does this surprise you? Well, a particular part of our homes is neglected most times. That is the window. Because it isn’t a dirty carpet or unclean clothes, we somehow overlook them. But they also play a role in giving us optimum relaxation. Let’s see how windows do this.


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1. Keeps Your Looking Attractive

Yes, clean windows do this. Keeping your windows clean will help you maintain the overall attractiveness of your home. You want to look at your home with pride and a beaming face. That is what clean windows will help you achieve.

Whoever comes visiting, be it a friend or a family, will surely be impressed by how clean your home is. That’ll be cool. It says a lot about how tidy you are. Some browny points to you then.

2. Increases the life span of your windows

Dirt and dust affect your windows, they wear them down. Acid rain also affects your windows, especially the frames. If the accumulation continues, you may have to get new frames or even windows. But all these can be avoided if you clean your windows. Get rid of the dust, dirt, and rain accumulation that damages your windows and frames. Clean your windows. You save money when you maintain them well.

3. Good secondary heat source for your home

You may not know this, but it’s true. This is the logic behind it. Dirty windows have dust and dirt on them. These dust particles on the surface of the window reflect UV rays, they do not let the windows absorb all the heat.  A clean window lacks additional reflectiveness. So all the heat supposed to be absorbed is absorbed, making the room warmer.

Yes, your clean windows do more than that, they prevent cold and mold formation. That’s quite some advantage.

4. You just feel good

Really, you just feel good. Think about the benefits of having a clean window as discussed. It’s a lot of advantages for so little trouble. You feel good, your health isn’t jeopardized by allergens a dirty window and it saves you money.

There is more. You feel good about your home, you always want to have people over because when they do come around they commend you for your tidiness.

Make a monthly schedule for your windows and enjoy the benefits.