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As we usher in the fall season, it’s a great time to your dirty window /s or hire a window cleaner. A lot of dirt has accumulated on our over the summer and no matter how good your spring window cleaning was, you have to clean your again. To help you with your cleaning, here are 10 effective tips for having clean and shiny windows without leaving streaks: window cleaning solution

1. Prepare your window

Before cleaning your windows, you must always start by removing the dust and debris on them and cleaning the frames around them. You will avoid the adhesion of dirt and the risk of duplicating work if you hang your windows while washing your frames after the panes.

2. From the outside to the inside, from left to right

It is important for optimal cleaning to start with the maintenance on the outside of the window, then on the inside. You will see the remaining spots better. In addition, opt for a repetitive movement that you will easily remember, from left to right. For example, to avoid rubbing on the washed surface and thus create new marks.

3. Avoid sunny days

Choose to wash your windows on a gray day. The sun dries out the cleaning products used on the windows too quickly, which can leave marks that we would rather avoid.

4. Use a microfiber cloth

The microfiber cloth is perfect for cleaning windows because it does not leave traces unlike the rags used, which they leave fibers and unwanted traces. For flawless windows, use 2 microfiber cloths: one to clean and another to wipe off any remaining traces.

5. Not a fan of the microfiber wipe? Use a Squeegee.

A rubber squeegee is a tool of choice for many because of how it is to use. Apply cleaner to the glass surface, then simply run the squeegee up and down to remove the stains. window cleaning solution

6. White vinegar, your best ally

This is the go-to product for household maintenance, and it is no exception here. For windows, white vinegar is very effective against stubborn dirt, it leaves no traces and would keep flies away. Store sold glass cleaner can’t do that! Mix 250ml of vinegar with 250ml of hot water, cleanse, and Voila! In addition, it is an equally effective trick for your car windows.

7. A solution for persistent stains

If you have persistent stains of paint or dirt that need more special maintenance, try this easy-to-do-at-home cleaning solution. Mix 2 cups of water with a quarter of a cup of liquid dish soap and a quarter of a cup of rubbing alcohol, then rub with a soft cloth.

8. Remove marks from windows with crumpled newspaper

Crumpled newspaper is an essential grandmother’s trick. Printing ink is an excellent cleaner, and the paper has a very absorbent power, which is perfect for easy cleaning, especially effective, without streaks! Just moisten everything and rub.

9. Glycerin against fogging

Glycerin is excellent for preventing fogging in your windows during temperature changes. Just add a few drops to your laundry (or to an old nylon stocking for extra shine) before rubbing the windows. It is also often used against dirt and dust build-up on glass since glycerin prevents residue from sticking.

10. Ammonia against frost

Ammonia is effective in preventing the formation of frost on windows in winter. Just add a few drops to your cleaning water. Also, it acts as a powerful degreaser on mirrors and glasses. The cleaning solution is simple: half ammonia, half water for a clean result. window cleaning solution

Window Cleaning Can Get Stressful

Window cleaning might be the extreme opposite of enjoyable, there are some things you can do to make the activity not that bad. We’ll show you how you can get to window cleaning without losing interest along the way.

Change Your Mindset or Hire a Window Cleaning Company

First of all, one thing you could do in order to make window cleaning a bit more pleasurable is to change your perspective on things a little bit. We understand that it might be the last thing you would want to do, especially on a nice summer day, but thinking about it in a negative way can definitely influence your productivity.

It’s just like when you were in school and had a lot of homework to do. The less you worry about it, the more enjoyable you will think that it is. Who knows, you might even find it relaxing, once you get over the five stages of grief, that is.

You Should Get Help Cleaning Your Windows

window cleaning solution

Second of all, you might need help washing windows, especially if you live in a big house. This means that the window cleaning process might end a lot faster if you get your significant other, kids, or other roommates you are bunking with to give you a helping hand.  This is where you can get creative by offering everyone different incentives. You can even make a game or a competition out of it. As long as the windows get clean, there should be no rules for how you get them clean. Make sure to get the debris off the window screen to.

Hire Professional Window Cleaners

Last, but not least, you should also know that there is an ideal way of cleaning your windows, and that is called Arizona Window Washers. Window cleaning and window washing are no longer taboo for our company as we have been in this business for years and are able to provide our customers with the highest quality services and the best customer experience possible. We guarantee that you too will be satisfied with the quality of our work and with our low prices.

Arizona Window Washers Your Professional Window Cleaners

In fact, you should know that Arizona Window Washers is the most affordable window cleaner service in the area. We pride ourselves on having incredibly low rates for residential and commercial window washer services. The rate isn’t just low for the sake of being low. We balance our tasks perfectly, using skills in economics and advanced window cleaning techniques to reduce the cost of window cleaning for you. There is no need for you to waste your time cleaning the windows yourself, and there is no need for you to waste all of that energy when we could do the job for you. And, between us, we would do a far better job than you, because we have all the right tools, products, and necessary experience. Give us a call today and take advantage of our amazing clean window service.