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Independence Day is right around the corner! Next Saturday we’ll be celebrating July 4th with cookouts, family time, outdoor activities, fireworks, and more. So before you throw that neighborhood block party of have your friends and family over for food and fireworks, get some cleaning done! You still have plenty of time to hire Arizona Window Washers for your window cleaning needs. Get those windows sparkling clean to impress in-laws and friends or coworkers, and remove that build up that has been causing allergy issues and causing you to keep your curtains drawn so you don’t have to look at it. Keep your home looking great inside and out with help with the hard stuff from Arizona Window Washers. Here’s some services we do and why getting them done will make your Fourth of July celebrations better.

  1. Windows: They say eyes are the windows of the soul, so that must mean windows are pretty important. So keep those windows clean for a great first impression for visitors to your home. If you’re inside while your kids are playing outside while more guests arrive, clean windows will help you keep an eye on them while staying cool indoors. Alternatively, clean windows can make it easier to see what’s going on inside when you’re on the deck cooking if your windows are clean.
  2. window cleaning Gutter Cleaning Window Washing House Washing Washing: From roofs to decks to sidewalks, a good washing will make driveways sparkle and keep feet clean if guests choose to go barefoot on your deck or porch. No one wants to see grease, oil, dirt, and growth on your outside surfaces, so let us pressure wash your walls and walkways to impress even the most finicky of relatives. Also, once it’s dark out and you’re watching/setting off fireworks, you don’t need to step on a slick spot from algae or sit down in a grease spot or dirty limestone.
  3. Gutters: Sure, people probably won’t be looking in your gutters, but if you just so happen to be setting off fireworks (or there are fireworks going off in the area) you don’t need embers falling into your gutters. Those can make cleaning them later more difficult and it could potentially cause a fire hazard, depending on what is in your gutters. If you haven’t yet cleaned them this year, now may be the perfect time to do it.
  4. Commercial Cleaning: This weekend could be a great time to have your windows cleaned, or maybe you want your windows and other areas cleaned before the big rush of July 4th If your place of business will be open this Saturday, you may want to have a last minute window cleaning before you hang up your Independence day decorations.

Have a happy and safe week, enjoy this Fourth of July, and remember that Arizona Window Washers is here for all of your Phoenix window cleaning needs.

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