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Window cleaning is a crucial aspect of your business. In fact, with dirty windows, you might end up not doing business at all. Because, hey, who would love to do business in an unappealing space? 

This calls for proper window cleaning. It’s surprising how clean windows can affect the number of businesses you do per day. If cleaning windows can make your business more money, why not clean your windows? 

While some business people may opt for do-it-yourself (DIY) options to save costs, they carry hidden costs that when compared to outsourcing the job, the latter might be an optimal option. 

In this blog post, we will be discussing the hidden cost of DIY commercial window cleaning. By knowing these hidden costs, it will be easier to make an informed decision. 

Let’s dive into the details as we see how DIY commercial window washing might not be as cost-effective as it seems to be initially. 

Key Highlights

The True Cost of DIY Commercial Window Cleaning

On the surface, anyone can boldly say that DIY commercial window cleaning is a cheaper option when compared to involving professionals. But let’s see if you can follow the crowd to say that after this section.

On the surface level, you might think that the only financial burden the DIY option might cost is the cost of buying a squeegee and cleaning solution. How about you consider factors like time (you can make more money investing that time into your business), safety risk, potential damage, etc. in this section, we’ll talk about these various factors. 

1. Time investment for inexperienced cleaners

Now, commercial spaces often have considerably more number of windows than usual. When inexperienced cleaners decide to take on the task and cleaning all those windows, it’s usually a daunting and overwhelming task.

An inexperienced cleaner may end up spending hours trying to get a streak-free result. And then end up with a subpar level of result. If he has a little amount of experience, maybe, just maybe, he might end up getting the desired result. But the truth is that a professional will get even a better result in a short time. 

This mammoth amount of time a business owner puts into window washing can be invested in core business activities, producing a more profitable result for the business. Allowing professionals to do the job will produce a smoother result, and you’ll be able to channel that time to be more productive in core business activities, rather than struggling with cleaning windows and missing out on the benefits of natural light. Additionally, hiring professionals for commercial building services, such as window cleaning, can save time and resources in the long run. Plus, with our highly trained and professional window cleaning technicians who have gone through extensive training in their craft and safety, and our state of the art equipment, you can trust us to provide the best outcome every time we clean your building’s windows.

2. Risks and liability concerns

Another hidden cost of DIY commercial window cleaning is risks and liability concerns. Window washing comes with its set of potential risks, especially when it comes to cleaning the higher parts of your property’s windows. In 2022/23, falling from height continues to be the leading cause of fatal accidents in the workplace. It is also one of the leading causes of death in the workplace. Hiring a professional window cleaning company ensures that you do not put yourself or your employees at risk by attempting to clean the property’s windows on your own, especially for new construction projects where the windows may be at a higher elevation and more difficult to access on the ground floor.

If a window cleaner causes an accident and there’s any damage to business infrastructure, the cleaner is to be held responsible. So, there’s no coverage if you cause damage to any of your business infrastructure. 

But professional window washers usually have insurance coverage that protects both the cleaner and your business. And since they have been in the business for a longer period, they are less likely to run into accidents. 

By hiring professional , you are defending against costs incurred by possible risks and accidents, and ensuring a safer operation.  

3. Equipment and supplies: hidden expenses unveiled

Using a squeegee to wipe off a window

To achieve your desired cleaning results, you need more than buckets and squeegees. You’ll need specialized equipment, depending on factors like the type of window you are cleaning, the type of stains you are washing off, including water stains, the height of the window, and so on. The specialized equipment required for the job, such as window glass-safe cleaning solutions and tools, is also a home for some of these hidden costs, making it important to invest in quality equipment.

Although buying this equipment may seem like a one-time expense that’ll pay off as a cost-effective option later in the future, considering its cost of maintenance and repair (in case of damage) is another thing to consider. If you rarely clean your windows then you might decide to go for the rental option instead. But overall, how often you clean your window or how large your windows are are considerations to factor in when deciding on initial purchase vs. rental options. 

4. Window longevity

When experts are cleaning your window, they are conscious of what they do and what they use on your window. Some cleaning agents can cause your window to dwindle. Professional are aware of these and they try as much as possible to avoid whatever can reduce the longevity of your window. It may be that some techniques are not suitable for your windows or some equipment is not meant to be used on your window. 

Professional window washers not only have in-depth knowledge of cleaning techniques, but they also understand that there are various window types and window cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all process. 

So you might produce great cleaning results but at the same time, give your window a slow death which will cost you later in the future. Professional window washers know that and clean your window with that consciousness.

5. Voiding of warranties

Windows come with warranties and various acts can void window warranties. It may be washing the window using the wrong technique, using the wrong equipment on the window, or using harsh chemicals on the window. 

DIY window washing may step on any of these and void the precious warranty. Professional window washers know just how to your window and leave your warranty intact. So, they help you avert the extra cost a void warranty may incur.

A Word From Arizona Window Washers

Many, in the bid to save cost on window cleaning, opt for the DIY window cleaning option rather than hiring professionals. But in the long run, they are spending more by making that single decision. The secret is in the hidden cost. And I’m sure by being familiar with the hidden cost in the DIY option, you’ll be able to make an informed decision later on. 

Over here in Arizona, Arizona Window Washers is your go-to window cleaning option. We’ve been in the window cleaning business for years and are licensed to clean commercial spaces. With our cleaning technician on top of the task, be sure to get the best result with fewer chances of accident or warranty voiding. We also offer janitorial services to keep your commercial space clean and well-maintained, including cleaning of both interior and exterior windows, pressure washing services, and residential services. Reach out to us now for a free quote in all your window cleaning and janitorial needs.