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It is important that you get the most out of your solar panel after installation. The best way is to ensure that your solar panels are under favorable conditions. This is how it can serve you and produce electricity. You can achieve this by keeping the solar panels clean. 

Many homeowners and businesses overlook solar panel cleaning. If you don’t clean your solar panel at all, or frequently enough, the layers of on it will reduce its performance. To get the best out of your solar panel, you need to clean it frequently. 

Why should you bother with solar panel cleaning? Are you wondering why you need to do this? Here’s why it is important to keep them clean all the time.

clean solar panels

Solar Panel Cleaning Enhances Performance 

Cleaning your solar panel will enhance its performance and effectiveness. An oiled and serviced car performs better, so it is with the solar panel. It performs better when given the same level of maintenance. 

Under the same conditions, dirty panels produce less than clean ones. A clean solar panel is more efficient. Dirty solar panels are not so efficient. This is because blocks light from striking the cells. 

It’s not enough that you’ve installed your solar panel. You also have to maintain it by frequent cleaning and clearing of dirt. 

Your Solar Panel Looks Good

Nobody wants a worn-out, dirty panel on their roof. Just as it is important to keep your other properties clean, it is also important to keep your solar panel clean. Regular maintenance leaves your solar panel looking good.

Your Solar Panel Will Last Longer

When you do not clean your solar panels regularly, it gathers dust and dirt. The accumulated particles and dirt add to the wear and tear. While it may not be noticeable at first, your solar panel’s performance will decline.

Also, you risk damaging your solar panel so fast. Cleaning your solar panel frequently will prevent it from getting damaged. It will last longer and serve you better.

It Is the Best Way to Maintain Your Solar Panel

Some people expect the rain to clean the solar panel for them. So, they don’t do it themselves. However, there is a limit to the cleaning that rainwater can do. Rainwater cannot wash away dirt that has stuck to the solar panel. For example, bird droppings and dirt from the environment can stick to the solar panel. 

Washing remains the best way to remove such filth from your panels. Relying on the rain to clean your solar panel is not enough. Rainfall can even aggravate the condition by washing dust into the panels’ corners. This causes them to heat, reducing their efficiency. Clean your solar panel regularly to ensure proper care.

It Allows You to Enjoy Your Warranty

Most solar panel manufacturers require solar cleaning as a condition for granting warranty. If your solar panel stops function, the warranty may not cover it if you have not been cleaning it. This is applicable where you cannot show the manufacturers that you kept your end of the deal by cleaning your solar panel.

It Enables You to Save Money on Repairs

Solar panels are not cheap. You spend lots of money to install them in your home. It only makes sense that you get real value for the money you spent. Hence, ensure you take good care of it. 

If you do not clean your panels regularly, it will not only shorten the time you get to use it. It will need constant repairs. Thus, you will spend extra money to keep fixing it. But when you keep it clean, you won’t need to spend money on repairs.

Gives You the Opportunity to Inspect Your Solar Panel

Cleaning your solar panel is a great opportunity to inspect it to see how it is doing. When you clean it often, you won’t be in for surprises. This is because you have a regular update on its condition. You can detect when damage has occurred on one part of it before it spreads and becomes worse. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Solar Panels?

You will often find solar panels installed in public spaces. Hence, the frequency of cleaning them depends on a variety of elements. These factors include location, weather, exposure time, and solar layout. However, the best time to clean your solar panel is once every six months. You may need to clean it more often if you live in an area with lots of trees and birds.

How to Clean Your Solar Panel

Solar panel cleaning is difficult. You won’t be looking forward to it because it can be stressful. Your solar panel is usually at the top of the roof and not the first thing you see. Thus, getting to your roof and doing it yourself can be an unpleasant chore. 

Cleaning it yourself is more cost-effective. However, there are certain critical factors to consider. You need to be careful to avoid damage that could end the solar panels’ warranty. Using a professional cleaning service is the best way to go. 

First, it is a safer way to clean the panels. Second, it saves more time. You don’t have to go up the roof to do it yourself. What’s more? 

Bird droppings and leaves on your solar panels are more damaging than dust. If you have a lot of trees around, especially deciduous ones, it attracts lots of birds. You will also have lots of leaves on your roof. This builds up. 

Thus, it becomes very necessary to clean your solar panels regularly using professional cleaning services. These professionals will take out the filth and make your investment worth it because they are skilled in it. 

Do you want reliable and experienced cleaners for your solar panels in Phoenix, Arizona? We offer the best solar panel cleaning services. With safety measures in place, we ensure that your solar panels do not suffer any damage. For an effective and thorough cleaning, reach out to us today.