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It’s summer and you want to give your home (plus the windows) a new, fresh look? Do you want to know how to do it easily the way pros do?

As a window cleaning newbie, it’s easy to start comparing yourselves to other window cleaning professionals that have many years of experience. This can make you see the wide gap in efficiency.

It is important to know that cleaners pick up tips over the years that enable them to become very diligent and effective. That applies to you too, to be a professional, be ready to always learn how to perfect your skills. We at Window Washers gladly offer you 5 effective cleaning skills that will help you transition from a beginner to a professional.

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1. Start Small

Don’t jump right into using a big squeegee for your window cleaning. Use a small squeegee as you would be able to maneuver it and build skills. If you have leftover water from sills, a small squeegee can be used to remove it.

2. Avoid Using Too Much Soap

Using too much soap makes the cleaning harder. This also causes the window to dry too fast thereby leaving a film on the glass. You can use detergent or even a bar of dish soap, just use a little.

3. Sea Sponge

A sea sponge can be used to wash window frames and sills. It can also be used to soak up water from sills and frames before using a squeegee.

4. Optimal Squeegee Technique

For a clean look, you should master the squeegee technique. While using the squeegee, pause a little. Let the water run down the blade before you remove the squeegee from the glass. Doing this will prevent the water from splattering on the surface of the window, leaving it dirty.

window cleaning equipment

5. Drink Water

Hydrate yourself well before working. You do not want to suffer complications from dehydration while working. These complications will interrupt our work and will make a good impression on your client; especially if it could have been avoided with a simple task as drinking water. So, before you start work to get yourself hydrated.

If you are a beginner, and you are passionate about your job, continue learning. Skills picked up over time are important but you can still do more to set you apart from other cleaners. Keep up with new cleaning products and equipment. Undergo training, get certifications.

To set you apart, you can join organizations like ICWA (International Window Cleaning Association). ICWA offers training and certifications for window cleaners who are passionate about their jobs and want to make a difference.

If you require the services of a professional commercial window cleaning service, contact us at 480-335-7373.

Window Washers offers more services than just window cleaning! All of our services can be very useful as the season changes:

  • Window Washing: Our window cleaning equipment and materials allow for a clean lasting up to 6 months. Our additives to our cleaners help propel dirt, keeping your windows clean and streak-free for months. So, if you didn’t get them clean for summer, it might be wise to schedule that appointment soon.
  • Gutter Cleaning: Depending on your foliage levels near your home, your gutters may become full of debris at the end of autumn, so why not start off with clear and empty gutters? Hiring us to clear out your gutters means you don’t have to mess with gloves, disposal of debris, ladders, and the other aspects of gutter cleaning everyone hates.


Home and Window Cleaning Service for You this Summer

window cleaning equipmentIf you are just trying to pick up the appearance of your home or trying to sell it. Extraordinarily clean windows are a must to make your entire resident glow. Whether you believe it or not windows are a giant focal point when looking from the outside. When you’re looking at any home from outside there are a few things that you were going to notice right off the bat. They are the garage, the dirt on the home, and the windows.

The Exterior of your Home

A lot of people nowadays have a maid or cleaning service that dusts and cleans up the inside of your home. Most maid services don’t offer professional window cleaning. So it often is left out and forgotten about. Your average maid cleaning services won’t have the tools that our professionals at Arizona window washers have. You’re at Arizona window washers you won’t be able to find a that is as professional and certified, licensed, and insured like us.

Save it for the Last!

A lot of people don’t know but it is best to clean the windows last. You could have landscaping, power washing, painting, and many more things done to your house the same time you do the windows. After cleaning your windows and cleaning everything else, all of the dirt and debris that got blown around will end right back up on your window. Another thing you could also do when you have your windows cleaned is if something else is going on ask them to just simply cover the windows up.

In the sunny state of Arizona, we hardly ever get to see any rain. And you may not know this, but this is a huge reason why dust, dirt, and anything else will end up on your windows. A lot of people think that when they see it’s about to rain their windows will be clean. But that is hardly ever the case leaving dirty water spots all over. Another thing that we can’t stress enough is to pay very close attention to any hard water stains. Hard water stains on many surfaces including class will be extremely difficult to remove if not taken care of. Your Arizona window washers we have the perfect tools to easily scrape it off of the glass. Our window washing crew can get rid of any types of mineral deposits and stains off your window.

Call us!

window cleaning equipmentHere at Arizona window washers we always take the extra steps to communicate and provide nothing but the best service. Our commitment to customer service and honesty combined with the best technical skills helps us deliver nothing but satisfying results.

If you are in Arizona feel free to give us a call at 480-335-7373. We serve all of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Chandler. If it’s just a question or you need our help, we are always here!

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