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Cleaning the glass, , and  of a house is a task that involves a certain effort and implication since it is difficult to get them to be completely transparent as when they were first put on. Dirt accumulates and is often a very difficult layer to remove. In this article, we show you what are the perfect techniques to clean the windows and windows.

How To Clean Glass? Window cleaning techniques

Hot water

Many people do not notice the big difference between using hot water and cold water for cleaning. How to clean glass by water? To clean the glass and windows it is necessary to use warm water mixed with soap. The first step is to pass with a cloth dampened in this water and rub, hard when the glass has enough accumulated dirt or stains caused by grease, dirt or other elements that mark the glass. In order for the cleaning to be perfect, another moistened cloth must be passed again to remove the remaining soap.

how to clean glass

Vinegar cleaning

Vinegar is a product that due to its composition manages to eliminate all the accumulated dirt providing a spectacular brightness and transparency. To do this you must mix half a liter of vinegar in five liters of water. This amount will depend on the extent of the glass as such, but it is important to use the entire solution to see results. Once you have used the whole mixture of hot water and vinegar, you can rinse with water without any mixture.


how to clean glass

How to clean glass with alcohol, to clean glass it is important to know its characteristics. When it comes to mirrors with some element that allows it, you can use a few drops of alcohol on a cloth previously moistened with water. This product will bring spectacular shine and impressive transparency to the crystals.

With stain remover

If the glass to be cleaned has a lot of stains, a spray bottle containing water and a few drops of liquid stain remover can be used. This product will give greater efficiency and speed when cleaning if you rub the areas of the glass with dirt. The next step is to rinse the sponge and pass again so that there is no trace of detergent. It is important to use a dry cloth to dry and add shine to the glass or window surface.

With a special sprayer

The glass cleaner, commonly known as cristasol, is the star product for cleaning the glass, but it is possible to create a home product with greater power. It is advisable to mix a part of this type of cleaning product with three parts of vinegar in a container. It is recommended that the vinegar is white and not apple because the first is much more effective on these surfaces. To get an ideal shine you can apply lemon juice to this mixture.

To facilitate the cleaning of the glasses, the mixture should be introduced in a spray container. To use this combination, the liquid is sprayed on the surface and rubbed with a crumpled cloth or newspaper.

Things to take into account when cleaning glass

The weather influences the cleaning of crystals

Depending on the weather conditions or the environment in your geographical area, glass cleaning may vary. In Arizona, the windows of a house suffer the dirt caused by dust particles in the air. Especially in summer.

The weather influences the window cleaning

The cleaning process of this type of windows is not exactly simple since to clean them on the outside, it requires cleaning personnel who are perfectly prepared and have the machinery and materials essential for it. It is important to use specific glass and other suitable products.

Regular maintenance

how to clean glass

Whether it is a company or a local as if it is a private home. To have the windows and windows completely clean it is necessary to carry out a thorough and productive cleaning on a regular basis. It is not advisable to let a lot of time go by until the windows and windows are cleaned again.

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