Arizona Window Washers : We’re Hiring!

The popular Arizona summer is here. It is incredibly hot outside. Now’s the time to give your window the treatment it deserves. Just as the rest of your home, takes on a look this summer, let your windows get looks of their own. There’s no telling the joy and satisfaction you’ll derive from being able to see through your window like it’s not even there.

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However, as your windows take on their new shiny glory, our little-feathered friends get a little too excited and decide to pick a fight with their rivals in your windows or simply take a kamikaze flight into your windows.

Thanks to research and modern science, we’re able to give you these tips that will prevent these from continuing.

So why do Birds Collide with Windows?

Reflections in windows create an optical illusion for birds as they fly. These illusions cause them to think the space behind your windows is real and they can actually fly into this space. Well, we know they can’t of course, but that’s just how they perceive it.

The illusions don’t make it easier on them. They also see their reflections in the windows and perceive their reflections as a threat to their territory. It’s a hard life for these birds and you can make it easier for them. And Yourself too – I don’t think you like the mess they make on your windows. Here’s how:

Installing One-way Transparent Films

As the name suggests, you can see through your window while inside your home but nobody and of course your little-feathered friends will be able to get any reflections from the outside. All anyone will see on the outside are the patterns that come with transparent films. CollidEscape is a perfect example of a one-way transparent film.

Using Window

Decals make for an easy way to prevent birds from colliding with your windows while letting plenty of sunlight into your home. They reduce the reflections from your windows to a large extent. There are different design patterns of decals you can choose from. In acknowledgment of the spring season, you can pick patterns of flowers in blossom. But, the choice is yours.

Zen Curtains

One such beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they save birds by preventing them from colliding with your windows. The string curtains can be purchased in a custom set to match the dimensions of your windows.

Whichever your mind goes with, make your pick and save these birds who can’t tell virtual from reality. Birds’ life matter.