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Window Tracks are like dirt magnets. Two weeks is more than enough time for it to accumulate a lot of dirt and debris. What happens if they’re left unattended for two to three months? They accumulate not just dirt but decay.

Quite a number of us are guilty of neglecting our window tracks for indefinite periods of time. Window tracks have a hand in the quality of circulating in your home.

Window Tracks
Window Tracks

Here are some guidelines you can apply to clean those tracks.

How to Clean Your Window Tracks

Don’t let the tight space, intimidating angles and the nature of the Tracks faze you, window tracks is easy.

You need

Vaccum Debris and other Bigger Dirt Particles

If you look at your tracks, you may notice some big pieces of dirt and debris. could be made of dead insects, leaves, caked in dirt that has accumulated. Use the vacuum cleaner with the attachment hose to suck them up. The result makes the remaining process a whole lot easier.

Brush off the Caked in Dirt

didn’t clear out all parties of dirt in the tracks, this is because the debris is stuck to the base of the tracks. Use the hard toothed brush to break them into tiny pieces. The brush can also serve another purpose. Use it to brush and clean the crevices of the tracks, places you’re sure your fingers won’t reach. Once again vacuum what’s left of the debris.

Wipe the Tracks

Soak some paper towels in vinegar and use it to wipe dust and other minute particles of dirt. Why vinegar? Vinegar has adverse effects on the germs residing in your tracks. Soda is fine if you don’t have vinegar. And honestly, a combination of both will do an excellent job. Once you’re satisfied with your work with the paper towels, soak Q-tips in vinegar or soda. Use this to wipe the dirt from the area you couldn’t reach with the paper towels.

Wipe Residual Vinegar

Using paper towels soaked in warm water, wipe the tracks again like you did before. This helps reduce the smell of vinegar or other residual dirt collected in the window tracks.

While unnecessary, most professionals advise your windows. This ensures dirt from your windows don’t fall into you the tracks and mar your little work of perfection. Moreover, your windows lets your tracks stay clean for longer periods of time. Regularly cleaning your tracks can make all the difference in the quality of air circulating in your home.