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​Window Washing: Merry Christmas & A Sparkling Window

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​Window Washing: Merry Christmas & A Sparkling Window

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Less than 9 days to Christmas now! 

Wow, it’s so close. Have you made all necessary preparations? Are you excited and ready to spend time with family and friends? Is everything in place to show them how much you love them? It’s only once a year. You have this one chance every year to make it awesome.

However, you may be hosting a huge party or bringing together family and friends. And you may be worried about the cleanliness of your home. Don’t fret, we have just the solution to give them the excellent impression of your home that you desire. We are going to make your Christmas special. 

First Impressions: The first thing your guests will see is the outside of your home. Clean windows, freshly pressure washed walls and walkways, clean shutters, and clean gutters are a great way to make your home look like you’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money in keeping it looking amazing. Clean windows seen from the inside when your guests enter the home are even more impressive!

Outside Parties: Arizona is a lucky state; we can have company over and be inside or outside! Not everyone is stuck inside on a beautiful sunny day! Clean patios, decks, and driveways are a great way to boost your mood and the moods of your guests. It’s also a great way to limit the amount of dirt and grime that is tracked through your home.

Conversation Starter: If someone notices the difference in your home, it’s a great opportunity to spread the word of our amazing services, and help someone else discover how great and affordable we are.

In-Laws: Impress hard-to-please in-laws when they show up to your beautiful home. You can also give an amazing first impression to in-laws who’ve never visited your home or the parents of your future spouse. In-laws and future-in-laws love seeing their child in a clean home.

Give us a call today, or use our online quotes services or send us an email to ask about scheduling a visit from your elite window cleaning crew. We’d love to help you have an even Merrier Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays with a cleaner home for Christmas. Don’t forget to ask about booking multiple services and discounts for sending in reviews from past visits!

Check out the photo gallery on our website to see proof of our amazing cleaning abilities for both residential and commercial buildings. Our windows will sparkle and will have a mirror-like cleanliness that will wow everyone. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your boss about our wonderful services to spread the holiday joy.

Ask about providing service for others as Christmas gifts!

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Christmas Celebration Preparations: How to get the best out of a Window Cleaning job

It is very desirable to have a clean and glistening window in your home and commercial buildings. And everyone will love to have that at prices that are affordable. And where do you get amazing prices for excellent job done? Right here in Phoenix area, Arizona window washers have got you covered. As you prepare for a beautiful Christmas celebration with a clean home, we are going to give you some pointers as to how you can prepare for our visit and get the best out of a window cleaning job.

Compare Prices: Dont be afraid to call around (or use our free online quote services!) and compare prices. Sometimes, if you show a company a quote for a lower price, theyll match it. Let us know if you get quoted for lower prices from reputable companies and well do what we canbut we guarantee were the best window cleaners at the best price.
Referrals: Let us know if one of our other clients told you to try us, or ask around to anyone you know who have used window cleaning services. This can help more than online reviews, as some companies will offer crazy incentives for dishonest reviews, or people will provide made-up reviews.
Coupons and Discounts: Ask about package deals, booking multiple services, first-time-customer discounts, or discounts for providing accurate reviews!
Scheduling and Calling: When you call to book our services, or when you use our online services to book a visit, give us any and all important details. This may include things like window size, height, and numbers as well as if you have screens, blinds, or shutters. It may also be beneficial to mention if you have any heavy furniture in the way that we may need to move to best get to the windows, and inform us of any sensitive plants near windows outside.
Preparing for our visit: We are willing to help you move furniture and window coverings out of the way of the workspace. But moving any fragile or valuable items from any furniture which will need to be moved is a great first step. Getting them far out of the way of the action will keep them safer. It may also be wise to keep small children, cats, and dogs behind closed doors or gated to keep them from getting into our tools, chemicals, or risking harm to themselves or our technicians.
Blinds and Screens: If you have not scheduled a screen cleaning, we may not be able to do it at the spur of the moment, so removing screens may need to be done prior to our cleaning. We are available to clean the screens as well, but prior notice is helpful.
Side Jobs and Recurring Services: If youd like to schedule regular visits for any of our services, let us know and we can schedule them, and maybe offer deals or discounts. Also, if you have any other job that you need done that you think we can assist you with, let us know. This can range from removing Frisbees from roofs while were doing gutter cleaning or changing a light bulb for a high chandelier while youre there with a ladder. If we have the time and the tools, we may be able to help you out with what you need. If you think there is a service we should provide regularly, let us know and we may be able to add it to our list of services.
In the end, we assure you of a window job so good and brilliant you will enjoy showing off your home during this Christmas celebration.

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Window washing service can make for a great gift this Season

It’s the Christmas season again! Thankfully, we made it this far in the year. It is a thing of joy to have your family and friends around you. This season we love to show gratitude for the love we have in our lives. This is the season of love. According to Christmas tradition, the ultimate act of love was performed this season. And since we started celebrating Christmas many centuries ago, we have been doing our own little acts of love.
scottsdale window cleaning services
How do you show love to others these season? There are a lot of ideas to show love this season but which one really stands out and stands out longer?
Thankfully, there are plenty solutions for this gift dilemma. For instance, if you’re someone who has a very close relationship with your mother, one of the things you could do for her on Christmas day to show her just how much you love and appreciate her is to get a load off her back. I mean, reduce her stress. Give her a helping hand around the house with the cleaning up, with window washing or with pretty much anything that she wanted to do for ages but never had a chance.
You could also treat her to a nice day at the spa or at the salon. Take her out to get her hair and her nails done. You can even book an entire day for the both of you. You could get massages, facial treatments and even get crazy with a makeover. This way you will make sure that she enjoys the present and that you spend some time together. We are sure she will enjoy that very much.
Or you have a friend who recently got married is really stressed by the load of running a home. You can take a load off their back by surprising them with a Christmas card and a window washing service booking. You show how much you care for and support them by adding to their efforts to beautify their home.
However, for your mother, we believe that the ultimate present would be if you combined the two. You can surprise her with a day at the spa AND with booking a window washing service to do all the work while you two are out having fun. This would definitely be an amazing surprise that your mother will enjoy immensely and that she actually needs.

More than that, you should also know that if you book the right window washing service, you might also get additional services with a full package. For instance, the professional window washers can also pressure wash the exterior walls of the house, the driveway, the garage and even the roof. This will give the house a whole new look.

Now, if you or your loved on whom you wish to gift lives anywhere near Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Peoria, Surprise, Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek or Fountain Hills then you are in great luck, because you have one of the best window washing services in the area near you. Arizona Window Washers is a highly experienced and professional company which offers its customers some of the best and most amazing window washing services.
To make it even better, we offer unbeatable prices. Once you see our price list you will understand that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the utmost quality. You will be so pleased with us, that you’ll start booking us on a regular basis.
Call us today!

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Gilbert is the most populated incorporated town in US, with a population that has grown by 200,000 in the past 30 years. Why has the population of this originally agricultural town grown by such a huge margin?

CNN ranked Gilbert, AZ as one of the best cities to live in the United States. What’s more, it’s one of the top 25 safest US cities. The educational and health sectors employ the most number of people in the Gilbert area.

Windows Cleaning Services

The weather in Gilbert is envious. The temperature averages at 41 – 107 degrees, with very little rain of 1 or less than 1 inch on average. What does this translate to? Sunny skies, warm weather and lots of pleasurable outdoor activities like picnics, barbeque parties with your family, friends and colleagues. With such a magnificent weather, peaceful neighborhood and increasing number of neighbors every year, who would want to waste precious time washing their windows and cleaning out their gutters when they could be enjoying their time at any number of museums, sporting events, carnivals and festivals.

Participate in the drive to help kids have a wonderful Christmas by donating clothing and toys when the Gilbert Fire and Police departments are collecting this week. There will be no time and energy left from doing something so wonderful for you to rent a power washer to clean your patio before you have your family over for Thanksgiving weekend! We can take that weight off your shoulder. Let us handle your cleaning jobs with that touch of professionalism.


Arizona’s Antique Capital, Glendale is an amazing place to be and 230,000 smart people attest to this fact. The Glendale Chocolate festival, Jazz and Blues Festival, and the upcoming Glendale Glitters (11-28 and 11-29) attractions will bring friends, families, and other visitors to the area, so be ready with a clean home for all of those holiday visits. Hire professionals to give you that sparkle you need to make your home presentable.

With temperatures between 44 and 106 degrees, that means hot summers but mild winters. Glendale people will be enjoying less cold while most of the country is covered up in layers, sitting at fireplaces, or using gas and electric heat and sipping tea. Glendale residents will be able to enjoy a bit more warmth this holiday season. Curl up with a good book by a freshly washed window after we use our wax additives to keep them clean through the holidays with little to no work on your end. Focus your attention on Thanksgiving dinner instead of thinking about a dirty patio or the solar panels that desperately need a good home cleaning.

Contact us for your all over home cleaning to get your home sparkling for Thanksgiving weekend so all you have to do is cook or eat.


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You need to do this before selling your home

This is the difference between selling your house at a greater value than it is or less than it deserves. 

You have recently acquired your dream home or you plan to move to a different neighborhood and you want to sell your old home. You are thinking about selling your house to new occupants who value it for what it is: a home. But they will fail to see it that way and offer you a very low price if you don’t do what we will discuss in this blog article.

Or maybe you’re a real estate agent and you are beginning to wonder why prospective home buyers offer you 30% less on the real value of the home you’re about to sell.

The answer is simple and we often overlook it: The windows. The windows do more than bring light and ventilation into the room. It also brings beauty and value to the home.

Let me talk about what the amount of light in a room can do to the general appearance of the room. How do we see colors? We see a green grass because when the white light (which is made up of 7 different colors) from the sun hits the surface of the grass, the grass absorbs all the other 6 colors and reflects the green color. The green color is what the retina in our eyes picks up and then senses the table as green. That’s how we also see the brown wood of the study table, the dark blue rug carpet and the ripe orange fruit in the fruit basket. That is why in a dark room, everything appears either darker or entirely dark. The less light in a room, the duller the colors are and the less appealing it will be.  Now you see how very important the light in the room is.

A window covered with a coat of dust or grime will cut the amount of white light that gets into the room and make the interior look less appealing. Hence, the low price offers by prospective home buyers.

Now, looking at the house from the exterior, a dusty glass window looks tinted and dull. The real sparkle in the window that adds beauty to the home is gone. Also, the gutters covered in grime, the driveway colored with moss and other hard surfaces looking less than good make the general appearance of the house unappealing. All these can make a Hollywood home look like the palace of a ghetto slum.

It is very important that before you put your home on the market, you call on a commercial window cleaning company to do a thorough job on it. A good window cleaning service can pressure wash your walls and driveway and remove moss, clean the gutters and make the windows sparkle and let maximum lighting into the room. In and around Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Peoria, Surprise, Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek and Fountain Hills and the cities of Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale and Glendale, Arizona Window washers have been restoring sparkles to homes. Call now and be ready to demand more for your home.



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Window cleaning services are for everyone


Yes, it is true that big companies hire professional window cleaning services to make their windows look the way they do. But it isn’t true what most people think about window washing services. Most people think professional window cleaning service is a huge luxury, and unnecessary in a residential home. They think it is too expensive, so they would rather do the cleaning by themselves. I don’t want to jump on you and scream “You are wrong!” but I will like to tell you what the truth is.

The truth is window cleaning services are actually affordable and in the reach of everybody.  Using window cleaning services saves you time, money and energy. And it puts you out of the danger of being injured when cleaning windows (especially at heights). Rather than going through the trouble of cleaning windows yourself, it will be best to call on a window cleaning service near you.

The next time dust and grime gathers on your windows and it gives your window that annoying look, call Arizona Window washers. It is always a huge pleasure to transform a client’s house to unbelievable sparkle.

In case you’re still in doubt whether it is really wise to call a professional window cleaning service to handle your window washing for you, let me share with you some of the advantages I’ve discovered from using these service.

The first discovery I made was the amount of time freed up. It’s true that an enormous amount of time is being consumed everyday in washing windows. Mixing soaps in water, climbing on to chairs and reaching up to scrub that window is so tedious and time consuming. Imagine how many hours you spend sweating over it. Imagine what amazing and more worthwhile things you could be doing with that time. Imagine finishing your favorite movie series, or learning a new language or looking after your garden. The next time you think about washing your windows, ask yourself “Do I really have to?”  You could probably utilize that time to make twice the amount of money you pay the window washers. That is an excellent way to invest your time!

The second discovery was that cleaning windows actually exposes one to injuries. Climbing on to certain heights without professional tools and harness is a very risky activity. If you live in a storey building, you should leave the cleaning for Arizona window washers. We will send in our professionals, with the right tools and in a very little time, you will be happy you did.

Thirdly, in the long run, you will actually save more money than you will lose.  It isn’t obvious now but those who have used it can testify.

And professionals will always clean like professionals. If you truly want that sparkle in your home, call Arizona window washers today. It’ll be a wise decision.

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window washing with cleaningThis fall is a fantastic season for outdoor events. You certainly wouldn’t be comfortable to have guests over with an outdoor that looks like a deserted kingdom. During the summer, dust particles were agitated by all terrain vehicles and animals around your area. These dust particles traveled and collected and settled everywhere, including on your property. You are going to need commercial window washers in this area to return your house to its glory days.

There are many ways professional window washers can restore your home to sparkle and make it look presentable so you will feel comfortable to invite guests over. These includes window washing and pressure cleaning of walls and hard outdoor surfaces.


Here are some reasons why you should not handle your dirty windows by yourself:

Window washers are specially trained to wash windows at heights and challenging conditions. They come with the right equipment. Use of the right equipment by the right people avoids the accidents that may occur if a home owner dared it by themselves.

Window washing demands skills and experience. The effort of a trained professional is important to get best results. The right equipment and the necessary cleaning solutions are important ingredients of a great window washing job.

You don’t need to invest your valuable time in window washing. Hiring professional window washing services gives you the time to tackle your other tasks and at the end, the arrangement turns out more economical. Its leaves more time on your hands, and time is money.

These window washing services are not exclusively restricted to your homes. You can hire professional service for office buildings, commercial properties, shopping plazas or retail stores.

The weather plays a major role in making home cleaning difficult. When it rains, moisture gets trapped in surfaces and this encourages the growth of mildew and moulds which could be a real pain to wash off using regular washing methods. During the dry weather, dirt and grime will accumulate and get glued to surfaces making regular cleaning difficult. To keep your home always beautiful, you have to take extra and special measures. That is where Arizona window washers step in to take some headache off you. Arizona window washers can handle the pressure wash of the exterior walls of your house, garages, driveways and roof with quotes that will beat others by at least 5%. Eliminate the risks and hassles of regular home cleaning and at the same time beautify your home so much that you will never want to close your blinds and curtains again by placing a call to 480-335-7373 if you’re in Phoenix, 480-828-2277 in East Valley and 623-277-5300 in West Valley. There is high quality service, low prices and fantastic pressure washing service waiting for you.

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Window Washing Services

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window washing

Cleaning the windows is a task that many people don’t like to do, because the involvement of different types of chemicals and the extreme energy requirement of the task but even with these discomforts, people still have to wash their own windows because let’s face it, no one likes filthy windows. If you are such a person then you should definitely look into hiring a professional window cleaning service to clean the windows of your home or office. Let’s take a look at so of the services offered by these professional companies:

Window Washing Services

Many companies offer residential window washing services. Their simple processes ensure that your windows are cleansed properly and the special chemical agents used in the process also produce clean windows that do not get dirty again for more than six months. So, instead of washing your own windows by yourself after every few weeks, it is much easier to just hire someone to do it for you. This way you also save money because the 8-12 time process in a year becomes just a two-time process.

Commercial Window Washing

If you need to get the windows of big buildings cleaned, there are washing companies available for this purpose too. For a business, the appearance of the location matters just as much as the quality of the product that they are selling and if your place is untidy, the customer hesitates to buy anything from you and this could lead to the loss of potential long-term clients for your company. So if you want your appearance to have a clean look, call a window cleaning company right now.

Pressure Washing

The exterior of a home is just as important as the interior. Unfortunately, many people forget this fact and just furnish the inside of their home. The truth is that whenever someone visits you, the first thing they notice is the outside of the house. So, it becomes extremely important to keep the outside clean but it isn’t very practical for everyone to waste the resources and energy on this task, thus they just leave it as it is. For such people, there are great washing and cleaning service providers that they can hire to help them.

One of the methods used in this regard is pressure cleaning. Pressurized water and chemical mixture is used to clean surfaces such as marble and limestone. In this way, all of the outside can easily be cleaned at an affordable price and in very less time. This method is also beneficial for the cleaning of the rooftops.

Window Washing Services

If you require any of these services, just give us a call here at Arizona Window Washers and immediately get a free quote as well as order our services. We currently provide our cleaning services in:

  • Phoenix
  • Chandler
  • Scottsdale
  • Glendale
  • Mesa
  • Gilbert
  • Tempe
  • Peoria
  • Surprise
  • Avondale
  • Goodyear
  • Buckeye
  • Paradise Valley
  • Cave Creek
  • Fountain Hills

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Window Cleaning In Autumn

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Fall is here and the holidays are fast approaching. As Business everywhere prepares their displays cases. And you put your list together and enjoy the last few days of summer. For both business and residential owners, the shopping season is coming and the fall is our indicator.window cleaning


Commercial window cleaning: Mesa and Gilbert


Any business owner who wants to attract customer ensures their products are presentable. And commercial window cleaning is the answer. Every business wants a spotless window that impresses customers.  The office building is always rambunctious this time of year. It’s the holiday and all kind of office issues present themselves. When you feel it’s all too much. A great view through clear windows can take the stress away.


Residential window cleaning: Tempe and Scottsdale


If you’re in the metro Phoenix area Arizona Windows Washer is the best window cleaning services available. With more services included a standard residential cleaning.


Window Cleaning – The staple of our company. The chemical used not harmful in any way. And they allow us to perform an in-depth cleaning the holds for 6 months. This is possible because of additive in the chemicals. They prevent dirt from attaching to the surface and also is smudge resistant. Schedule appointments before summer go and fall settle. When the fall comes it can become complicated.


Gutter – It’s no secret that leaves fall in autumn. Hence the name falls. And leaves in the fall are culprit number one for clogged gutters. Why risk your health climbing the roof, when we can do it for you? No need to get your hands dirty either. We put on the gloves for you. Any debris clogging your gutters will be removed and properly disposed of.


Pressure Washing – Touch up projects cost too much. Instead, try pressure washing which is cost effective. A good choice for removing mildew, mold and any other build up residue. Performs on multiple surfaces pressure washing services can help restore the natural beauty of your home.


Don’t wait when you can get all this done before the summer’s end. The holiday months are too stressful to try to accomplish everything. I would avoid last minute shopping. You can spend most of your money gift shopping and might not have enough left over for this important service. So get it out of the way and call it an early Christmas present for your home.


In the valley of the sun, there’s no better company than Arizona Window Washers. Where all your commercial and residential window cleaning needs are met. Pick up the phone and ask about our fall discount. If you’re a repeat customer there always discounts available. Arizona Window Washer take care of its customers.

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Professional Window Cleaning For Labor Day

Professional window cleaning for Labor Day


Mid-way through August and Labor Day is almost here. The best thing to do on Labor Day is BBQ with our families and friends. So now that were over the half way mark on August we can look forward to September 7 and count down as Labor Day approaches. Make some room in your perfect BBQ scenario for professional window cleaning. You’ll truly appreciate the expression of your guest when they see spotless windows.Professional Window Cleaning


It’s easy to see it as unnecessary but were here to show you that we provide a professional window cleaning service. The Labor Day weekend will be that much more special.


Professional window cleaning is the way to go! You can really show off to everyone. Let’s focus on some of the health attributes and not just the flashy aspect. Your windows accumulate gunk on the inside and out over time. If your cook regularly on your grill this is more likely. It’s not recommended to have your grill close to your home. However, this not always the case. If you grill close to a window the effects are staggering. Gunk and grime can build rapidly on a screen surface. It’s better to have clean windows done by professional window cleaning company. Who doesn’t want to look at their grill through spotless windows?

Professional window cleaning Includes

People always ask what chemical do you use? The answer is we don’t. We use a pressure washer that peels the grime off the windows and patios leaving it spotless. It works on a multitude of patio surfaces including wood, concrete, rock and even your home walls. Professional window cleaning can make sure your Labor Day is one to remember.


Do you ever wonder what happens to all those things that get lost on the roof?  They usually end up in the gutter. When you contract a professional windows cleaning company you also get gutters include in the package. Our cleaning service does not mind retrieving anything on your roof you’re forgot was up there. We’re happy to help you at the same time those things we got off your roof prevent from clogging your gutters.


Our professional window cleaning services are not only for residential but commercial properties as well! How sales increase on the holidays especially Labor Day. What better way to show customer appreciation than a clean establishment? Professional window cleaning makes all the difference for display products. When people clearly see the attention to detailed portrayed by your display case. Arizona Window Washer are by far the most trusted professional window cleaning company in the valley. Our customer raves about our services and recommends us throughout metro Phoenix. Labor Day is one our best days of the year and it a great time for us shows our professional window cleaning. Labor Day weekend is the begging of backyard BBQ in the America.





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