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It’s that time of the year again – fall. And with the change of season comes a corresponding change of routine for everyone. It’s time to switch out the sheets for a warmer set (maybe add in some cozy blankets to keep yourself warm throughout the night) and stock up on firewood and chocolate. Also, it’s getting dark out earlier – in fact, the whole day isn’t as bright as it should be. You’ll need to light up the house more. That and the need for heat will mean you should enlarge the electricity budget.

Or should you? One well-known fact is that – clean ones, mind! – are a great help when it comes to keeping your home or workplace bright, beautiful, and warm. But if it’s so well-known, why don’t more people exploit it?

This is because window cleaning is a time-intensive task and something we don’t think about very often, but if done regularly, it will ensure your home or workplace is as comfortable, inviting, and energy-efficient as possible. Don’t get us wrong, you will need to enlarge the electricity budget, but not by as much as grimy would necessitate.

Window cleaning may be tedious, but it is easily accomplished with some proper planning, the right tools, and a few helpful .

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How to Wash Windows Without Breaking Them

Before you begin, ensure you have proper lighting for safety reasons (especially if you have a ladder involved). For that reason, ensure you do your cleaning in the daytime, or while the lights are on. Also, make sure that you’ve wiped down your window glass, sills, frame, and any other areas where you can see dust build-up, as failure to do so will create streaks when it’s cleaned.

Finally, have some cleaning solution ready to go. You can use window cleaner, or make some yourself using a small quantity of dish soap and white vinegar in a gallon of water. Make sure all blinds or curtains are pulled open before attempting to clean your windows.

The Exterior

After you’ve used the brush or cloth to wipe away the worst of the grime, apply the cleaning solution. If you’ve decided to go with a window cleaner, spray a small amount onto your rag and then wipe over each pane, starting at one end of the window and working towards another. If you are using some homemade solution, dip the rag in it before you begin with the panes. And don’t forget to give your corners some love!

Once you’ve finished cleaning, rinse with cold water immediately to avoid streaking, but be careful if your window sill and/or frame is made of wood. In that case, make sure to squeeze out some excess solution before you begin work.

The Interior

After getting rid of the dust, use some warm water to rinse until everything is nice and clean. If there’s still some grime left behind after all that hard work, consider using that homemade solution or window cleaner – they work wonders at removing tough spots without leaving streaks behind! Just make sure not to mix it with bleach because that’ll create toxic fumes.

After you’ve got them clean, let your windows dry completely before putting away your supplies, then stand back and enjoy how beautiful they look!

How to Get Stains Off the Glass

For surfaces covered with stains, you’ll need to take a few extra steps to get everything clean and bright.

If there is paint on your windows, scrape off excess paint with a putty knife or a razor blade. Then use rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth to remove any remaining residue before washing and drying your windows as normal.

How to Wipe Down Your Sills and Frames

You should clean your window frames and sills at least twice a year, preferably once in summer and again before fall. Sills accumulate dust, dirt, and all kinds of grunge; frames get dirty from spattered rain, dust, and oily fingerprints. There are different ways to clean them, and they differ depending on whether they’re made of wood or whatever.


First, use a piece of cloth to remove the dirt that has accumulated on the sill or frame. After that, use a damp piece of cloth to buff everything off – this will leave a shine behind.

If you’d like to provide the sill and frame some extra protection from the elements, consider adding a layer of wood polish when you’re done. That’ll make sure the lack of humidity in the air has less effect on the wood than it would otherwise.

Aluminum, Plastic, and Other Non-Absorbent Materials

With these materials, you can use moisture with impunity, but you shouldn’t so it’ll be easy to clean up after. Use a dry cloth first to remove the dirt before you begin playing with water.

If there are stains on the sills or frames, you’re free to use mildly abrasive cleaners to get rid of them. To give them that sheen they once had, you can get some aluminum or plastic polish and apply it.

The Importance of Having Clean Windows

Dirt and grime tend to collect on windows over time, so it’s crucial to clean them regularly. When you do, there are benefits you stand to gain.

  • Your home’s aesthetic is much improved. That’s something you want if you’re putting it back on the market, or are expecting some visitors.
  • By keeping your windows clean, you help keep out bugs and allergens while increasing natural light inside your home, which studies have proven can boost mood and energy levels. For the workplace, that energy boost is important – employees can concentrate better and achieve more in the same time frame. And speaking of energy, you spend less on electricity when you don’t have to compensate for your window’s poor light penetration.
  • When you conduct regular window cleaning, it exposes some problems in their early stages and saves you a handsome dime down the line. This has the very pleasant side-benefit of letting your windows serve for longer before their inevitable death

Of course, if you’d rather not go through all that trouble, you can take the easy route by hiring some professionals to handle the cleaning for you. And Arizona Window Washers is the company you want to take on the job. We provide expert window cleaning services in Arizona (the name’s a dead giveaway, isn’t it?) so you can have the beautiful view you deserve without having to lift a finger.

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