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With the right professional window cleaning tools, you can get professional results in a breeze. Traditional window cleaning tools may get your windows cleaned. But, when it comes to quality window cleaning and time-saving, professional window cleaning tools are perfect for the job. 

When you want to like a pro, it is vital to use the right tools for the job. The right professional window cleaning tools can make cleaning your windows effortless. In this article, we will discuss the top professional window cleaning tools that you can use to do the job perfectly.

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Factors to Consider Before Using a Professional Window Cleaning Tool

Before we continue, there are important factors you need to consider before using a professional window cleaning tool. Let’s show them to you:

Professional Window Cleaning Tools to Get Your Windows Sparkling in a Few Minutes

Cleaning your windows with professional window cleaning tools can help enhance the overall appearance of your home. Stubborn window stains are helpless when you use the right professional tools. Here are some of them:

1. Squeegee 

A squeegee is one professional window cleaning tool that is efficient for the job. It comes in different sizes. The size of your window will determine the size of squeegee you’ll need for the job. A smaller squeegee is perfect for smaller windows, while a bigger one is more suitable for larger windows. A squeegee consists of three parts: 

There are more professional squeegees that come with advanced benefits. Some are designed to apply the right pressure to your window, providing a firm clean stroke. Some of them also come with attachments like a microfiber head. Ensure you use the right squeegee for your windows.

2. Scrapers 

A window scraper can come in handy when your squeegee fails to get rid of a stubborn window stain. It’s important to use a scraper with a sharp blade to avoid damaging the glass. 

Just like the squeegee, window scrapers come in different sizes. You need one that suits the size of the window you want to clean. If you want to purchase a scraper, you should get a lightweight scraper with a detachable blade.

3. T-bars and sleeves

T-bars and sleeves help you to clean your windows efficiently. The T-bar gives you greater control, coverage, and precision when cleaning your window. While the sleeve absorbs the cleaning solution and dirt, keeping your glass clean and sparkling. The T-bar and sleeve are easy to use and make your window cleaning job faster. This is how to use them:

4. Microfiber cloth 

Another efficient professional window cleaning tool is microfibre cloth. Here’s what makes them efficient for a streak-free outcome. They are extremely absorbent. This means that they can soak up water and cleaning solutions with ease. 

Unlike other clothes, they are mild on glass and don’t leave some of its fiber on your windows. This makes them perfect for cleaning your windows. They can also be used to dry your windows, giving them that perfect shine.

5. Padded belts

A padded belt is vital for your safety when cleaning high windows. It provides support and comfort for you during extended window cleaning periods. It is attached to a rope or other safety device. You need to wear the belt around your waist for support while cleaning. Here’s how to use a padded belt:

A Professional Advice

Some professional window cleaning tools can be quite expensive, but they are worth every dime. They not only give your window that perfect streak-free view but they can also be reused for many years. Also, cleaning high windows can be risky. If you don’t have the right skills needed for the job, it’s wise to contact a professional.

In the city of Arizona, Arizona window washers are the best for you. Our window cleaning experts are skilled with the right professional tools and knowledge to get the job done effectively. Being in business for many years, we’re known for satisfying our clients with quality window cleaning. We can give your window that crystal-clean view at affordable rates. We are properly insured and ready to answer all your window cleaning questions. Trust us with your window cleaning and we’d get them sparkling in no time. Reach out to us.