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Don’t worry, they’re not much. This is merely an article to guide you when you’re cleaning your . Reading this blog post proves that you’re interested in the welfare of your . This goes to show how much you like your windows all spic and span. Great for you.

Windows are of great importance as you may recall. It gives the exterior image of your house an excellent visual boost. In the home, it makes the entire room sparkle. That’s only if they are clean. Of course, the same can’t be said of and grime coated windows. Endeavor to clean your windows regularly if to want to preserve its shiny appearance. When cleaning, there are do’s and don’ts you need to have in mind.

Beautiful Patio
Beautiful Patio


Pay extra attention to water stains

While soft water stains can easily be cleared and removed, hard water stains are extra resistant. Hard water contains minerals. Hard water stains are harder to remove because the minerals it leaves behind form strong adhesive bonds with the glass. Washing may just not be enough, and the temptation to scratch on the glass will be high. Don’t give in to it. Scratching your glass will mar its appearance. Instead, call in a professional window cleaner.

Clean Your Windows Last

Glass easily attracts dust particles from the air to itself. During your home cleaning exercise, you will stir a lot of dust into the air, these dust particles get attached to the glass. It’ll be counterproductive to clean your windows first before cleaning the rest of your home – you’ll just have to come back to clean the windows again. Instead, clean the rest of your home as planned, when that is all done, clean your windows. You’ll notice your windows will stay clean after this exercise.


Only Exterior Window Cleaning

It’s not uncommon to find people who leave the exterior window cleaning to professionals. In fact, a lot of people do because they feel it’s cost-effective. But the truth is, it’s not. Your windows have to be in the same condition, both inside and out. Even if you’re planning to do the interior cleaning yourself, you won’t have the right tools to do an excellent job as the professional cleaners you’re hiring.

Rely on Precipitation

It’s quite sad to see residents assume a downpour will wash and clean their windows. It’s wrong and another counterproductive move. The rain will make it much harder. Sometimes, the rain contains minerals and dust particles that are very hard to wash once they attach to glass. Kind of like with hard water. If you’re hoping for the next rainfall to do the cleaning for you, just stop. Rain makes an already messy window, messier.