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commercial window washing

Own a Business? You need to call Arizona Window Washers this Summer

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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services

We have been focusing on businesses for the last two post. We talked about why it’s important for a commercial building to have clean windows and how it affects productivity. Today, still on businesses, we’ll address those of you with businesses and why you should call us today to get your windows sparkling clean!

Storefronts with big windows are very common, especially in malls, shopping centers, and tourist areas. Big windows mean the whole world can see inside your shop, enticing potential customers to enter and check out your wares! Stores with dirty windows will make customers think the owners or employees don’t care about cleanliness or physical appearances, so taking pride in your storefront can go a long way. Just like your window displays need to be clean and neat, so do your windows. Our special formulas and techniques will keep the light shining in and customers checking it out with minimal cleaning afterwards.

As important as clients looking in is, people being able to look out is useful. This is especially great for office buildings. When employees can look out to beautiful skies or great city skylines (or natural beauty for those lucky enough to be closer to nature) it can boost mood and help everyone keep an eye on the weather for incoming storms. Big windows that are properly clean can also help control temperature and let in natural light (boosting mood and lowering power bills).

If your store, restaurant, or place of business uses window signs, grimy windows covered in fingerprints, dust, and more will make the signs look dingy and hard to read. Cleaning the windows inside and out will keep signs in clear view. Much like with residential window washing, our services for businesses can also increase the value of the property if you’re looking to sell.

Using our wax additive, our services will keep dirt at bay for up to six months, decreasing the need for regular window washing. There will need to be some upkeep but with minimal products. Ask our cleaners at the time of service for techniques to remove any dirt that does accumulate to keep the wax working properly. This will reduce the work needed to be done by employees, allowing them to focus their attention on more important matters—like the customers.

Our other services like gutter cleaning and power washing can also be helpful to keep patios, front ends, and building sides clean to further improve the image of your business in much the same ways as proper window care.

By working with Arizona Window Washers, you would be encouraging local businesses. By employing our cleaning services you are building a rapport with a local business who may be willing to spread the word of your establishment, maybe even become a customer or guest. You will be able to get to know your window cleaners; we won’t be nameless faces washing your windows. We will ensure you receive the best service possible for such an important task.

Just call Arizona Window Washers for all your window cleaning services needs.

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Window Cleaning Services of Dad For The Last Minute

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Window Cleaning Services

How often did you watch your father clean the outside windows of your childhood home? How often did your mother ask him to clean out the gutters before he would actually get to it? We’d also bet that he at least one tried to rent a pressure washer to clean the grease from the driveway or to renew the deck. This year, help him out with the chores his wife asks him to do with a little help from Arizona Window Washers.

Summer begins on Father’s Day this year, so help your parents out with some window cleaning experts arriving and cleaning their windows with a fantastic formula that will repel dirt for up to 6 months. Purchase a package deal and our technicians can clean all of your exterior windows and walls for a fantastic price. Throw in some gutter cleaning services if your dad has neglected the gutters once again this year to give him and your mother peace of mind that the gutters are clean and that is one less thing to be done before fall!

We can also clean roofs, limestone, wood, concrete, and more.

Tell dad to put away the step ladders, full ladders, hoses, attachments, and cleaners because you are paying for some awesome cleaning services to make up for those years of moaning and groaning when asked to wash windows or clean the gutters.
Clean windows will let your mother and father both beam with pride when they show off their beautiful home to the neighbors and their friends. You will get brownie points for at least 6 months (when the wax additive in our cleaning solutions starts to wear down and no longer repels dirt) but by that time it will be close to Christmas so you have another opportunity to give the gift that keeps on giving.

Skip the boring cards and the novelty ties this year and give your father a chance to reduce his chore list. If you’re a dad, ask your loving children for some window cleaning services instead of a new watch or coffee mug. Have the kids all pitch in for complete home washing services or interior and exterior services to allow you to relax for a while.

Don’t let summer catch up to you and before you know it you’ve gone the entire summer with dirty windows. It would be a shame to miss out on the beautiful sunlight your windows can let in when they’ve been professionally cleaned. Save money, save time, and enjoy your home inside and out with the window cleaning services from Arizona Window Washers.

Window Cleaning Services

Clean windows, homes, gutters, and other surfaces can keep any home feeling new and it makes a great present for anyone you know.

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Exterior Window Cleaner

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exterior window cleaner Exterior Window Cleaner

Some people neglect their outside windows because they figure “they’ll just get dirty minutes after I have them washed.” Just as our wax-additive solutions repel dirt and moisture on indoor windows, our professionals will help keep your windows clean (and easy to touch up) for up to 6 months. Today we’ll talk about some of the other perks of hiring an exterior window cleaner.

  1. Window Screens! These are not fun to clean and they can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Many exterior window cleaner will clean screens as well—and the better companies will use a type of cleaning agent instead of just water and a rag. This can keep allergens down and regular washing of screens will keep them working efficiently, keeping down the unappealing dirt-and-dust scent you sometimes get when screens are left dirty for a while.

  2. image (3)Ladders!
    Cleaning exterior windows can be a pain, especially if you have to bring out ladders or step ladders. Keep your ladders stored away because you won’t need it. Our technicians will bring their ladders and their safety knowledge to perform this task with ease safely and efficiently. Don’t worry about tall windows or second story widows anymore.
  3. Knowledge! Stop watching videos online showing you how to clean your outside windows “like a pro,” and just have the pros do it. Save time “researching,” and trying out different cleaners and gadgets. Skip all of the trial and error and have it done right. Our technicians have years of experience and have done hundreds of jobs like this—they know what works and what doesn’t and it’s all second nature by now. You’re guaranteed a streak-free clean you could eat off of!

  4. Chemicals and Tools!
    Keeping buckets, squeegees, towels, cleaner, and other tools needed to clean windows (especially exterior ones) can be bulky and end up costly in the end. You could save money in the long term by buying your own equipment but the trial and error could leave your wallet empty or your mind and body tired of trying. We use high quality cleaners and equipment that we know works and we don’t charge extra for our wax additives. Certain home-made (or some store-bought) cleaners can also cause damage to your windows! Treated glass can be ruined, the glass can get cloudy, or the window frames can experience issues when using certain homemade cleaners—especially if you’ve measured the chemicals incorrectly! Knowing what your frames, caulking, and paint around the windows are made of and how to clean them each correctly will help keep damage to a minimum. But our professionals will always use the right tools and cleaning solutions for even the oddest of windows!
  5. Bundles! Ask about special deals for multiple services! Pair windows and gutters, windows and house power washing, or throw in some patio, garage, or deck power washing. Do the whole shebang and ask about price matching, discounts, and more. Write us a review and get 20% off of your next visit!

Arizona Window Washers can handle your exterior window cleaner needs! Make us a part of your life and start scheduling your bi-annual window cleaning for clean windows year-round.

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Window Cleaning Tips for Your Home!

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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is not a fun chore, but with our help and professional window cleaning you can have clean windows year-round! Cleaning your windows yourself can be a decent way to save money but professional cleaning from Arizona Window Washers will give you a long lasting clean at an affordable price so you don’t have to try out a bunch of window cleaning “life hacks” or deal with ladders, gimmicks, or cleaners.

However, if you’d like to try some window cleaning tips for your home we’ll give you some. If you don’t like these you can always have us professionally clean indoor and outdoor windows for a clean that lasts up to 6 months!

window cleaning Gutter Cleaning Window Washing House WashingWindow Cleaning Tips

  • Martha Stewart gives a detailed How-To for cleaning windows involving squeegees, sponges, brushes, lint-free cloths, white vinegar, contaminated cleaner, and more. If you have plenty of time and want a clean that would follow a similar process that a professional cleaner would use, check it out. However, this will not provide the 6-month grime repellant so it may need to be done fairly often. You can also find tips and tutorials claiming professional-quality cleaning. The downside to this is you have to do it all and supply yourself with all the tools.
  • Use whatever method you’re currently using (paper towels, cloths, etc) with a homemade cleaners! Combine 2 tbsp of ammonia or white vinegar and 2 qts of warm water. You can also try ½ cup ammonia with a pint of 70% rubbing alcohol and 1tsp of liquid dish detergent, place in a gallon container and fill with water. Another effective option is 1 tbsp dishwashing liquid and 1 qt water. Another site claims 2 cups of water plus ¼ cup white vinegar and ½ tsp of dish detergent works wonders.
  • Try using an old t-shirt or sock to clean windows. They leave very little lint!
  • “Hard” paper towels do better than soft ones—less lint.
  • Here’s one everyone has heard of: newspaper. Find some packing newspaper (no print) for a streak free shine. This one’s floated around the internet for years!
  • Avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight: direct sunlight can dry the cleaner before you can remove it, causing streaks!
  • Rinse outside windows with clean water before applying cleaner. This leads to less cleaner being used and the cleaner is more effective.
  • Window washing squeegees can reduce streaks more than paper towels, newspaper, or cloth if you get the right one.
  • To repel dirt you can apply floor wax to your windows. This will work in a similar way to our wax additive but the application can be tricky and messy.

Window cleaning and window washingYou can try out these tricks on your own or you can skip all of the trial and error, measuring, and equipment purchasing by having Arizona Window Washers wash your windows for you. Every window washing includes our wax additive to repel dirt and grime for up to 6 months. So save yourself some time and money and hire the professionals a couple times a year instead of trying everything you see on Pinterest or home improvement websites.

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Arizona Window Washers For Sparkling Windows:Phoenix and Queen Creek: Christmas Is HERE!

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Arizona Window Washers

Arizona Window Washers

OK, guys. Christmas is a few days away, so it’s time to finish up the decorations, prep the guest rooms, plan dinner, and wrap presents! Let Arizona Window Washers help you out by getting your home sparkling clean so your ornaments will shine as bright as your freshly cleaned windows! It may not be a white Christmas in Phoenix or Queen Creek, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be festive and beautiful!

The desert of Phoenix means high temperatures, clear skies, with winters ranging from 60’s to 90’s and summers reaching as high as 107 degrees. Phoenix has small family sizes (2.77 average members in a household), but 64% of homes contain families. Families (visitors and residents) can enjoy many museums, fine arts establishments, monuments, a myriad of natural phenomena, and beautiful buildings in nearly constant sunshine.

Save time this holiday season by having us wash your windows, clean out your gutters, and power wash your patios and siding. Use the time and energy you saved by not doing these tasks yourself to take your children to the CitySkate at City Scape Phoenix, the Polar Express event, or even the Zoolights event. Take your visiting friends and family to any number of fun activities in Phoenix. Get your roof power washed so Santa and his Reindeer have an easier time traversing the roof to the chimney to deliver presents to your little ones!

Queen Creek is a small town of roughly 30,000 people with just over half of the homes containing children, but over three-fourths containing married couples. Spend the holidays going to cultural events with your sweetheart, friends, or family. Check out the olive mill, Horseshoe Park, Performing Arts Center, or just enjoying the beautiful weather. Keep the holiday season calm and pleasant in this lovely small town of yours.

To help you relax this holiday season, consider getting some help around the house (especially if you’re having some renovations done before the New Year) with Arizona Window Washers. Keep limestone walkways, paths, and patios sparkling and mold free. Hang those Christmas lights along your clear gutters and let the strings of lights reflect off of your windows what are cleaned to perfection with our services. Let your home shine this year! Go all out and add some extra decorations, or start preparing for New Year’s decorations!

If you’re already using our services (which you should be) why not pass on the good word and do a charitable deed of paying for a friend or loved one to get the best window washing available in the Phoenix area? Make it a tradition of paying for grandma to get her windows cleaned with our solutions that keep homeowners from having to do much work in washing windows for up to 6 months!

Arizona Window Washers wishing you Merry Christmas!

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Mario and his son Landon did the BEST job on our dirty windows! Mario was prompt, courteous, kind and went above and beyond to make sure all the windows on our home looked great. Truly, the very best service we could have gotten and the price was more than reasonable. We saved money immediately by using their on-line booking feature, which was a painless, simple way to schedule service. After just one visit from Mario, our home looks so much better and we highly recommend Arizona Window Washers!
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We had a wonderful experience with AZ Window Washers. Mario and Landen were on time, courteous, and friendly. Their work was excellent and speedy. The price was as quoted, and we will definitely be using them the next time we need our windows washed. We have referred them to friends as well! Thanks, guys!
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