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Clean windows are part of the things that entice visitors to your business and make them feel comfortable when they come. It keeps your business looking professional and allows natural light to pour inside. However, when it comes to hard-to-clean windows, like exterior windows on high floors or windows in awkward positions, you might need some help to get the done.

In this blog, we will be answering the question to help you decide on the best bet. Whether you should clean the hard-to-reach window yourself, or let the window cleaning professionals do it. We are hoping that by the end of this blog, you’ll be able to boldly answer that question for your business. 

Let’s get started!

Key Highlights

Identifying Types of Hard-to-Reach Windows

What do we mean by hard-to-reach windows? To be sure we are both on the same page, let’s iron things out. 

One type of hard-to-reach window is the type at the exterior of a building. The outside window. To clean such windows, you need tools like extension poles and some other professional equipment. 

Another type of hard-to-clean window is the one located on really high grounds (the tall windows). Examples are those found in atriums or multi-story buildings. These high windows also need specialized equipment like lifts or cherry pickers to clean them safely and effectively. 

So if your business has any of these, then you are experiencing a hard-to-clean window, and this article is for you. 

The Risks of DIY Window Cleaning for Businesses

While some businesses may want to attempt the cleaning by themself, you must know that it’s potentially dangerous and can lead to so many wrong outcomes. It may seem cost-effective at first, but it costs more to fix whatever wrong outcome it may cause. 

One of the risks of attempting to clean your window yourself is the danger of sustaining fall injury. And falling from high heights isn’t something you want to gamble with, especially for business owners and homeowners. In fact, falls are the second reason for unintentional injury death worldwide. Each year, about 684,000 people die from falls globally. And what best position could you be to fall, if not from a height? Which hard-to-reach windows set you up for.

Another risk you are open to when you clean your commercial hard-to-clean windows yourself is the risk of damaging your business property. If you are not using the right equipment, not only will you poorly clean your window, but you can end up damaging it. Additionally, the lack of safety gear exposes your staff to even more danger when cleaning your window. 

The Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning Services

window cleaning professional cleaning window

While is generally unsafe, whether done by a window cleaning professional or by your staff. The chances of an accident occurring are less when a professional is in charge. Apart from the fact that they have been involved in cleaning even more difficult windows, they are fully equipped with the right equipment and safety kit, such as a cleaning kit with a telescoping rod and mop attachment, and take necessary precautions to ensure a safe and efficient cleaning process.

Professional window cleaners are equipped with window cleaning specialized tools like extendable poles, squeegees, and glass scrapers. This equipment enables them to effectively create a streak-free and sparkling window. 

They are also trained in the art of window cleaning (including hard-to-reach windows). They can clean different types of windows and window glasses. There are different ways to clean windows and professionals know the right cleaning method to use for different windows and the exact cleaning agent to use for different stains to make the cleaning process easier. With their professional touch, using tools like a scrubber, there’s a guarantee of effectiveness and longevity.

Professionals also pay close attention to safety regulations. When it comes to hard-to-reach window cleaning, you must adhere to safety regulations. And that’s what professionals do. Safety is their top priority and it ensures that their cleaning process complies with industry standards and regulations. 

They are trained to always use safety gear in case of unforeseen happenings. And they are fully covered with the right insurance. So should]something go wrong during the process, you don’t need to get involved in fixing the damages. Their insurance has it all covered. 

With professionals, expect the best result. Hiring professional window washers is an assurance that whatever result you are getting is top quality, and since they know more about windows, they won’t use techniques or cleaning agents that’ll hurt the lifespan of the window. They have the expertise to deliver exceptional results, including building restoration, even in the most difficult situations.

Therefore by involving professionals in your window cleaning, you are not only ensuring that your window is properly and safely cleaned, you are also taking steps that keep you from changing the window anytime soon. Because it’s going to stay healthy, saving you not just time, but money as well. 

Your Little Role Before Calling Professional Window Washers

To get your window ready for the professional touch, there are a few things you should do to ensure a smooth operation for the professionals. 

First, make sure there are no obstructions around the window. Remove all furniture, plants, or other objects that may restrict the free movement of the professional. 

Next, make sure you communicate your expectations and concerns to the professional. If some specific areas may need more attention or some window areas need extra carefulness because of their frailty, do well to communicate to the expert before he/she begins. 

Finally, make sure that the professionals have full access to the building and the windows. If some of the offices are protected with codes or locks, you can unlock them for them so they won’t get stuck. 

By taking these steps before the cleaning service arrives, you can ensure that they can perform their job effectively and efficiently, resulting in clean and sparkling windows for your business.

Why Can’t Regular Staff Clean Hard-to-Reach Windows Safely?

Regular staff may not have the necessary training, experience, or appropriate safety gear to clean hard-to-reach windows safely. Cleaning windows at heights or in awkward positions carries inherent risks that require specialized knowledge and equipment to mitigate.

Final Thoughts

Hard-to-reach window cleaning can be daunting. It may require a whole lot of safety measures and professionalism to get it done, which a professional offers. While you might be tempted to go ahead with the cleaning task, it’s a wise move to leave it for the experts. 

Opting for professional window cleaners means opting for efficiency, safety, and expertise. This is because they are properly equipped with the right knowledge and tools required to get the job done. 

In Phoenix, Arizona, or nearby cities, Arizona Window Washers is your go-to window cleaning professional. We understand the know-how in cleaning hard-to-reach windows. And we know the right window treatment to give your commercial window. Trusting us is a wise investment for the overall well-being of your business. Reach out to us now.