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Window cleaning might look like a simple task, yet one that we often get wrong. It is tricky when you have to clean a window that is stuck or does not open. If the window is hard-to-reach, it means you would have to clean from both sides of the window to achieve a clean look.

There are ways to clean your window even though it does not open. You can still achieve that sparkling look and give your windows a better outlook.

how to clean windows

Remove Curtains and Blinds

Remove the curtains and blinds you clean your window. You wouldn’t want water or dirt from the cleaning process to soil them. It would also be a great time to wash the blinds before the window cleaning.

Removing the blinds will keep them out of your way as you clean the window. It will also help you see all the edges and parts of the window. Even when you are on the other side of the window, water could still seep through the window and touch the curtains.

Disassemble the window

If the window cannot open because it is stuck, try disassembling the window. If that does not work, you might need to get a professional to look at the window. It is easier to clean a window that opens. When the window opens, you can clean both sides of it from inside.

The difficulty is often with trying to clean a window from the outside, especially when the building is tall. You can still clean your window whether or not it opens.

Use a telescopic pole

Using a telescopic pole will allow you to clean a window that does not open, especially when out of your reach. It will help you reach the window and clean the dirt that has your window has gathered.

You can also use the telescopic pole when the window is within your reach, but bushes and grasses make it difficult for you to get close to clean it. The pole helps you to reach over the obstacle and clean the window.

If your telescopic pole is made of aluminum, you would need to be extremely careful to avoid the risk of electrocution. Avoid using it when there is an electric storm. Also, be cautious of wires around the cleaning area.

To clean your window with a telescopic pole, attach the cleaning material to the pole. Adjust the length of the pole according to the distance between you and the window.

Telescopic poles can be relatively expensive. It might not be a good choice if you only get to clean your window once a year. You would end up not getting sufficient for the huge purchase.

how to clean windows

Use homemade cleaning solutions

You don’t have to spend money on expensive window cleaning products when an excellent homemade solution can serve the purpose. A homemade solution is a better option than the products in the stores.

The ingredients for making a homemade solution are already in your home. The only extra thing you might need is a spray bottle. One of the commonest homemade window cleaning solutions is the vinegar solution.

Pour white vinegar into the spray bottle and add a tiny drop of essential oil. Using the vinegar solution will prevent you from inhaling toxic chemicals found in commercial products. It will also not leave streaks or traces of dirt on your window. 

You can use just vinegar. However, if you want it to be scented, the essential oil helps you achieve that. After adding the essential oil, shake the solution gently and use it on the window surface. Another recipe is to mix vinegar and alcohol in the spray bottle. Shake it thoroughly before using it. 

The lemon juice solution is another good choice. Pour the lemon juice and water into the spray bottle and mix. After that, you can spray the solution on the windows and start cleaning.

Work on a cool day

Always ensure that the weather is cool when you want to clean your window. You wouldn’t want the window to dry up quickly, leaving streaks on it. When that happens, it looks like you never cleaned your window.

Although a sunny day could help you easily identify the spots on your window, it is often not the best time to clean them. The hotness of the sun would quickly dry up the window before you get to wipe it clean.

Clean the edges carefully

There is dirt lurking around the edges of your window. These areas are often not visible to the eyes, and you could miss them. Please pay close attention to them and ensure you clean them thoroughly.

how to clean windows

Should you use a ladder?

Window cleaning a window that is hard to reach can be dangerous. Using a ladder to clean a window when the windows do not open is not a terrible option. However, it could be unsafe. 

The window cleaning process would need you to exert pressure on the window. It is easy to lose your balance while doing that and find yourself on the ground. If you have to use a ladder, ensure that someone is at the bottom of the ladder to hold it in place.

Hire the services of professional window

Rather than going through the rigorous process of cleaning a window that does not open, employ the services of professional window . In Arizona, you can find window cleaners experienced in climbing hard-to-reach windows to give them a proper cleaning.


Some persons could climb the rooftop and lie on their stomachs to clean these hard-to-windows. However, if you need to do that, be sure that the roof is not slippery. Otherwise, it will be another case of Jill tumbling down the hill.

Irrespective of the method you choose for cleaning your window, always ensure that you take safety precautions. Your safety is paramount. You wouldn’t want to compromise on that. Seek help where the window cleaning is beyond you. We will be super thrilled to assist you.