is a job that many people neglect. That doesn’t make an unimportant duty. Negligence can be dangerous. Owen Feltham said, “negligence is the rust of the soul that corrodes through all her best resolutions”. 

The Gutter is an essential aspect of your house. A neglected gutter will soon be a damaged gutter. And a damaged gutter speaks of threats to the beauty and structure of your house. It will be unable to keep your walls and foundation away from water. Yes, it is easy to neglect the gutter, but you need to be intentional about keeping it clean.

Then how often should you observe gutter cleaning to avoid facing consequences? That’s what we will show you in this article.

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Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Just as every part of your body has a role to play, even your little finger, so does every structure in your house has importance and plays a role in making sure your house is safe. As every other part of your house needs your attention, so does your gutter. Let’s show you why.

5 Reasons You Should Clean Your Gutter

1. Mold buildup

If you don’t clean your gutter, dead leaves that fall on your gutter stay there even to the point of decomposing. When the compost gets in contact with water, it becomes a comfortable home for molds to grow. This leaves the exterior of your gutter darkened and filthy. If this mold grows its way into your house, it causes various health problems. And it’s expensive to get rid of.

2. Roof damage

The clogging of the gutter prevents the free passage of water through the conduit. But the water must flow out. So, it rather soaks through your shingles and leaks into your home. The buildup of water on your shingles gradually softens your roof till it damages. It’s far cheaper to clean your gutter than to replace your shingles.

3. Paint damage

As dirt and compost heap up in the gutter channel, water in search of where to flow rolls down the wall. When your wall paint is always in touch with water, it peels off. Repainting is a huge expense.

4. Bugs, insects, and pest

It doesn’t take so long for pests and bugs to make a home for themselves out of a dirty environment. The rotting leaves serve as food for creeping animals. Who wouldn’t want to live where there’s abundant food?

5. Driveaway destruction

When your gutter is clogged, water drips to the ground. When water isn’t properly draining, it can cause mold or spirogyra to grow on your driveway. During the winter, the wet ground could freeze and turn into ice. This can lead to slips and falls especially for kids or older adults.

Now that you’ve known why gutter cleaning is important, what’s the way forward? Prevention! You can avoid future damages by also knowing how often you should clean your gutter to ensure it absolutely prevents these damages.

Let’s go!

How Often Should You Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

Short answer: clean your gutter twice a year.

Long answer: It depends on various factors, such as

1. Location of your home

If you live where there are long trees planted either around your home or around your neighbor’s, then there’s a tendency for leaves to fall right into your gutter. You may have to clean your gutter every few months. If you don’t, it might lead to greater expenses in the long run.

On the other hand, if your trees are miles from your house, or you live in a brand-new house where the trees are still shrubs, then you can clean your gutter once a year at most.

2. After a severe weather storm

During a severe storm, the storm forcefully carries things around. Debris, leaves, and branches can find themselves on your rooftop or right inside your gutter. So, if you experienced a severe weather storm, you are free to cancel out the short answer we gave you and go ahead to clean your gutter right away.

3. You notice a growing shrub in your gutter

When you notice a shrub in your gutter, it means your gutter doesn’t just have fallen leaves in it. But it also has enough soil to start a gutter garden. And it’s yelling for a good wash. Leaving the soil and the grasses in the gutter will clog it.

Can I Clean My Gutter Myself?

In theory, anyone can clean gutters. But in an actual sense, you should leave gutter cleaning to experts because of the risks involved. Because the gutter is located on the rooftop, a non-professional shouldn’t get involved. Even a professional who’s getting ready to climb a ladder to that height must be well equipped with the necessary Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and the right equipment to perform the task. 

According to the World Health Organization, the United States has recorded the highest ladder death. Every year, the United States records 300 deaths from ladder falls. We can reduce the numbers by avoiding climbing heights. 

So our advice to you is to play safe and delegate the task to a professional. All you have to do is to contact a professional and watch as your gutter gets completely cleaned up. Here at Arizona window washers, we don’t just clean windows, we clean gutters. And we do it very professionally, and at an affordable price. Reach out to us.

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