Arizona Window Washers : We’re Hiring!

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. But we hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween still! Whether you binged on horror movies and candy or you took the little ones Trick-Or-Treating or you enjoyed a nice festive All Hallows Eve gathering with your friends, Halloween is a great way to let loose and have some themed fun.

Now that the costume parties are done and the time has changed it may be a good time to schedule your window cleaning, gutter cleaning, or pressure washing. They say you should change your smoke detector batteries when you move your clocks back or forward. But while the rest of the country is doing that, the wonderful state of Arizona has no such need for those actions. So, while everyone else is changing their clocks and national news programs and social media folks are talking about “gaining” an hour, you can be thinking of more important things. Like smoke detectors and home cleaning.

Arizona Window Window Cleaning Services

As we love pointing out here at Arizona Window , our window cleaning process can keep homeowners from having to wash their windows for up to 6 months. Our cleaning products and processes repel dirt for months, and it can keep your cleaning to a minimum. So, when the clocks change, it may be a good idea to get those windows cleaned and remove the suction cup marks, sticker residue. Or any number of Halloween-decoration-related dirt, grime, and crud from your windows.

Pressure Washing

While you’re at it, pressure wash your home walls to remove fingerprints from Trick-Or-Treaters, or if you were the unlucky recipients of teenage pranks and shenanigans we are here to help get your exterior walls, walkways, sidewalks, patios, porches, etc., back to the clean glory of whence they came.

window washer services

If you’re scheduling your twice-a-year window cleaning, you might as well add on a gutter cleaning! Our technicians clean out gutters by hand to ensure the best clean. We will get deep in there to remove leaves, dirt, and other debris to keep your foundation and roof clear of water damage caused by clogged or overflowing gutters.

Plan for Thanksgiving and Parties

Now that Halloween is over we can start planning Thanksgiving. Or, if you’re the local stores, start planning Christmas parties and holiday shopping. Get your home clean and ready for visitors before you get caught up preparing for the next few holidays. With our help, you can have clean windows, walls, walkways, and more without lifting a finger. Besides those fingers you use to call us or email us to set up our visit!

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We will continue to do our best to bring you the essential home cleaning phoenix services in Arizona.