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Window Cleaning has a lot of benefits that stretch from economical to health. This is the same for residential buildings as much as it is for commercial buildings. It is not enough to have your office clean all the time, the same gesture will be welcome at home for many reasons we are going to tell you.

This summer, you need window cleaning as part of your building maintenance toolkit. We have created a complete guide to cover the benefits, how to get it done, and steps to move forward with hiring the best window cleaning company near you.

window cleaning guide

Why You Should Clean Your

I’d like to discuss how we can get the most out of house cleaning. Does this surprise you? Well, a particular part of our homes is neglected most times. That is the window. Because it isn’t a dirty carpet or unclean clothes, we somehow overlook them. But they also play a role in giving us optimum relaxation. Let’s see how windows do this.
These are the reasons you should clean your windows:
  1. Keeps your house looking attractive
  2. Increases the life span of your windows
  3. A good secondary heat source for your home
  4. Makes you feel good

1. Keeps your house looking attractive

Yes, clean windows do this. Keeping your windows clean will help you maintain the overall attractiveness of your home. You want to look at your home with pride and a beaming face. That is what clean windows will help you achieve.
Whoever comes visiting, be it a friend or a family will surely be impressed by how clean your home is. That’ll be cool. It says a lot about how tidy you are. Some browny points to you then.

2. Increases the life span of your windows

Dirt and dust affect your windows, they wear them down. Acid rain also affects your windows, especially the frames. If the accumulation continues, you may have to get new frames or even windows. But, all these can be avoided if you clean your windows. Get rid of the dust, dirt, and rain accumulation that damage your windows and frames. Clean your windows. You save money when you maintain them well.

3. A good secondary heat source for your home

You may not know this, but it’s true. This is the logic behind it. Dirty windows have dust and dirt on them. These dust particles on the surface of the window reflect UV rays, they do not let the windows absorb all the heat.  A clean window lacks additional reflectiveness. So all the heat supposed to be absorbed is absorbed, making the room warmer.
Yes, your clean windows do more than that, they prevent cold and mold formation. That’s quite some advantage.

4. You just feel good

Really you just feel good. Think about the benefits of having a clean window as discussed. It’s a lot of advantages for so little trouble. You feel good, your health isn’t jeopardized by allergens a dirty window houses and it saves you money.
There is more. You feel good about your home, you always want to have people over because when they do come around they commend you for your tidiness.
window cleaning guide

How to make your window shiny without leaving marks with natural products

Cleaning the glass is not usually anyone’s favorite task when cleaning the home. It is reasonable: although it seems super simple, many times the end result is not as expected. After spending some time cleaning the windows, we found that they don’t look particularly shiny.
Do not worry. Changing this is very simple. Just maybe you are not considering some key tricks. After getting to know them, leaving the glasses sparkling will be super easy. And the best part is that you shouldn’t use any chemicals!

Tricks to Clean Your Window

1. Use distilled water

This is a point that is generally forgotten, especially if you are not one of those who use commercial glass cleaners. When you prepare your homemade formulas, you don’t usually notice what type of water you use.
When it comes to cleaning glass, water can make a big difference, especially if your tap water comes out too hard in your home, as it can scratch the glass or not have the expected finish.
Therefore, it is best to use distilled water for this process.

2. Clean from left to right and top to bottom

It may sound silly, but the movement you used to clean can make a real difference. Above all, it is essential that you clean from top to bottom, and this has to do with a simple matter of gravity.
Well, if you do it from the bottom up, as you go up, you will be dirtying what you have already cleaned below with the residues of water and soap that will inevitably—and due to gravity—fall.

3. Minimize foam

If for any reason you plan to add soap or detergent to clean your glass, you should be careful to use one that does not generate too much foam. Well, this is one of the main causes that, after cleaning, there are still stains.
So try looking for other products, and if you only have to use a little soap, try to keep it light and not create too much lather.
window cleaning guide

4. Choose the right material

Custom has led us to choose paper towels as the main material to clean glass, but they really are not the best option. Firstly because they can leave marks, and second because they also lose lint.
Instead, use a microfiber cloth, squeegee, or newspaper. Newspaper does an amazing job on the glass, but it can leak ink and stain your hands, so use it with gloves.

Two Natural Products to Clean Glass

Vinegar and lemon: the magic remedy

To make this natural cleaner, you just have to mix a cup of hot water (remember to choose distilled water), a tablespoon of vinegar, and two tablespoons of lemon juice.
Both vinegar and lemon are powerful degreasers, so mixed together they will give you a powerful cleaner. Plus, it’s super cheap and natural.

Baking soda as an option

If you don’t have vinegar and lemon, it doesn’t matter. You sure have some baking soda lying around! This product is the best friend of home care for its incredible benefits, and it will also help you clean the glass.
To do this, mix a cup of hot water with three tablespoons of baking soda and stir. Rub the glasses with the paste formed. Perfect result in a few minutes!
But sometimes you won’t always be available to handle this yourself.
window cleaning guide

Why You Should Hire a Window Cleaning Company

1. Save money

If you decide to hire window cleaning services, one of the first things you will realize is that you will start saving moneyThis is because you no longer have to buy uniforms and shoes so that your cleaning staff is comfortable and does not put your health at risk when they do their jobs.
Nor will you have to teach the occupational risk prevention course. This is because the company you hired is responsible for training employees, giving them the necessary tools, and ensuring their well-being.
The above does not mean that you do not worry that the cleaning staff is well. If you see any irregularity, you will have to notify the company with which you hired the service and demand that you change the practices that affect the employees.
Another way in which window cleaning outsourcing gives you an economic benefit is that it helps you take better care of your office items. This is because it is easier to maintain or repair objects that really need it.
For this reason, you will save money because you will avoid replacing frequent equipment or furniture because they will be well taken care ofIn addition, because you can repair everything in time you will prevent the damage from growing and with this the price of the arrangement.

2. Have results thanks to window cleaning outsourcing

When you decide to hire a window cleaning company you are sure that you will have the best results. Finding messy or dusty spaces will be a thing of the past.
This is due to the fact that service outsourcing companies, in order to meet customer expectations, continuously train and train their employeesTherefore, the work team they send to your company will be specialized in the cleaning tasks that must be carried out.
Another reason why they can guarantee cleaning results is that the staff is equipped with the best tools and products. According to the elements used to clean your windows, the price may vary. At this point, you can help the environment by choosing a company that uses products that do not deteriorate the environment or harm the health of its workers.
window cleaning guide

3. Cleaning outsourcing gives you more flexibility

Flexibility in window cleaning outsourcing is one of the best-known advantages. When you hire a multi-service company you will have a package adapted to your budget and the needs of your business.
In addition, you can purchase this service when you consider it necessary. In other words, you will not commit to acquiring a cleaning program that has an agreed frequency. But, if you want them to have a schedule or to provide the service periodically you can do it.
You can also choose what tasks you want them to do, and these can change as many times as you want. Keep in mind that the price will vary according to what you request. There will be a price for window cleaning and another for gutter cleaning in case you have them.
The best thing about outsourcing services is that you decide how long they will be in your facilities, no matter if they are days or just a few hours. Also, it will be you who says when they should perform the cleaning.

4. Greater staff availability when you decide to outsource services

When opting for window cleaning outsourcing, staff turnover will stop being a problem for youThis is due to the fact that the company from which you hired the window cleaning service is responsible for distributing the rest days and changing one of the team members when a person cannot attend.
For example, if a person wakes up sick and must go to the hospital, your business will not be affected. This is because as they have many more people hired they can find a substitute quickly for that person. Therefore, your cleaning team will always be made up of the same number of people.
In addition, every time there is a substitution the company will inform you of the situation. In this way, your business will always be bright and you will not harm the health or well-being of the cleaning staff.

5. Improve your business productivity with window cleaning outsourcing

Outsourcing cleaning services will help you improve the productivity of the companyThis happens because you provide a healthy work environment in which all your employees can be focused.
window cleaning guide


We believe this guide will help you take the necessary steps to lock down these benefits for your business and family life. We know the quality of your life and work will improve greatly when you carry out these window cleaning tips perfectly. When you need more information about this, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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