Arizona Window Washers : We’re Hiring!

Window Washing

You may only feel the need to have your windows professionally washed one or two times per year because you can easily touch it up with some window cleaner and a paper towel, but more frequent commercial window washing may be more helpful than you realize!

At we can wash buildings up to four stories tall, inside and out. Some establishments may need cleaning more often than others based on the type of business, location, weather, and employees.

commercial window washingSmall Businesses

Small stores and restaurants or other commercial establishments may not have many windows to wash, so you may opt for the 1-2 professional cleans per year, as it isn’t too much of a problem for you or your employees to wash the window in-between our visits. You can also opt for more regular cleaning so your employees can focus more on your customers or other, more vital tasks.

Mall Locations

If you have a larger anchor store in an outlet mall or your business is located in your local mall, your storefront windows need to be clean—sometimes demanded by the mall management. Kids pass by your stores with sticky fingers, teens anxiously poke the windows, pointing at something they want, and even adults sometimes poke lean, prod, and more. When the light hits just right you may see a nightmare of smudges! You can have your employees hand wash this, stay over every night, come in early, and still miss some spots. Our technicians won’t miss a spot and the clean will be streak free every time. Some stores have us come weekly or monthly while employee’s spot checks between our visits.

Commercial-Window-CleaningLarger and Multi-Floor Buildings

You can have a janitor clean your indoor windows with no problem and decent skill and products but outside windows can be a pain (and you do not want to buy the equipment to allow them to do so). Weekly or monthly commercial window washing for these larger buildings is nearly a must! While you won’t have as much worry about smudges as smaller stores and businesses, weather-related dirt can be a big problem! As we’ve said time and time again, clean windows make people happy! More sunshine comes in, the dirt and grime aren’t seen to dampen a mood, and clean windows show you care! So get those windows clean and let people passing by see you and your employees working away like bees in a hive and bring in more business!

No matter your business, we can help keep your windows clean and sparkling at a reasonable cost. Ask our discounts for multiple services, discounts for first-time customers, and discounts if you’ve written a review of past experiences with us.