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Inasmuch as we believe in the huge role a clean has to play in the general cleanliness and beauty of your home, we know that other parts of your home count too. So we want to dedicate this blog post to share with you some great tips to make cleaning other parts of your home easier. Then when you get down to cleaning the window, you know the professionals to call.

Tips for Silver/Stainless Steel Surfaces

To ensure the silver surfaces stays bright, glossy and clean, we strongly advise against the use of bleach and abrasives no matter how tempting it might be. Instead, apply wax-based aerosol sprays – mildly wiping the surface with a lint free cloth as you spray in the surface. Using abrasives and bleach will cause your these shiny surfaces to lose their luster.

Tips for Removing Odious Stains and Aroma

In cleaning, bad stains and especially odors need to be attended to. It’s not cleaning if you don’t attend to these. First, you’ll need to locate the source of the odor. If it’s an upholstery, try to wedge a garbage bag between the fabric and the cushion. The purpose is not to let the contaminant seep into the fabric. Flush the fabric with cold water – flushing with cold water is the best approach. If the odor still stays, flush it again with a solution of vinegar and water (equal proportions). If the odor or stain is proving difficult, call the professionals.

Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Some people are guilty of having closets that resemble the state of the world during WWII. It’s spring, the time to set your foot down and organize your closet. If there are lots of unused clothes littering your closet, get rid of them, donate them – from the goodness of your heart. Do the same for the accessories you’re not in need of. Put the rest of the contents of your closets in order arranging them neatly in hangers and bags.

Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet

Elaborately vacuuming your carpet is a good idea here at this time of the year, although a thorough washing by a reputable carpet cleaning company will restore your carpet to its pre-installation state. Washing your carpet will put it in a condition to take you for the rest of the year. It’ll also improve the quality of air in your home for this spring. In order to care for your carpet, and also have a doormat.

Tips for Cleaning Your Tiles

If you have stone tiles like marbles, avoid using cleaning agents without “neutral ph” on their label. Using such cleaning agents will result in your tiles losing their shine. Wipe spills off as quickly as possible to avoid smudges and accidents.