Arizona Window Washers : We’re Hiring!

Everyone loves a shiny window. It makes the home or space look lovely. It lets you see what’s going on outside. If it’s a business space, it’s a welcome sign for customers because it portrays the company’s organization.

Let’s say you just got your windows cleaned, you sit back and gaze lovingly at how clear and shiny it looks. You feel fulfilled and then thump! That tragic sound that could only be a bird colliding with your glass. You may feel sad instantly, the whole joy that comes with a shiny glass is gone. You feel terrible, the bird is traumatized and your windows suffer too. How do you prevent this from happening? Why does it even happen?

Why birds fly into your windows

When a glass is , it is very reflective. This reflectiveness causes optical illusion and this totally conceals the presence of the window.  Think about this, there are vegetations right outside your home,  they reflect on your windows, a bird in flight sees this reflection, thinks it real vegetation, and makes a beeline for a flower to pollinate and thump!

A bird may even see its reflection on the glass and attack it. It does this thinking it’s a rival or a threat. It could even be the plants behind the windows. Because the window is very clear,  the birds can see the plants clearly as if it weren’t behind glass, totally oblivious to the presence of the window.

Bird to window collision can be prevented by taking one of these three steps:

1. Use of string curtains

This is a very effective way to prevent birds to window collisions. You can purchase a string curtain that is decorative and works well to make the windows less reflective. All you need to do is get the best fit that will repel birds effectively.

2. Use of one way transparent films

You may be worried about not being able to see the view outside your windows if you use string curtains. One way transparent films solve that problem for you.  It lets you view outside your windows while still providing a beautiful view for people outside. Most importantly,  it reduces the reflectivity of the window thereby reduces collision.

3. Use of Decals

You can take advantage of the holiday seasons to use decals. They are decorative and fun. There are different options to choose from. There is the perforated window decal,  the opaque window decal, and the clear window decal.  Your choice of the decal depends on your preference.

The perforated window decal provides you with a one-way view. This means you will be able to see outside the windows, but people outside are not able to see inside. When placing decals, you can try placing them a foot apart, this allows light in and also reduces reflection.

You have three options to choose from. Get the best fit for your windows. Remember you’re saving the lives of these innocent birds. You can play around with the decorations, you could even use decals to advertise your business logos and store hours for customers. You do not have to put off washing your windows to prevent birds to window collision.