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Neatness is a necessity for commercial spaces. It gives a perspective of how clients and employees perceive your business. Nobody wants to walk into a space that poses danger to their health and causes discomfort. This is the 21st century, and people are now getting more painstakingly selective about their environment and where they stick to their business. To keep your commercial space neat and appealing, you must keep every aspect of the space clean (exterior and interior), especially your windows.

Your commercial windows are like a welcome mat to the public. It needs to be clean at all times. Dirty windows are a huge turnoff to every neat person. And we have a lot of them here in Arizona. Many people exempt from window cleaning duties during the winter because of how difficult it gets then. But in fact, that’s the season you need clean windows the most.

Before listing out the benefits of commercial window cleaning in the winter cold season, let’s show you why window cleaning is a hassle during the cold winter. Albert Einstein said you can’t solve what you don’t understand. That’s why we think it’s important to take a few minutes to let you understand what makes winter window cleaning difficult and how to tackle the such difficulty.

Why Is Window Cleaning Difficult During the Winter?

1. Melting snow carries dirt

If you scrape snow off a surface and leave to melt, you’ll notice a lot of dirt and debris suspended in the melted ice. The ice on your window also carries dirt and debris along. As it melts, it leaves the dirt and debris on the window surface. Also, during the winter cold, it obviously seems like salt covers everything, including your window surface.

2. Water freezing really quick

If you’ve ever tried to clean your window during the harsh winter’s cold, then you must have faced the annoying scenario of water freezing before you could squeegee it off. The mistake that many make and that might also tempt you to make is to use warm water to melt the ice off. That’s a super bad idea, as it can cause irreparable damage. A crack. And trying to scrape off the ice can leave scratches on your window. A huge hassle, right?

Although it’s a huge discomfort and a lot of tasks to clean your window during the winter, you still can’t risk leaving the window of your commercial space unattended when dirty. It can cost you more than fixing windows. Window cleaning professionals know just the best way to do the cleaning in all conditions.

There are numerous reasons why you should maintain clean windows during the winter. Let’s list a few out for you.

Case in point:

1. Customers won’t care

Your customers don’t care if it’s summer, winter, or . They expect your business space to be clean at all times. Sad truth is that you have to hit their expectations because your competitors are doing just that. We all love a clean space.

Now, imagine you are looking for where to get some quality attires during the winter, and you see two boutiques side by side themselves. You are about to make a choice on which one to patronize. One has dirty windows that you can hardly even see through, and the other is pretty neat. If you have no knowledge about any of the two, which will be your choice? Your choice will give you an idea of what your customers will also do when faced in the same position. You wouldn’t think, “Oh, it’s winter, and this boutique is having a hard time getting their windows clean”. You just made your choice right away.  

2. It lowers the heating cost

The winter is a season of extreme cold. Dirty windows don’t just look ugly, they also prevent the entrance of natural sunlight which is capable of naturally warming your business space with zero electricity. With dirty windows, the duty of keeping your business space warm will be the sole responsibility of your heating system. That means it has some extra work to do. Extra work comes with extra heating cost.

Alongside helping to keep your business space warm, a also helps to naturally illuminate your space with natural light. A big win. Neat space, less bills.

3. Improved air quality

In humid places, molds thrive. They call wet places home. They inhabit those places and grow to form a community of molds. During the winter, your window, being a constant wet spot, is a comfortable place for molds to grow. They are not just pesky; they are difficult to deal with. And the most uncomfortable fact about molds is that they are allergens and can drastically reduce the indoor air quality within your business space. A little disturbance of molds that sit on your window releases spores of allergens to the air.

If you didn’t properly deal with the mold, and the window is not cleaned, the indoor air quality of your business can’t be improved. This may lead to sick syndrome building and will reduce the productivity of your employees.

4. Healthy workers

The primary reason for running a business is to make a profit. And to achieve that, you’ll need healthy workers. Your workers can only get productive only if they are healthy. To stay healthy, they need to work in a healthy environment. Dirty windows won’t give them that healthy environment that they need. It won’t just reduce the quality; it will hinder your workers from accessing the good packages that come with natural light. Such as Vitamin D, and the natural happiness it feels the air with during the winter.

Don’t Risk It

Keeping the windows of your business space clean is one of the best decisions you can make to maintain healthy workers and encourage work productivity. With the great impact it can have on your business, if not done right, it will still be as though it’s not done at all. Letting unprofessional window cleaners do the job can be an own goal, as it might not just lead to window damage, but can also lead to accidents as the window can be extra slippery and ladder not fastly placed due to snow that sticks to the floor.

To play safe, you should contact the professionals. Here in Arizona, Arizona window washers are the top in window washing. We deliver our service as fast as possible and at a very affordable price. Reach out to us today.