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When was the last time you really took the time to contemplate your ? We are not talking about a fast look at the glass to see the weather, but a deeper look at the glass that joins your house to the beautiful desert scenery of Arizona. If you see streaks, smudges, fingerprints, or even a thin layer of dirt on the surface, then it is not just a cosmetic problem. Unclean windows are a problem as they can leave a soot and dust residue that can affect the air you breathe indoors.

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Let the sunshine in—the Arizona Window Washers way!

The Hidden Dangers of Dirty Windows

We tend to take our windows for granted until one day we are blinded by the reflection of a warm sunbeam only to be shocked at the thickness of dust coating the glass panes. But those streaks and smears are not just an aesthetic problem or unbecoming blotches. They gradually collect dust, pollen, pet dander, and even some pollutants from the fumes outside, forming an unattractive layer that has an impact on the quality of your air indoors.

Think about it: every time you open your windows for a little fresh air to circulate in the house, you are also welcoming these nasties. It can cause allergies, make asthmatic people sick, and even lead to a respiratory tract infection. And it’s not just the things you can see. Mold spores, for instance, are microscopic fungi that can easily grow in the dirt and dampness of window tracks, and bacteria can also grow on dirty glass panels.

Cleaning one’s windows is one of the most effective and yet straightforward means of ensuring that your environment is healthy enough for living and working in. Cleaning, wiping, scrubbing and rinsing gets rid of dirt and grime that causes allergies, pollutants, and other nasty stuff which makes breathing difficult and enjoying the scenery without the thought of germs that are present on the glass. However, the so-called store-bought glass cleaners such as Windex, are not always the best for cleaning glass; you can fashion your own effective and green glass cleaner by mixing vinegar, dish soap, and water.

How Clean Windows Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Firstly, clear glass makes it easier to let in air and freshen the place up as a whole. When windows are full of dust, they can act as barriers that do not allow fresh air with or without pollutants to come inside and dirty air to go outside. Even brooming can make a difference in the circulation of fresh air as it pushes out the bad air inside the .

As an added advantage, having clean windows enhances the flow of fresh air into a room and allows more light to filter in. This provides light to our living environment and is significant for our health and well-being. Such light assists in the synchronization of the body clock responsible for sleeping and waking, improves mood, and contributes to higher productivity rates. Also, who doesn’t like the idea of having the sun shining through clean windows?

Now, let’s talk moisture. Windows that are not clean require more force to push away the moisture and hold it away compared to clean windows, especially in regions with high humidity. This excess water can cause the formation of water droplets on the walls, floors, and other surfaces, which in turn is perfect for the growth of mold and mildew. Apart from this, these pests appear uninviting and are capable of emitting spores into the surrounding air that can cause allergies and flu-like symptoms. The importance of regular cleaning and timely removal of accumulated dirt from windows cannot be submerged, besides moisture results in mold growth which is damaging to health.

DIY Window Cleaning Tips and Tricks

We’ll cover everything you need to know to achieve sparkling, streak-free glass that will make your shine.

Gather Your Supplies

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Prep the windows: Clean the window frames and sills by brushing off the dust or cobwebs if any using a soft brush or cloth. When cleaning outside windows, start with a hose to wash off any loose matter.
  2. Clean the screens: Remove your window screens and wash them under a hose or warm running water. Wash them using a small brush and soapy water to ensure that you remove any dirt or grime on them. Wash them thoroughly and then let them dry in the open before refitting them again.
  3. Apply the cleaning solution: If you choose to go with the spray bottle, ensure that you wet the windows with the scrub generously. For a bucket method, take your wet sponge or cloth and try to squeeze it to remove excess water.
  4. Scrub-a-dub-dub: Starting from the top, wash the glass in circles keeping window cleaner on the window for some time, and then work it in a circular motion cleaning any difficult area on the window. If you are cleaning the exterior windows, it is advisable to do the activities in the early morning or in the evening when there is still some cool air or a cool evening since it will make it difficult for the solution to dry up before you are through.
  5. Squeegee time: Make sure to start it at the top corner where it is spotless before pulling down the squeegee across the window using a 4 stroke technique. After each stroke, wipe the blade with a clean microfiber cloth to avoid dripping and developing streaks.
  6. Dry and polish: In the event you find some streaks or water spots on the mirrors, use the clean and dry microfiber cloth to wipe the mirrors. To give it that extra polish, simply wipe the glass with a dry cloth or a piece of newspaper.

Well done! Sit back and enjoy the view of your creation! Your window should be clean without any single streak and can allow more light to get into your house and enhance the beauty of your house.

But Why Not Call Arizona Window Washers Instead?

We know life gets busy here in the Valley of the Sun. Between work, family, and the endless sunshine, finding time for chores like window cleaning can be a real struggle. That’s why we offer professional window cleaning services that take the hassle out of this often-dreaded task.

Our experienced technicians are experts in their craft, using top-quality equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to leave your windows spotless and streak-free. We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned, from the glass panes to the frames and sills.

So why spend your precious free time scrubbing windows when you could be enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather? Contact Arizona Window Washers today for a free quote and let us take care of your windows, so you can focus on the things that truly matter.

Enjoy Your Clean Windows!

We understand how things can get hectic here in the Valley of the Sun. With work, family, and the bright California sun, it may be difficult to find time for activities such as window cleaning. That is why we provide professional window cleaning services so that no one has to go through this chore again.

Our friendly and experienced technicians know how to handle the job using quality tools and environment-friendly cleaning agents to ensure that your windows are clean without any stains. We ensure that every detail is cleaned including the glass panes, the frames, and sills, among others.

Ready to let the Arizona sunshine truly illuminate your home? Contact Arizona Window Washer today for a free quote and experience the difference of professionally cleaned windows. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!