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Secret Techniques For Window Stains

I remember once looking at my windows and telling myself “this is an easy job” but getting down to it I discovered it was one of the world’s most tedious jobs and worse, it’s so boring and needs a great deal of cleverness to remove stubborn dirt and stains from the glass surfaces. This realization and the fear of leaving smudges or worse scratches made me think that this is best left to the professional window washers to handle.

But we’re going to show you some secret techniques you can apply to do it yourself, like a pro.

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Window Stains

Tools You Need

The tools you use to achieve a task is just as important as the outcome itself. In order for you to succeed with the technique of your windows, leaving no streaks and smudges, you’ll need the following:

Microfiber Cloth

A cloth of this material won’t leave lint. This makes it capable to remove lint left by other materials.


Wherever and whenever window cleaning is involved, a squeegee is there. It’s used to and wipe the windows.


The black and white prints to be precise. You don’t want to smear colors all over the glass.

Coffee Filters

Its work is similar to the microfiber cloth. It’s used to remove lint.

The Techniques

Dip a sponge or cloth into a solution of warm water and window cleaning agent. Use the sponge/cloth to wipe the entire window. With the squeegee, wipe the solution from the glass with vertical strokes. Try not to cross over each stroke as this could get messy. Wipe areas you can reach with a towel.

After each stroke with the squeegee, be sure to wipe the squeegee with a clean damp cloth before moving on with the next stroke.

If you prefer to use a coffee filter or newspaper, first put the solution on a spray bottle and apply it to the glass. As you apply, wipe away the solution from up to down or left to right. But remember, whichever motion you using, try to be consistent with it.

For better results, try cleaning your windows on an overcast day when the sun doesn’t shine directly on your windows. A less breezy day is also a good time. Why? Well, it won’t be nice for the solution to dry off on your window so quickly while you’re still working on the glass. That only makes the cleaning that much harder.

Never at any point should you be tempted to use abrasives on your windows especially where glass is involved. This will only harm and ruin the appearance of your glass.

The best way to tackle tough stains on windows is with patience and gentleness, not for the benefit of the stains of course, but for the sake of your glass.