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Arizona Window Washers

We’re half way through August now, so Labor day is right around the corner! Labor day is Monday, September 7th this year, so let’s get those grills ready for barbeques and company. While you’re making your grocery list and cleaning your grill or kitchen, don’t forget about the various services from Arizona Window Washers you may want to schedule before you being over your celebrating crowd.

Today we’ll remind you how important our services are and why you should consider some of them before your Labor Day Weekend.

Window and Screen Cleaning: Clean windows impress everyone! Clean out all the gunk from your screens on your windows and doors that might have accumulated this summer, especially if you’ve been cooking out a lot this summer (like July 4th, Memorial Day, etc). If your grill is near any windows, your windows and screens are at high risk for stains, grime, and other gross contaminants. Besides, if you have clean windows and screens you can enjoy the safety and comfort of the inside of your home while someone else does the cooking; you can watch all of that happen through clean windows easily.

Pressure Washing: As with windows, cooking out can cause some grime around your patio, deck, porch, home walls, and other rock, concrete, wood, or paneled surfaces. Get a fresh start for your Labor Day cookout and make it one to remember! This is also helpful for post-cookouts to reduce the chance of smoke damage, or clean up spilled charcoal or gas.

Cleaning: Whether you set off some basic fireworks or you have a tendency to lose fribees and other small projectiles onto the roof, our cleaning and roof cleaning services can retrieve some of those toys as well as clear the debris, keeping you from retrieving lost throwables from muck and debris.

Commercial Services: Get your business fresh and clean for your Labor day sales and specials. Clean windows will display sale signs and promotions and pressure washed areas will keep outdoor seating enjoyable! Perfect for hosting outdoor events, contests, games, and more!

Arizona Window Washers

Whenever you need window washing, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, screen cleaning, or other related services, you know who to call! We at Arizona Window Washers love making our Phoenix customers happy with our amazing services. We guarantee a skilled technician will arrive for every job and 100% satisfaction, no matter what. Schedule us to visit your home to get a head start on your Labor Day celebrations to impress friends, family, and neighbors. Remember what Labor Day is all about; remembering how far we’ve come as far as labor laws and movements in our society. So kick back for an afternoon, cook a few burgers, enjoy a few brewskis, and spend time with your loved ones.

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