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Voting will begin for this contest on October 11, so keep checking AZ Central’s website to vote for us! There is still time to nominate us, as well! The more nominations we get, the more votes we can get later. We’re excited to be participating in this, and would love for you to help us by simply showing your love of us as a company and service provider.

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Be careful out there, the weather is supposed to be a little gross for the week—thunderstorms and clouds, etc. So, now may be a good time to schedule some indoor window cleaning or to get debris removed from your roof or gutters before the storms hit and make things worse.

Arizona Window Washers

Don’t forget! Your favorite Arizona Window Washers company is looking for new employees. This could be a great opportunity for those of you who love cleanliness and making people smile. We are looking for technicians with 2 years of experience and would love for you to become part of this amazing team. We treat our employees like friends or family, and would love to show you how we are able to help Arizona residents to achieve the clean house they dream of! Go to our website and check out our easy application process. Send us any relevant information (including references, resume, cover letter, etc) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Just call Arizona Window Washers for all your window and cleaning services needs.

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