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How Much Does Professional Window Cleaning Cost?

It’s a misconception around the world that cleaning your window with professional window cleaners will cost you a penny. The truth is, there is a cost structure for the cleaning service. And that’s why I won’t answer this question with a table containing various prices for various cleaning services. 

Although good google research will give you an idea of what window cleaning prices are. The prices aren’t constant across the board. In reality, this question doesn’t have a short answer.

The cost of window cleaning isn’t a tagged price pasted on the wall of each window cleaning company. A company can send you and your neighbor quotes at different prices. It’s seldom the same. Some variables are the cause for the varying window cleaning price.

In this article, we will discuss the different factors that window cleaning companies put into consideration in setting window cleaning prices.

Let’s get started!

1. Size of building

The size of the building having the windows to be cleaned is a major factor that window companies put into consideration. Chances are that a big house has larger and plenty of windows to clean up than a smaller house. This means more work. More work means more cost. So, if you have a big house, expect an extra charge to get the work done.

2. Number of windows to be cleaned

Probably your little home or office is stacked with lots of windows. Probably for adequate air circulation. That’s good for your health. But that comes with a price. Such a home is yelling for extra charges. It just makes sense to charge extra to clean those extra windows. Much math isn’t involved.

Also, if your home has an extension, such as a garage, man cave, security home, or penthouse, it will call for an extra window. Extra charges.

3. Your location

Where’s your residence located? This is also a huge factor in drafting out your price. If you reach out to a window cleaning company, that’s far away from your location. Be sure to pay extra charges to cover the logistics of humans and equipment. 

Also, some parts of the U.S. surely have a higher cost of living. Homes located in such areas will pay more to get their windows cleaned. Or if you live in high-end estates or new huge towns, window cleaning prices will be relatively high.

Now, this doesn’t mean you are entitled to a low window cleaning price just because you are staying far away from towns and cities.

4. Intensity of dirt and dust

During the spring, there’s a high level of dust in the air. Your window does the job of preventing dust from entering your space. But in doing that, it sacrifices its neatness. If your window has a lot of dirt and dust, your window cleaning service will ask for a higher window cleaning price. 

This is because it will require more work, more time, and sometimes complicated chemicals to get it back to be that cute-looking piece of glass. If there are not many stains on your window, it can be cleaned in a jiffy. It will obviously need less effort to get it cleaned. That will translate into lesser effort.

5. Special stain removal

Special stains will call for special quotations. Some stains are extremely stubborn and need special attention. Stains like rust, paint, mold, and all other weird-looking stains. The regular equipment, material, or method won’t be able to do the work. Your window cleaning company will need to give these kinds of stains special attention to get rid of them. Definitely won’t be the normal rate.

6. Company differences

Apart from these above-listed factors, they are various economical or company-based factors that can affect the rate set by window cleaning companies. Competition in the market, quality of service, government policies, prices of other window cleaning companies, how long companies have been, and many other additional factors are elements that also play a large role in determining window prices. 

Companies that have been functioning for years have built a reputation, experience, and a strong customer base. Such companies will sell their window cleaning service at a relatively affordable price. New players will need to cover a lot of expenses, so they will end up selling the same service at a higher price.

How Often Do I Need the Visit of Professional Window Cleaners?

Rule of thumb: Twice a year. But some factors might require you to clean your windows more frequently. It highly depends on the location of your home or the type of occupants around. In cities where there’s a high level of pollution, you will need a more frequent visitation from your window cleaning service. 

Also, if you have kids around, you won’t want to have a blurred view of the outside because of fingerprints laid by your kids when playing. You will need more regular visits from professionals.

Some companies offer discounts to customers that call them more often. So, it’s not a complete struggle for you. plays a huge role in your health and that of your family. Prioritizing a clean window means prioritizing good health and welfare.

How to Find and Hire an Affordable Professional Window Cleaning Service

We strongly don’t advise you to rush to the internet and search for a random professional window-washing company to hire. The surest way to be assured of excellent service at an affordable price is through recommendations. Ask family or friends with evergreen neat windows for their recommendation.

If you are to get yours from the internet, be sure to check the review session to see what other customers are saying about them. Don’t expect all the reviews to be positive. But don’t let the few negative reviews prevent you from seeing the positives. Be sure your chosen company is licensed, has insurance, and does employee background checks.

Looking for one right now? Arizona window washers work to keep Arizona beautiful with our expertise and years-long experience in window cleaning. We are rated the best window cleaners in Arizona. And we deliver at an affordable price. Be sure to check our review session and see what other customers say about us. Reach out to us.