Summer is here. It’s time for the famed sun of Arizona to live up to its name. You want your home to sparkle regardless. Besides, surviving the heat will require clean windows. The cleaner your windows, the more of the hot sun radiance it will reflect away from your home.

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We know it’s been up in the low 100’s temperature-wise, so you may not be thinking of having your windows washed, your gutters cleaned, or your home power washed, but it might just be the best time to have these services done. If your children or grandchildren haven’t gone back to school yet, it may be a great time to check out some sites, or at least have one last cookout or day at the park with the family before school starts back. We recommend using our services to keep the last of your summer stress-free with useful cleaning services. If you get your windows professionally washed you can enjoy the sunlight through your beautiful windows while staying in your home with the fan or A/C on you. You can also enjoy a clean porch, patio, or deck while you cookout. You can tell everyone you didn’t lift a finger to get your outer walls or your outside surfaces that clean. People will think you had some work done on your home, we’ll have it looking so great. We service the Phoenix and Chandler areas with all of our window washing and window cleaning services, but if you wish for us to provide your home with the same amazing and detail-oriented care your friends or family in Phoenix and Chandler areas receive from us, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do about scheduling a home visit.
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Now that the home market is steadily improving, especially in higher-income areas, it may be time to give your beautiful Chandler home a makeover. Don’t waste money replacing windows and screens when you can hire professionals to do it! Don’t tear up your limestone or concrete walkways, just have them cleaned with a pressure washer. If you’re looking to sell or rent out your house, our services can improve your asking price by larger numbers than you could imagine! If you’re not looking to sell, keeping your windows, gutters, and walkways or driveways clean and like-new is a good way to improve your quality of life as well as the visual appeal of your neighborhood—and who doesn’t want a beautiful neighborhood!

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After increasing in population by nearly 250% between 1999 and 2000, Goodyear, AZ is a great city in Maricopa County. As you might guess, it is named after the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and is home to the glorious Goodyear Ballpark and the Phoenix Goodyear Airport. From the city’s website, residents can download the City of Goodyear Mobile App to help keep the amazing community running smoothly and keep up with events coming to town. With winter temperatures ranging from the upper 30’s to the lower 50’s, it’s a great place to spend the holidays with family. Summers can get very hot, reaching over 90 degrees regularly. This holiday season, host the family dinners with all of the aunts, cousins, and grandparents, and take your guests to one of the county parks, museums, the Performing Arts Center, or the Wildlife World Zoo! No matter what you’re doing this season, don’t let gross gutters or dirty windows get you down and spoil your fun! Hire Arizona Window Washers and we’ll clean your deck, wash your windows, and remove the crud from your gutters so you don’t have to lift a finger—just focus on decorating that tree and baking those cookies for Santa and let us do all the hard work. Keep us in mind this fall, too. Because another round of window washing might be in order to let all of that beautiful sunshine in that Goodyear gets 300 days a year of!

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Yet another fast-growing city in Arizona is Fountain Hills. It gets the name because of the infamous fountain. It is the world’s fourth-largest fountain, built in 1970, spraying water for 15 minutes every hour between 9 am and 9 pm. Be sure to check out the “It’s a Wonderful Life… in ” holiday celebration on December 6th and check out the city’s website for other interesting events, public meetings, and more. Fountain Hills has weather very much like other areas surrounding Phoenix, classifying as having a “mild desert climate,” so warm summers and cool winters. The area also has fewer households with children than other areas. For those households, consider using our cleaning services so you can relax in retirement, single-hood, or simply enjoy being married without children. Use the time you save by having us wash your windows to take your dogs to the off-leash dog park at Desert Vista Park, or take a hike. Let us power wash your outer walls while you get ready to go out to the Botanical Garden. Have your patio professionally cleaned so you can host the backyard barbeque of your dreams! Living in such a beautiful place, it would be a waste to spend all of your time washing windows and cleaning gutters when you could be relaxing and enjoying this beautiful city. So go check out that fountain and call Arizona Window Washers to make your life so much easier.

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Tell your friends, tell your children, parents, and your coworkers about Arizona Window Washers. We may be able to offer discounts based on successful referrals as well as reviews that were written about us on popular sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, and through our website directly! Call today to schedule a visit, and if this is your first time, let us know and we may be able to offer a one-time discount to new customers, depending on the services. We also offer package deals to keep your Chandler home looking its best.