Arizona Window Washers : We’re Hiring!

Why You Need a Window Washer

Window cleaning is tricky, that’s probably why your housekeeper doesn’t do it right. You might say it’s an aspect of cleaning service they offer, so they should be efficient.

Think of it this way, you may have a beauty care specialist that does everything from making your hair to your pedicure and manicure. But I don’t think you will trust him or her to give you skin care tips. You will want to employ the services of a dermatologist even if all these things fall under personal hygiene. Same applies for cleaning.

Activities like washing sheets, sweeping floors, and dusting ottoman are quite different from window cleaning. Your window needs a . Let’s see some window cleaning myths to avoid.

window cleaning

This is a very common DIY method. Do not use these. They do not clean your ; they just move the dirt around leaving a mess on your window surface. Using a paper towel doesn’t just leave a mess on your window, it does worse, like scratching the surface and attracting dirt.

It is claimed that using the newsprint to clean your windows helps avoid problems like attracting dust and scratching your window surface. But it’s still paper, and using it will leave streaks and fiber on your window surface.

Moreover, it’s hard to find a printed newspaper, let alone one without print.

Do not rely on your maid or janitor to provide window cleaning services for you. Except she is a professional window cleaner, your house maid cannot clean your windows. This is because she is likely not equipped with the tools or know how to make a window sparkle.

Your windows need a professional that is focused on one thing, which is cleaning your windows of course you would like a clearer view from your windows. You also want your windows to last long. If so, then you need a  window cleaning  professionals for your windows, contact us at 480-335-7373.