After painting your home and giving it a facelift, having a few paint stains around is not out of place. It is quite easy to have them stain your windows, especially when you are painting the areas around the window. Not to worry, there are for paint removal.

Even if the paint dries and has been there for a while, you can still remove them and have a clean window again. The window cleaning paint removal methods are easy and you can do them yourself.

Get the tools you need

Before you clean the window, you need to assemble all the materials needed. Some things you need are protective clothes and goggles. They will cover your body from splashes of chemicals that you will use during the paint removal process.

Also, you need a chemical solvent, steel wool, drop cloths, a flat-edged scraper. Gloves that are chemical resistant will help you avoid direct contact with the chemical substance. The other things you would get would depend on the method you are using to remove paint from your window.

Lubricate the window

Before you start any window cleaning paint removal process, lubricate the window. Dip a sponge into the soapy water and use it to scrub the window that has paint stains.

The pressure on the window must be gentle, but firm. If you use too much force, you might break the window. Ensure that it does not dry off before you start the process.

Removing paint stains from windows

There are a lot of chemical solvents you can use to remove paint stains from your window. Some are DCM strippers and they are useful for removing oil paint, acrylic, and latex paint. They could be flammable and you would have to apply them several times to get the paint stain off your window.

The solvent-based stripper works faster. However, it is highly volatile and flammable. You would have to exercise extreme care if you are using it.

There are also solvents that are environmentally friendly and safe to use. However, it would take longer for you to remove the paint after several applications.

Another way to remove paint stains from your window is to use a razor blade or scraper to scrape the paint stain off after lubricating it. Avoid leaving marks and scratches on the surface of the window as you do this.

Keep the window lubricated throughout the process. The lubrication makes it easier for the razor to scrape off the paint stain. Use a one-directional approach to scrape them off. It will help avoid scratches on the window.

After any of these processes, you can clean your window normally with any of the window cleaners and you will love the result.

window washing

Using nail polish remover

The nail polish remover serves as great for removing paint stains from windows. To use this method, dip a microfiber cloth into the nail polish remover and apply it all over the window surface. 

After rubbing it on the window, leave it for a while. Then, use a clean cloth to wipe the window. The paint will go off easily. Alcohol could also remove paint stains. It works similarly to the nail polish remover.

Non-chemical way to remove paint stains

There are non-chemical household items that you can use to remove paint from your windows. It is safer to use them since they are not toxic. Vinegar is a household item that is highly useful for removing paint from a window.

Boil a cup of vinegar in the microwave. Wear a glove and dip your cleaning cloth into the vinegar and use it to clean the spots where you have the paint stains. The paints will go off and you can rinse the window using soapy water.

Remember that you still have to lubricate the window with soapy water before you use the vinegar on it. The lubrication process is as important as the cleaning.

Avoid the task and hire professionals

If the process for paint stain removal sounds like a lot of work, you could hire professional window washers in Arizona to help. These are professionals who have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to handle these kinds of situations. They would be glad to handle your window washing needs and give you thorough window cleaning.


Windows ought to be clear to allow you to take a look outside and watch events around you. Having paint-stained windows can be annoying and takes the pleasure out of it. However, it is not the end of the world. Use the hacks in this article or employ the services of window cleaning paint removal experts in Arizona. Call us to help out and we’d happy to jump right in and get those stains off your windows.