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Why Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

Installing a solar panel in your home or business is a big deal. It is an expensive investment. But that’s not all you should do. Solar panels need to be maintained. They need to be kept clean. Fortunately, that’s the basic things you owe them as they only require just a little maintenance.

Keeping solar panels clean isn’t about having them appear clean. That isn’t such a bad idea though. But it’s more about functionality and efficiency. Have you ever noticed a drop in output that you cannot account for, then dirty panels may be the culprit? This is an essential part of housekeeping. Let’s see why it’s very important.

how to keep solar panels clean
how to keep solar panels clean

Does Dirt Affect the Solar Panels?

Yes dirt affects your solar panels. I’ll explain. I’m sure you know how your solar panels are installed and where they face, which is upwards. Their position provides ample surface area to collect dirt, dust and droppings.

What do these diry do to affect the panels. They reduce the surface area for light absorption. If light is prevented from reaching the Solar cells, this simply means that output would reduce significantly. It will not generate the same amount of .

Allowing dirt to build up will tremendously reduce the output of the Solar panels. In some cases, loss could get up to 30% for solar panels that are not cleaned.

It costs a lot of money to buy these panels and get them installed. The reason some companies and homeowners make this expense is for future sake. You do this with the hope that in years to come, your solar panels will pay for itself through energy cost savings. So, imagine paying a lot for this investment and not getting the most out of it because of dirt.

How Do I Clean My Solar Panels?

Now you have seen what dirty panels cost you. It’s important you know how to prevent that, by roof cleaning. Because of the height of installation for these panels, cleaning it requires someone who isn’t afraid of heights. So if you’re a homeowner with a few panels installed for your home and you are not afraid of heights, then you can clean it. Get warm soapy water and clean it. That simple.

If you own a business, then your solar panels must be numerous. It’s better you get specialists in panel cleaning. In some cases, due to the number of panels, you may need a whole crew of cleaners.

However you choose to go about it, Just realize it’s very essential to keep your panels clean it’s an investment, let it pay you.