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What used to be an agriculturally based town is now the most populous incorporated town in the US, increasing the population by over 200,000 in 30 years. CNN ranked Gilbert, AZ as one of the best cities to reside in the United States, which pairs nicely with its place in the top 25 safest US cities. The school system and medical regions provide the most jobs in the Gilbert area.

Average yearly temperatures range from 41 to 107 degrees, with very little rain (one inch or less per month on average). This means sunny skies, warm weather, and plenty of time to go outside and enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones. With such a safe area with the population growing all the time, you’d be foolish to waste time your own windows and cleaning your own gutters out or all over home cleaning when you could be enjoying any number of museums, sporting events, carnivals, and festivals.

This week, the Gilbert Fire and Police departments are collecting clothing and toys for local children, so participate in this drive to help kids havehome cleaning a wonderful Christmas. You’ll be so tired doing something wonderful that you’ll be too tired to rent a power washer to clean your patio before you have the family over for Thanksgiving dinner! Let us wash your windows, roof, patio, and more this week so you can impress even the most finicky of relatives! No need to worry about what needs to be washed when you can get professionals to do it in less time.

Donning the nickname Arizona’s Antique Capital, Glendale is a great place to be and over 230,000 people agree. We should be seeing a lot of visitors in the next few months due to the 2015 Super Bowl being held at the beautiful University of Phoenix stadium. The Chocolate festival, Jazz and Blues Festival, and the upcoming Glendale Glitters (coming 11-28 and 11-29) attractions will bring friends, families, and other visitors to the area, so be ready with a clean home for all of those holiday visit.

Temperatures ranging on average from 44 to 106 degrees make for hot summers but mild winters. While a lot of the country is covered up in layers sitting at fireplaces or using gas and electric heat, residents will be able to enjoy a bit more warmth this holiday season. Curl up with a good book by a freshly washed window after we use our wax additives to keep them clean through the holidays with little to no work on your end. Focus your attention on Thanksgiving dinner instead of thinking about a dirty patio or the solar panels that desperately need a good home cleaning.

Contact us for your all over home cleaning to get your home sparkling for Thanksgiving weekend so all you have to do is cook or eat.

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