For the last couple of weeks, the subject and theme of weekly blog releases have been the professional cleaning of windows, within and around home and providing you with and hints with which you could apply to ease the burden of doing the cleaning yourself. We have also discussed the importance of hiring professionals for both commercial and residential window cleaning and who to turn to should you require these services.

Today, however, we would like to remind and inform you of our online quotes services. From the comfort of your home, you could receive all the information about our company necessary for you to your decision. With this service, you can get a quote for the window washing or any other service we provide. The various benefits of getting free quotes are elaborately discussed as you read on.

Why bother with our free quotes services? It is…


Not everyone likes talking on the phone or messing with finding a company’s email address on their website. This allows you to provide some basic information and get a reliable quote for the services you wish to pay for. Once you enter in the information, the reply will be sent to your email inbox ASAP.


While we cannot guarantee that the quoted price and the final price will be identical, we do not tack on additional costs once the services are provided. Our quote price and final price are more reliably the same than our competition. Any changes between quoted price and the final price will be discussed before the work begins. Quotes aren’t a guarantee, but you can’t get closer than ours!


Some companies will charge for a quote, but we recognize that smart customers shop around before choosing a service provider. We are confident that you will choose us, so the estimate or quote is on us.



Instead of having to write down and save all of the quotes you may receive from competitors, you have easy-to access and store quotes. You can then print them out or look at them side by side in whatever way you choose. If you find a lower quote for the same services, let us know and send us that quote and we may be able to work out a deal or we’ll remind you of our great specials offered on our site.


To keep up with the competition, using online quotes is vital to staying ahead of the pack. Our team will answer your questions promptly, professionally, and accurately to satisfy your needs before we even step foot on your property.

And not to mention the fact that, you can save valuable off from transit by just using your devices at your convenience to request for the services, quote and fix an appointment.

Furthermore, on our site, we provide our phone number, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ information as well as offering a click-to-call link for our mobile users.

For more information and to get a free quote, call us on tel:480-335-7373.