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Window cleaning is a delicate task. While it may seem like a simple task, it really isn’t. There are many window cleaning mistakes you’ve been making without knowing.

Ordinarily, these cleaning mistakes shouldn’t be a big deal as long as you get your windows cleaned. However, in the long run, you get to pay dearly for these mistakes. These mistakes can make you incur an extra cost in maintenance, repairs, and even medical bills.

You need to abandon some old window cleaning habits. If you want streak-free windows that serve you longer, you need to do so. Want to get better at cleaning your windows? Let’s see what you have been getting wrong.

Window Cleaning Mistake 1: Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

The trick to having a spotless and clean window is to use the right cleaning products. It is not all kinds of cleaning products you can use for your windows. Some of them might be too strong and harsh on your window.

While cleaning your windows can be tiresome, you make it worse when you clean them with the wrong products. It becomes tougher to achieve a clean and streak-free window while using these wrong products. The best for your window glass are those that have a low water base.

Also, not all clothes are ideal for cleaning a window. Clothes that shed particles will only leave your window covered in streaks and fiber. The best cloths to use are the ones with a lint base.

Using a newspaper is also not right. These papers have inks all over them. These inks are toxic and will stick to your hands while cleaning. They are also harsh on the window. Harsh chemicals on your windows can draw in more debris to your window. They can also damage the window.

Even when using the right cleaning product, you have to be careful not to use too much of it. Too much use of the cleaning product can lead to excess lather on the window. This will leave streaks on the window when it dries.

Using too much cleaning spray can degrade the quality of the window. These cleaning sprays contain chemicals that might be harmful to your window when introduced in large quantities.

Window Cleaning Mistake 2: Using Hard Water for Your Windows

If you notice water streaks on your window after cleaning, it is likely your water is hard. A lot of times, the water flowing from your tap is hard water. This means that it contains a high quantity of minerals. It is these minerals that leave streaks and spots on your window, even after cleaning it.

Window Cleaning Mistake 3: Window Cleaning When the Weather is Not Right

The weather is a crucial factor to consider for window cleaning. Cleaning your window in the right weather and temperature is non-negotiable. A common cleaning mistake many make is cleaning their windows on a hot, sunny day.

It is not ideal to clean your window on a sunny day. This is because the hotness of the sun makes the window dry so fast that it leaves streaks on the window. The marks from the water and clothes used will be visible on the window after it is dry. Thus, it gives the window an unclean and unpleasant look.

When the sun is up, it can highlight the dirt and debris on your window. With the dirt in full glare, you may get tempted to clean the windows right away. However, that is not advisable. Ignore any window cleaning activity when the sun is high in the sky.

Also, cleaning the window when there is a rain forecast is one of these window cleaning mistakes. If there is an impending rain, you can sit it out before thinking of cleaning your window.

The rain will mess up all your cleaning efforts. This is because rainwater leaves dirt, and streaks and pollutes the glass. It will ruin the window and you have to clean the windows all over.

We don’t recommend cleaning your window on a sunny day or a rainy day. When then should you clean your window? Not to worry, we will tell you. The best time to clean your window is on a cool day.

A cool day is just right for window cleaning. This is because the sun is neither up nor is it raining. The window will dry up slowly and will not leave behind streaks and marks.

Window Cleaning Mistake 4: Stretching Yourself Beyond Your Reach

A lot of people do not take safety precautions seriously when cleaning their windows. They assume it is not a harmful activity. That’s not true. Cleaning your window can be dangerous if you are not too careful.

Hence, stretching to clean windows that are beyond your reach is one of the common window cleaning mistakes. You can trip, fall, and sustain injuries while doing so. Therefore, it is always advisable to get professionals to clean windows that are beyond your reach. Get Arizona window washers to clean the windows of your high-rise building too.

These professionals have all the safety equipment and will use them according to when cleaning the windows. Also, they have the expertise and experience in how to handle these kinds of windows. Save yourself the injuries that can arise in these circumstances.

Window Cleaning Mistake 5: Scraping Very Hard

There are stains that soapy water alone cannot solve. So, some people use scrapers on their windows. However, if you don’t know how to use it well, you might scrape your windows too hard.

Scraping your window glass too hard can weaken the glass. It can also break the glass, either immediately or soon enough. If you don’t know how to scrap the tough dirt from your window, it is best you get Arizona window washers to handle it.

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Window cleaning can be stressful. It is often difficult to have your windows cleaned regularly while grappling with the day-to-day realities of being an adult. So, you have Arizona window washers to take the burden off you.

With years of experience under our belt, the right equipment, expertise, and excellent service delivery, Arizona windows washers are your best bet for window cleaning services in Arizona. Book our services here.