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5 Effective Window Skills for Beginners

You probably just started window you would like to improve your skills. You may start comparing yourselves to other window cleaning professionals that have many years of experience and you see the wide gap in efficiency. It is important to know that cleaners pick up tips over the years that enable them to become very diligent and effective. That applies to you too, to be a professional, be ready to always learn how to perfect your skills. We at ( some texts missing) gladly offer you five effective cleaning skills that will help you transition from a beginner to a professional.

1. Start Small

Don’t jump right into using a big squeegee for your window cleaning. Use a small squeegee as you would be able to maneuver it and build skills. If you have leftover water from sills, a small squeegee can be used to remove it.

2. Avoid Using Too Much Soap

Using too much soap make the cleaning harder. This also causes the window to dry too fast thereby leaving a film on the glass. You can use detergent or even a dish soap, just use a little.

3. Sea Sponge

A sea sponge can be used to wash window frames and sills. It can also be used to soak up water from sills and frames before using a squeegee.

4. Optimal Squeegee Technique

For a clean look, you should master the squeegee technique. While using the squeegee, pause a little. Let the water run down the blade before you remove the squeegee from the glass. Doing this will prevent the water from splattering on the surface of the window, leaving it dirty.

5. Drink Water

Hydrate yourself well before working. You do not want to suffer complications from dehydration while working. These complications will interrupt our work and will make a good impression on your client; especially if it could have been avoided with a simple task as drinking water. So, before you start work to get yourself hydrated.

If you are a beginner and you are passionate about your job, continue learning. Skills picked up over time are important but you can still do more to set you apart from other cleaners. Keep up with new cleaning products and equipment. Undergo training, get certifications. To set you apart, you can join organizations like ICWA (International Window Cleaning Association). ICWA offers training and certifications for window cleaners passionate about their jobs and wants to make a difference.

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