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Spring Cleaning Preparation with Arizona Window Washers

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Spring is about a month out, so let’s start preparing now! The weather outside isn’t frightful because it’s beautiful in Arizona. While other parts of the country are still dealing with low temperatures, black ice, and snow we’re in the sun, thinking about the coming of Spring. Arizona Window Washers can help you get a head start with a pre spring cleaning so all you have to worry about is cleaning out your closet, dusting, and cleaning the floors. Don’t worry about windows, patios, gutters, pathways, and roofs.

While you’re deciding how to organize spices or where to putyour sweaters and scarves until Fall returns relax knowing our technicians will treat you like family and leave you with a cleaner home. Use Pinterest to organize every room in your house this spring instead of researching what chemicals and machines can clean the grease from your garage. Bring out the label maker instead of the ladder to get those pesky gutters and hard-to-reach spots of the windows. Store your Christmas presents and sweaters instead of bringing out the long-handled window cleaning squeegee and worrying about cleaning up Windex from your floors and walls.

Gutter cleaning is important for season changes and should be done 1-2 times per year. Ensure your gutters are clear and clog free to avoid damages to your foundation, walls, roof, and the gutters themselves. End the winter and start the summer with lowering your risk of leaks and water damage.

Spring CleaningHire us to clean those multi story windows or that window in the attic so you don’t have to brave the ladders and still end up with streaks in your windows. Forget going back in a few weeks to clean those pesky windows again—our window cleaning solutions will keep your windows clean for up to 6 months.

If you plan on holding an Easter party this year you may want to consider a power washing session for your siding and your deck or patio to impress friends and family and make them think you had some major work done to your home when it was affordable, fast, and amazing cleaning services.

Winter is coming to a close and Valentine’s Day just passed and Mardi Gras is right around the corner. Those of you participating in Lent, give up dirty windows and gross gutters to cleanse your mind and your life of things you no longer need in your life.

Spring is a time for new life, renewal, and warmth. So get a head start with a  pre spring cleaning so you can focus on doing you instead of doing the house cleaning chores and spend some time with your family now that the big holidays are mostly over. Spend this Mardi Gras with friends or family, at home or at big parties, and don’t worry about how you’ll get a cleaner home—just plan your pre spring cleaning and  hire Arizona Window Washers and let your worries fly away.

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Arizona Window Washers For A Better And A Clean Home View :Deer Valley and El Mirage

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Arizona Window WashersArizona Window Washers Services

Deer Valley is beautiful, especially with the very low humidity and 90 degree summers but 50 to 60 degree winters and no snow. It is home of locations such as Lake Carl Pleasant, the Desert Foothills Amphitheater, Cave Creek Museum, the Deer Valley Rock Art Center, the Phoenix Public Library Desert Broom Branch, and more. It also has several shopping centers, churches, streams, rivers, and creeks. There are a lot of parks and educational activities for those residing in or visiting Deer Park Valley. All of the outdoor activities make this a great place to live for hikers, outdoorsy types, and families.

Compared to the rest of the state, Deer Valley houses a lot of families with high family income. More than 75% of homes in Deer Valley house families as opposed to the state numbers showing 66.2%. Most households in Deer Valley house married partners with an average household size of 2.7 inhabitants, meaning very small families. The weather and activities available mean parents and children have many opportunities to exercise their brains and their bodies.

So while you’re raising your family hiking in the parks or visiting museums you don’t need to be worrying about cleaning your gutters or washing your windows. Let Arizona Window Washers do that for you before you leave to enjoy the year-round sun so it will be done quickly and efficiently. We’ll wash your patios, siding, windows, and more. Also, seeing as Deer Valley sees so much sun, invest in some solar panels and we’ll wash them for you to keep you powered by the most glorious orb in the sky.

The small city of El Mirage spans less than 10 square miles but it has a lot to offer. Just under half of the households have children and just over half have married couples. In 2000 the census recorded 7,609 residents and the 2010 census recorded 31,797, showing a huge increase in population. El Mirage is near the Luke U.S. Air Force Base, which the largest Fighter Pilot training Base in NATO with the highest is paid city manager per capita in the Phoenix area.

El Mirage just had their Fall Festival yesterday, featuring carnival games and rides, and will have another night of festivities tonight. The city features an Annual Pavement Preservation project, keeping the city roads looking wonderful and cars running smoothly. So use that money you saved buying local food and not paying for repairs caused to your car from potholes and have your windows professional washed by us. Get your friends together and marvel at the clean patio or deck we can provide when you use our services. Don’t spend hours over the course of a few months washing your windows; our cleaning solution features wax additives which will repel dirt for up to six months! That time you used to use cleaning windows can now be spent going to city-provided celebrations or going to the new Farmer’s Market.

Just call Arizona Window Washers for all your home cleaning services needs.

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Home Washing Services -Ahwatukee and Anthem, Arizona

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Home Washing

Home Washing

For the next few weeks we will go on a journey discussing areas in which we, Arizona Window Washers service and some interesting information about those areas .

Ahwatukee is an urban village in Phoenix, AZ neat Chandler and Tempe, annexed from Phoenix by 1987, but due to some geographic isolation, those in Ahwatukee do not associate with Phoenix heavily. Though the original settlement relating to the formation of this village was called “Casa de Suenos,” meaning House of Dreams, the only native phrase that resembles Ahwatukee translates to “land on the other side of the hill” in Crow. It is thought that the Brinton family chose this name because of time spent with Crow Natives in Wyoming.

Ahwatukee gets roughly 6 inches of rainfall per year, maintaining mild temperatures through the winter with highs around 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer temperatures tend to fall in the low 100 degree area. Low rain and high heat can mean washing your windows, patios, or exterior walls can be exhausting and difficult.

Located in Maricopa County, AZ, Anthem was developed in 1999 to be a housing community in the foothills north of downtown Phoenix. It is considered one of the best places to raise a family by magazines. This means our various home washing services may be a time and energy saver and the cleaning services will decrease the risk of sickness or allergies to your loved ones caused by mold or mildew build up in gutters, window edges, grout, and limestone. Keep your entire home clean by having us visit for a home washing like we would for our families.

Anthem can reach temperatures as low as 40 degrees and highs of nearly 104 degrees with an average of just over one inch of rain per month. Much like other areas in Arizona, the high heat and low rain fall can make cleaning the exterior of your home a laborious and dreaded task, especially with little ones to follow around.

During dry spells, dirt and grime can be caked onto surfaces, making basic cleaning difficult. When it does rain, moisture can get caught and soaked up in various surfaces leading to mold or mildew in cooler shady areas of the home. In the lower temperature seasons, home owners may wish to rely on open windows for ventilation while summer may lead to an increased reliance on either open windows for air or clear windows for sunlight. Either way, AZ Window Washers are here to keep your home clean for every season. Have us clean your windows, roofs, and clear your gutters so you can stay cool and comfortable indoors.

If you’ve had solar panels installed to your home for the wonderful benefits of solar energy, contact us and ask about panel cleaning because nothing can mess up solar panels like improper cleaning or care. We’ll keep your home running smoothly for years to come.

Just call Arizona Window Washers for your home washing and cleaning services needs.

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Window Cleaning! Your Business Needs!

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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services

Last week we talked about residential window washing and reasons why it’s important to have clean, sparkling windows. Today we’ll address those of you with businesses and why you should call us today to get your windows sparkling clean!

Storefronts with big windows are very common, especially in malls, shopping centers, and tourist areas. Big windows mean the whole world can see inside your shop, enticing potential customers to enter and check out your wares! Stores with dirty windows will make customers think the owners or employees don’t care about cleanliness or physical appearances, so taking pride in your storefront can go a long way. Just like your window displays need to be clean and neat, so do your windows. Our special formulas and techniques will keep the light shining in and customers checking it out with minimal cleaning afterwards.

As important as clients looking in is, people being able to look out is useful. This is especially great for office buildings. When employees can look out to beautiful skies or great city skylines (or natural beauty for those lucky enough to be closer to nature) it can boost mood and help everyone keep an eye on the weather for incoming storms. Big windows that are properly clean can also help control temperature and let in natural light (boosting mood and lowering power bills).

If your store, restaurant, or place of business uses window signs, grimy windows covered in fingerprints, dust, and more will make the signs look dingy and hard to read. Cleaning the windows inside and out will keep signs in clear view. Much like with residential window washing, our services for businesses can also increase the value of the property if you’re looking to sell.

Using our wax additive, our services will keep dirt at bay for up to six months, decreasing the need for regular window washing. There will need to be some upkeep but with minimal products. Ask our cleaners at the time of service for techniques to remove any dirt that does accumulate to keep the wax working properly. This will reduce the work needed to be done by employees, allowing them to focus their attention on more important matters—like the customers.

Our other services like gutter cleaning and power washing can also be helpful to keep patios, front ends, and building sides clean to further improve the image of your business in much the same ways as proper window care.

By working with Arizona Window Washers, you would be encouraging local businesses. By employing our cleaning services you are building a rapport with a local business who may be willing to spread the word of your establishment, maybe even become a customer or guest. You will be able to get to know your window cleaners; we won’t be nameless faces washing your windows. We will ensure you receive the best service possible for such an important task.

Just call Arizona Window Washers for all your window cleaning services needs.

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