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Window cleaning services

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No matter if you live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Surprise, Goodyear, Paradise Valley or Fountain Hills, you need us! That’s because everyone needs a reliable window cleaning service from time to time. And here is exactly why you need us to pay you a visit at least a few times a year.

First of all, we are time savers. If you were to clean your windows yourself and do a great job, it would probably take you somewhere from two hours to a half a day, depending on how many windows you have. If you hire a window cleaning service, those two hours to a half a day are now called spare time. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t appreciate some extra spare time?

window cleaning

Second of all, we do a great job. If you were to clean your windows yourself, we highly doubt that you could get rid of all the smudges or reach all those impossible corners. We have the right products and the right equipment to deal with these problems. Arizona Window Washers will surely get rid of all the smudges and reach every inch of your windows. That’s why we’re called the best window cleaning service around. We don’t only clean the interior and exterior of the glass, but we also clean the screens, sill and frames.

One other reason why you absolutely need us is the fact that we offer a very wide range of services. Apart from window cleaning, we can also clean gutters, exterior house walls, and do pretty much anything that involves power washing or pressure washing. You probably can’t even remember just how amazing the exterior walls of your house used to look. Well, we can restore them to their former glory in no time! And since we’ve mentioned some of our skills, you should also know that we always perform our job with the highest attention to detail.


When it comes to hiring a window cleaning service, most people are reluctant because they are under the impression that it is highly expensive. Well, the great news is that our packages are not expensive at all. Given the fact that we can help you out with so many things around the house (exterior house cleaning, power washing, window cleaning) hiring us would actually save you a lot of money.

The bottom line is that every house should have not only clean, but impeccable looking windows. We have already established that a window cleaning service would save you both time and money, not to mention that it would clean everything perfectly. Arizona Window Washers has hundreds of satisfied customers. If you want to be one of them, you can give us a call, or even drop by our office in Phoenix.

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House Washing : Does Your Home Need a Bath?

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House WashingHouse Washing

When you hear about house washing you may just think of power or pressure washing the outer walls or you may think “I don’t need to do that, it doesn’t affect my quality of living.” But both assumptions are incorrect.

Arizona Window Washers are here for more than your window needs! We can give your whole house a thorough washing. We won’t vacuum your carpets or scrub your toilets but we’ll take care of the stuff that requires special equipment, machines, and training. House washing is just one of the services we offer, but a thorough house washing may involve most, if not all, of our services!

House Pressure Washing

The first step may be power washing the outside walls of your home. This can remove a lot of debris, revealing a fresh and like-new wall! We also have solutions that can remove mold, mildew, and other harmful growths from your home. Growth is especially dangerous when it’s on a side of the home that doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight or organisms growing near the foundation of the home.

Removing this grime can improve respiratory issues like allergies or asthma, especially if your walls have begun collecting mold. A good thorough cleaning will remove eyesore spots to improve home value as well as removing things which can be harmful to you or your neighbors.

While we’re at it, we can power wash garage floors, decks, porches, limestone, and more. Many hard surfaces outside can benefit from a deep power wash! You might not need to repaint your deck once it’s had a nice clean (though replacing the sealant may not be a bad idea once it’s clean) and the smell of leaking car fluids will diminish greatly.

azwwWindow Washing

After a good house washing, window washing is the next logical step. Our window cleaning techniques and products keep windows looking amazing for up to 6 months. With your newly cleaned outer walls you’ll want to open up the windows and breathe the fresh air, but with such clean windows you may forget they were closed in the first place.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean out those gutters to keep foundations and roofs and walls from having excess water and grime runoff. Clogged gutters will eventually be much more costly and time consuming than a simple gutter cleaning.

image1 (1)Roof Cleaning

While it’s often thought that this isn’t necessary, it can be a nice addition to a house washing regimen. When we’re washing your roof we may notice loose shingles, potential leaks, and other issues. Growth on a roof can eventually lead to issues, especially if dirt and seeds have been blown onto your shingles. You may be able to hold off a little longer on roof cleaning than the other services, but it won’t hurt your roof when done by professionals.


If you’ve got a service you think we can handle but haven’t discussed or advertised, just ask us. If we can’t provide it we may know someone who can.

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